Vonscustomer service

M May 21, 2018

I brought all of my groceries to the register. I had a cracked egg in a carton. The cashier instructed me, after I paid to go to the back o the store and get a new carton. He even gave me a new empty bag to put the eggs in. After I got the new carton of eggs, I walked to my vehicle where a very aggressive and threatening man followed me to my truck and as I was unlocking my door yells "hey man, I need to talk to you!", from behind me. After nearly having a heart attack thinking I was getting robbed, I was then harnessed on the spot in the parkinglot. At this point, I instructed this employee to head inside this store so that I could speak to a manager. After seeing how many people were watching me "steal eggs" from your store and feeling humiliated, I chose to leave the store to collect myself. I speak a lot of money and have frequented this store for almost 14 years. I have never been so insulted by an employee, ever. I will be damned if I will ever let any friend or relative of mine step foot in any vons store unless this issue is addressed personally by that store manager to me. Thank you for your time. This was the vons on windmill and bermuda. 89123. I do not have a receipt number because it was taken from me by the employee.

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