Volkswagencrack on a steering wheel

T Oct 09, 2019

I have recently noted a crack on my steering wheel and raised the concern with my dealership, unfortunately I am advised that they won't be able to assist as the user ("i") haven't been using the hooter appropriately and this is based on assumptions that drivers do not know how to use hooters. I have been using vw cars for years and and know where to press the hooter (indicated signage) and so forth and it is unfortunate that I have to get to this point based on vw's assumption that some of the drivers don't how to use their hooters and it's actually very disappointing, please advise a way forward as I will surely share this information/concern with my insurance should anything happen with the steering wheel unfortunately.

There are clear indications and signs that the heat is causing the issue and I can assure I park the vehicle mostly in covered/sheltered areas.

I await your response accordingly.


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