VolkswagenI am complaining about volkswagen jetta transmission warranty service

A Mar 25, 2019 Review updated:

We purchased a brand new 2015 jetta,
We went to the dealership for the first oil changes, The others were done at jiffy lube, Not once has anyone ever topped off or touched the transmission on that car.Last year we did have a collission with a Deer which cause major damage, However the repair place swears they had no need to touch the transmission, ON march 1 we took our jetta to the dealership because the transmission suddenly started jerking and making a grinding noise.
Thier response was,
"the transmission fluid is not clear"
This isnt our fluid and volkswagon is not going to honor the warrenty
As of today I spoke with another volkswagon dealership and they stated, that Thier fluid is no clear, And that you cannot even acess the transmission fluid without a breakdown of the car,
So we have a car thats almost 4 years old we cannot get our warrent honored, And the transmission is totally gone !
The oil changes were done regularly and noone at the facilities ever touched or topped off the transmission fluid, so volkswagon wants thier money monthly for the cost of the car but you cannot honor your warrenty?
Knowing that the car cannot be just topped off at any time it requires a breakdown,
And the car has never been touched by anyone but yet the transmission has gone to dogs.I work everyday and and not having my car is not a option,
I guess court is our next recourse, Because we need our car repaired and our warrenty honored, So if one place has clear fluid and another dealership doesn't
Why are we being punished, and we never touched the transmission fluid and neither has anyone else, The fluid in the car is what was in the car apparently.
Or it that we are punished for not using the dealership for oil changes etc,
I'm sure everyone who purchases a volkswagon doesnot go to the dealer for every single oil change on thier cars, For a all day wait for that service.
We were told that the fluid should be synthetic,
But just because it's not clear does not mean that someone has added the wrong fluid,
My dealer stated that their fluid is not clear,
I purchased my v.w beetle at different volkswagon dealership,
and they have told me, That they have not heard of clear transmission fluid,
their fluid is not clear.
I really feel i'm being robbed and basically screwed over, for something I have no knowledge of at all,
And hat my warrenty on my car should be used for this faulty transmission, Am I being punished because I don't go to the dealership for everything?

I will seek a attorney for this matter, Because I feel that I am being treated poorly on this matter.I have checked where my oil changes were done I checked where my repair was done for the wreck.Noone touched the transmission at anytime at all,
or topped off the fluids.

  • Updated by Adrienne Goetz · Mar 25, 2019

    2015 jetta purchased new
    Transmission suddenly started jumping and making noise,
    Never had any work done to transmission never had it topped off, Backtracked at all places where oil changes were done on the car.
    My warrenty is not being honored because The dealership states that thier fluid is clear,
    We have a second volkswagon that is a beetle purchased at another dealership and they stated that thier transmission fluid is not clear,
    and that if we have not had trans mission work done on the car ever that you cannot just acess the transmission fluid on the jetta like you can on other cars, The car would have to be broken down and in the shop.
    So basically I am being punished for not having my oil changes done at the dealership ???
    Never had the chance to be without my car allday to drop it at dealer for just a oil change.
    It was a new car I didnt need any other work done on the car.
    But out of the blue the transmission just started jumping jerking and making noise, And my warrenty will not be honored over the color of the transmission fluid that is in the car??
    Volkswagon charges too much for these cars to not want to honor the warrenties,
    I think we will trade in our second volkswagon and will never buy again and want people to know you will be held liable even if you have never had the items touched on your car, Don't think volkswagon will help with thier cars they sell .
    It stinks !!!
    I need my car repaired but i am suppossed to keep paying for a car that cannot be honored by the warrenty when I know I have never had the transmission touched by anyone ever,
    this is a real bad way to handle customers who think that the warranties on their cars are any good, My car cannot even be driven to and from work without it jumping all over, But yet my car with 51000 miles just sits now my warrenty not honored because of fluid color !!
    this is a discrace !!!
    never ever will we buy volkswagon again or recommend anyone to buy one.
    I will be contacting my lawyer to take this to court, Maybe even the news so other owners are aware, if your not using your dealership,
    Don't expect your warrenty to be honored on your car

  • Updated by Adrienne Goetz · Apr 15, 2019

    have gone to several repair places and even went to other volkswagon dealships
    everyone says we are being done improperly on this situation,
    and to just keep it at the wrong fluid is in the car,
    never even said exactly what happened to the darn transmission,
    "Well our fluid we us is clear is what we are being told and with that volkswagon willnot honor your warrenty because you let someone top off your transmission fluid, "
    and that has never happened!!!

    We have spread the word about the treatment we have gotten on this matter.
    and it is wrong period.
    I have a beetle that I will sell because I no longer feel volkswagon is a good company at all.


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    Shaun R. Mar 25, 2019

    Hi Adrienne.

    With respect, when a service tech states that, "the fluid isn't clear, " he/she is likely referring to the fluid having debris in it. This isn't referring to the oil changes, but more than likely refers to the concern of how the repairs to a damaged vehicle was handled. Was the repairs done by an AUTHORIZED VOLKSWAGEN SERVICE CENTER?

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    Adrienne Goetz Apr 15, 2019

    @Shaun R. no we were told very clearly that the fluid COLOR is supposed to be clear
    and we also went to another volkswagon dealership and were told that is not correct,
    And also that no one can just top off the fluid during a routine oil change.That we are just being pushed aside for something that is not our fault and the car should be taken care of.
    We have never had any transmission work done to the car.
    I also went to a reputal foreign car repair who only works on audi, volkswagon etc
    and he told me that the fluid is not clear in color it has a reddish tint,
    and it sounds to them that our car was defective and no one wants to own up to it

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    Adrienne Goetz Apr 16, 2019

    @Shaun R. Shaun R,
    What repairs are you specifically asking about?
    the front end repairs done to car were done through a body shop the auto ins comp sent us too.
    We have not had any other repairs done to the car prior to that, The car was taken to dealership when transmission began skipping.
    The transmission n just started choking and skipping all of a sudden,
    there were no other signs the car was starting to have issues,
    So now it sits because the warrenty is failing to be honored.
    the body work was done at service king, after the car had a run in head on with a deer.
    That has nothing to do with the warrenty we were under the impression we had with the car.
    We never had any transmission work ever done on the car, the car has only 5100 miles on it.
    It was never neglected or driven hard,
    And contrary to your post,
    They specifically stated the transmission fluid was the wrong color for that vehicle, and that the fluid they use is clear in color,
    so the car sits and no one wants to handle the obvious problem, So it remains unsolved
    We have made sure we spread the word to others donot purchase volkswagon,
    And my wife will be selling her recently purchased beetle, She did not purchase brand new and fears that if her car should begin acting up, she has no idea what the previous owner has done to that car.
    it's just rotten to pay for something that you cannot even use

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    Shaun R. Mar 30, 2019

    Hi Adrienne.

    It is our understanding that you've been properly assisted and are, once again, a loyal Volkswagen driver.

    Thank you so much for your continued support of our brand and we are thankful we could help.

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    Adrienne Goetz Apr 15, 2019

    @Shaun R. I am not a loyal volks wagon fan,
    I was but I will never purchase another and will be selling my beetle that I purchased, I think that we have been given a very rotten treatment and treated like we are idiots,
    I know exactly what we were told and they said the color of their fluid was clear at thie dealership of bob penkhus volkswagon,
    Kept the car almost 2 weeks and all we got was crap about the color of the transmission fluid.and then saying the warrenty will not be honored because it has the wrong fluid in the car.
    if the wrong fluid is in the car they sold it to us that way.
    I have also been told that a person cannot just go and top off the fluids in those cars like you can a checy or other cars,
    volks wagon just doesn't want to honor their warrenty

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