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15 Highland Ave located in Los Gatos, CA is listed on VRBO #292327. This house is misrepresentated. We prepaid 2 months rent in total $9, 200. We lasted 17 days in the house. There was no central heating. An antique floor heater that would only keep the living room warm if we kept all doors closed to other areas of the house. Each room had recessed heaters that were from the 1950's made by a company called Wesix that went out of business years ago, and looked like a fire hazard if turned on. The kitchen did not have any heat. In the morning even the heated room (living room), required a blanket to stay warm. The sheets in one bedroom were thread bare. We bought and left 2 sets of sheets, and a mattress topper, since the twin bed was so uncomfortable. We were instructed to refrain from opening certain windows in the bedrooms. Thus no circulation of air. A mildewy smell was present throughout the entire house, which we noticed when we moved out and had to wash our entire suitcase full of clothes to get the smell out. There were cable wires coming through certain bedroom windows, and that is reason why we could not open them. As regular VRBO users we rely on the integrity of the presentations. This house should be delisted. We will be suing the owner, Teresa Spaulding. We have several photos of the inside of this house to back up our complaints and would be happy to share with anyone that is interested.


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    electronicwarrior Jan 06, 2011

    I don't know the specifics but as an owner of vacation rentals I would discount such a comment. I've had people complain about being cold in Tahoe in the winter when the temperature in the p property was documented to be over 75F!!! What's needed is a site to warn vacation property owners about BAD RENTERS.

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