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tax returns 2017

I am still waiting for feedback from Roxanne or Tracy about my 2017 return calculations. At first I did not...

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debit order continues to go off despite cancelling contract

After totally unsatisfactory service I cancelled my contract in November 2017 - this was after sending numerous emails regarding our tax returns and getting absolutely no response. We eventually had to submit our own tax return. Despite asking for the contract to be cancelled, the monthly debit order continues to go off my bank account. I cannot get hold of anyone at Tax Relax.

tax submissions

We are paying tax relax a monthly fee to do our tax return.
They have to date not submitted our 2017 tax return after giving them all the required documents in July 2017 and enquiring with them on email several times. They don't even repond to my emails.
Not just utterly poor service - no service.
Their contact numbers does not even work.

Totally pathetic!!!

unethical behaviour

Tax relax has done my tax for many years. Last year I submitted all my documents and spoke to a member of the...

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Fraud - unauthorised debit after cancellation of contract

I have cancelled my contract with Tax Relax in October of 2014 yet they have continued to debit my account...

Johannesburg Tax Services

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Unlawful Debits from my bank account

I cancelled my services with Tax Relax about 7 years ago, yesterday I received a sms notification that Tax...

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Paid R2520-00 for tax returns that were never done

I contacted TAX RELAX around 2 years ago and after signing all sorts of documentation and debit orders, I handed over all the necessary IRP5's and medical aid certificates etc. They assured me they'd sort out all my tax right for 2006 and 2007. I had to pay a lump sum of R1950-00 which I could not afford (single mother, work full time, I battle to afford unexpected expenses like this) so they were 'nice' enough to allow me to pay it over 3 months. They refused to look at my tax until it was paid in full though, but then they promised me it was sorted out. I begged and pleaded and cried for proof, foor invoices, for whatever. They never came back to me. I handed my tax over to a new consultant this morning only to find out that Tax Relax took my money and never submitted a single thing to SARS. I will be reporting them for this. They still have my original IRP5 and medical certificate for 2006, and they had the check to continue to debit my bank account even though they did nothing!!!

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    andrewmel Oct 12, 2011
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    Verified customer

    This sounds like the modus operandi of Tax Relax. I stuck with them for 5 years even though they virtually never came back to me and I always had to follow up with them to check if the work was being done.

    Now that I have decided to go elsewhere they are trying to claim that I am tied into an auto renew clause that I was never informed of or ever had sight of. Very underhand and unethical and they have threatened to report me to ITC if I stop paying my debit order as they seem to have done to many other former customers.

    One wonder's why they have to fight to keep customers by using underhand methods such as auto-renew classed that are not disclosed to the client at the time of signing on. Needless to say clauses like that will not hold up in a court of law and it would be interesting to see what the financial services ombudsman has to say about such practices.

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  • Wo
    Workmail Mar 12, 2014
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    Verified customer

    I would like to warn every single person reading this about Tax Relax! They are criminals that unlawfully deduct money off unsuspecting ex clients that fired them years ago due to the fact that they are BEYOND useless, check your accounts, this is how they make their money and if there is anybody that can take legal action, please do so and help us all!!

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  • Na
    Navomi Nov 13, 2014

    I agree that Taxrelax are dodge
    Please write to
    [email protected] - consumer services board
    [email protected] - South Institute of Tax Professionals
    I have already submitted my complaints
    I dealt with Taxrelax in 2009 and 2010 and received poor service, In 2010 i cancelled my contract with them.
    In Nov 2014, they started debit orders again without, authorization or notification
    I have requested the full might of the law on taxrelax and their illicit behavior

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  • No
    Nonic Jan 19, 2016
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    Verified customer

    We were active members of Tax Relax for over 5 years, and every year we had to pay in thousands of rand, We cancelled our contract with Tax Relax but till today they deduct money from our account every month, seems what ever we do we can not get our agreement cancelled

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  • Sa
    Sandi Elkington Aug 20, 2018
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    Verified customer

    Tax Relax never answer their phones or my emails.

    They are fraudulently debiting our account for services they are not rendering. Who do we speak to about this?

    Account numbers: ELK111167 & ELK10918.

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