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R Nov 16, 2017

In January 2017, 5 months after I first took my vehicle (2010 VW Golf 6 GTI) to Cape City VW, due to the engine light coming on and strange noises being made, the diagnosis was that my timing chain was problematic. For the next 5 months I took my car in repeatedly to VW as the engine light kept on coming on after every 2 to 3 days of driving. Each time I took my vehicle in, a different fault was reported.
The faults ranged from:
1. The timing chain
2. The manifold (which had been replaced a year prior)
3. The battery
4. The fuel pump
5. The water pump
These all amounted to the sum of ±R53 000.
I want to express my extreme dissatisfaction and concern at the poor service offered by your company. Ten months later I booked my vehicle for a service at Barons VW Culemborg where they found numerous problems which had not been corrected and had in fact led to the deterioration of the performance of my vehicle as a whole, due to poor service and negligence.
List of issues as identified by Barons VW (Culemborg):
1. Ribbed belt worn & oil leaking onto belt
2. Suspension noisy
3. Noise on Engine
4. Tappet cover, no gasket but sealant was used during the assembly.
5. Bolts loose on Tappet cover
6. Sump screw/bolt was totally worn, causing the unacceptable use of oil monthly and has left my engine and engine bay in total disarray
7. Several oil leaks found
8. The battery also worn, after it was supposedly replaced, just 10 months ago
As an extremely popular branded vehicle, my VW has been noted by Barons to be in bad condition and unsafe for my family to use. The money spent on this has not only been wasted but has put my family in an unsafe situation, a risk which I cannot take.

To resolve the problem, I would appreciate it if a senior member of your management contact me to propose a solution to my satisfaction. At this point I would not accept rectification, as this would not only take a long time, but there is no guarantee that it would be done correctly.
We have all copies of records.

VW SOUTH AFRICA!! After many calls ... you guys still have not helped us in January.. now look how this issue has escalated!!!

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