Vodafone / Mobile Bill Paymentpoor service!


Dealing with vodafone as been absolute nightmare. The bill payment has been done on in the month of sept 07 through internet. The statement was mailed, however i was asked to fax again. All this while i am in dialog with this company, they have already sent collection agency team and calling up at my place, inspite of mentioning not to do so as i have already made payment in the month of september 07 through internet. Getting through there no is trouble some, i have been repeatedly asking & mailing to give me one of the seniors member's email id, but still no response. All i get is auto -reply mails, saying we will get in touch. I am absolutely struggling to claim that i have paid my bill for last one month.

There is just no professionalism & very immature approach to it.


  • Ka
    kamaraj Oct 22, 2007

    Useless customer care .I am Kamaraj one of the customer of "Vodafone" having a mobile number-9884412734 suffering from the worse services just because of Useless "Customer Care Services. My purpose of writing is only to tell other people of Vodafone how much Useless company management you are having in Delhi, no one is sincere here in working.

    I went to Customer Care Center at Anna Nagar, Chennai, India on 19th October, 2007 at 3.00pm and registered the complaint. One gentleman named Delli Babu attended me and asked my problems. In my bill September’07 Bill they have charged for OnMobiledownloads. I have not downloaded anything. I told him the same but he replied that I am not in-charge for the billing section and asked to contact some other fellow who is not present there. I waited more than one hour and after that also that person didn’t come and nobody else attended me.

    Once again I went to Mr. Delli Babu and asked he is not there and nobody is attending me. He replied “You have to wait until they call”. I told nobody is attending me for the past one hour and how much time I can wait for your call. He again in an irresponsible manner told “You have to wait until they call” and “I can’t help u in this regard” This is the professional way of a Vodafone Customer Care Center Executive at Anna Nagar, Chennai. I told him “I will complaint to your Superiors”. He is least bothered about that and replied “u do as u like”. That incident gave me a bad impression about the Vodafone Customer Care Center.

    1) I want to know the purpose of Vodafone Customer Care Centre’s kept across the country. Is it to fool the Customers and to collect revenue for the company only?
    2) Why Vodafone Customer Care Department which is having an international Brand image doesn’t train the Customer Care Centre Executives how to behave with the customers?
    3) The time is precious for all and why they are delaying unnecessarily? They can collect all the queries/complaints and call and inform the messages/solutions on our complaints if not able to process/reply at that moment.

    By Unsatisfied Vodafone Customer,

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  • Se
    SEEMA DHAWAN Nov 01, 2007

    I want to send you a complaint regarding my Vodafone mobile number 981184002. Because a package called 149 talk is activated on my phone without asking to me. That is why I want to disconnect my Vodafone number.

    Pls. disconnect my Vodafone number 9811840002 .

    Seema Dhawan

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  • Vb
    V B joshi Nov 01, 2007

    Vodafone Essar Company
    Zone office, Merrut

    Dear sir this is V.B.Joshi from Haldwani Uttarakhand, I purchased a postpaid connection (9719003143) of Hutch (now Vodafone) around two months ago. I purchased that no. when one of your sales promoters at haldwani named Arjun (9758006972) gave me a commitment to give me a plan in which 25 numbers from hutch to hutch will be free after my first bill. As yours is a well known company so I believe on his commitment and purchased that connection but after one month he denied his commitment. Then I contacted your regional manager Mr. Manav and told him about the false commitment made to me, he a gentle and a responsible officer took my problem into his notice and said we will fulfill the commitment if it is made so. Although the matter is still pending but I have faith on Mr. Manav’s word.

    Such persons like Arjun are misguiding your customers I have no personal hatred towards that guy but being a reputed company these guys are not sending good message to your customers.

    Yours cordial
    V. B. Joshi
    Haldwani, Nainital

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  • Se
    Sethuraman Nov 02, 2007

    Third class service by vodafone in corporate connections.
    I am a new customer of vodafone and using there third class service from oct 2007 , when ever i call there customer care representative they give different ways of solving the issues,

    There care less work is when i opt full value plan of Rs 299 with a promotional pack of Rs 25/- for reducing my local call rates from 1.75/- to .99/- they even not change my promotional plan and they wrongly applied STD promotianal plan which i never opt.

    It is good chance for you when you dial 111 service , by your first attempt it is bussy and in the second chance you hopefully listen a voice and when ever i press 9 for talking to there customer care person , again looping comes out with a voice " Please Dail 56789 now for the latest caller tune ....bla bla bla NOW from your mobile. " i tried so many times but all in vaine..
    This problem i am facing from 27-oct-2007 to till date.
    and write so may times but still there is no reply from there side.

    So my dears , Please not to use this service, i really faces lot of challenges while using this service..........

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  • Re
    Renjith Nov 03, 2007


    I was using hutch prepaid for more than a year.last week i converted it into postpaid. after 4 days one night they suspended my connection. I was caught unaware and it caused much inconvenience and even financial loss. I missed 2-3 important calls also. Next day morning i contacted customer care from my friend's mobile. I was told that the previous day the executive came for address verification and since the door was locked, they suspended my account. They did not even inform me. Further they needed 48 hours to reactivate!!! I haven't seen such an irresponsible service any where else.


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  • Pr
    Prashant Nov 07, 2007

    Vodafone can be termed as worst service provider in current situation. Cheating is their profession.I am unable to understand the way TRAI is acting on these service providers. They are simply eating money from Vodafone and which in turn is extracting as much money possible even with bad service.

    I can come up with at least 10 basic complaints. They are giving worst service possible as they are sending promotional SMS throughout the day simply cutting down the general call traffic.

    Call facility is cut down and that too for a long time without informing the customers. Plain cheating.

    On bill payment date I found that the site is under maintenance.
    I tried to contact the customer service it was down then. They will levy fine if I do not pay in time.

    Will government look at these complaints or simply let these cheat Vodafone cheat public.

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  • Te
    Teena Nov 26, 2007

    I too had my worst experience with vodafone cheating. They sent an sms regarding a 49 rupees weekend STD plan by which you can call std at 50 paisa only on weekends. I called two customer care executives and asked whether i will loose my already active 99/- rupees std plan. both of them said i will not loose that, but since i heard from my friends about the issues they faced like these, i SMSed 'NO' to the SMS they sent. As a result of this those wise guys deactivated my my 99 rupees std pack without informing me. It was one month back and i came to know about it only today. I got an increase of 75% on my bill amount.
    So when you are opting for an attractive plans like this, even if you say no to them, DO GO TO THE CUSTOMER CARE CENTERS AND CLARIFY YOUR PLAN,TARIFF etc. AGAIN. IF SOMETHING GOT CHANGED, MAKE IT SAME AS THE OLD PLAN. OTHERWISE YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER :(

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  • Am
    amulya Nov 26, 2007

    Vodafone has got frustrating and 100 % poor / hopeless customer satisfaction strategies. We should not allow such companies in our country if we really wanna see good things happening.

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  • Ku
    kush patel Nov 27, 2007

    Pls help me!

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  • Mu
    Murali Krishnan Nov 28, 2007

    I have mobile connections of almost all service providers in chennai, the Vodafone are the worst of the lot. Their bill collection ways are very unprofessional. As mentioned in the mail, the internet payment takes a couple of days to reach them even when we make it before the due date, but still they send the collection team to our home, worse if we are not at home, the agents go the extent of telling the neighbors about the purpose of their arrival. This is very unprofessional and they need to be trained on such basic things .

    I am not going to continue with the Vodafone connection. Others should do the same to teach them a lesson and make them more customer friendly and give the services which they are being paid for.

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  • Ch
    chandan kumar Nov 29, 2007

    Vodafone gives a very bad bad customer care.I calld them near about 8 times cause i am not able to send any national smss' .each and every time they told that our customer care executive will call you very soon but i didnt receive a single call from there side.Apart from this i have complained for several other things which are still unattended yet.I just cant understand why they are providing this type of service.When it was hutch there custore care was very much satisfactory.Now they are not just listening to customer.If you jump on them only one word they know to reply that is "I am extremely sorry sir".

    very very bad customer care.

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  • Vodafone customer care is really ###. For the last four days I have been tying to call their customer care 9811098110 and can you imagine it does not work. I have called the other number 981109001 many many times and either it is busy or even if it rings nobody responds. I have cleared all my bills but I can not use my phone cause every time I try to use my phone, it says I have not cleared my bills. I want to call customer care but none of the numbers are working. The management should kick out all the staff and appoint fresh ones. Vodafone is a nightmare!

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  • Pr
    priyanka srivastava Nov 30, 2007

    Bill payments is a nightmare with Vodafone. I dropped cheque into the drop box 4 days back and it seems still my cheque is not collected and now I dont have any services on my cell.. Is this my fault???

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  • Ga
    ganesan Dec 03, 2007

    I am running recharge & mobile sevice shop on mandavali vodafone
    distributer is not come to shop & he not give a correct answer about he
    conme are not . And he not give a air recharge sim. With out easy sim
    how i can service to my customers
    please help for me to get air recharge sim card

    Thank u

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  • Ch
    charanjit Dec 03, 2007

    its good customer care as per mr exp. charanjit

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  • Se
    senthil Dec 06, 2007

    respected sir,
    i am from chennai my mobile no is 9884499406 .... i need chennai's vodafone customer care number... i dialled the old number that is 9884098840 but in this number i unable to speak to vodafone's customer care executives.... i need a solution to this problem i need to talk to ur customer care sir.....

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  • Vi
    Vinny Dec 11, 2007

    Things were far better when it was hutch. I was a loyal hutch customer for almost 5 years but vodafone is completely useless. Their service has gone from bad to worse. Its impossible to reach them even on their Customer care numbers and even if you do their imcompetence is astounding. I havent received by bill for the month of Nov and I've been asking them to send it to me by email since last one week.. and all they can give me are crappy excuses!!! How difficult is it to send a bill on a mail ID??

    And whats more when you call their CC number they use all the tricks of the trade, keeping you call on hold as soon as it rings and then disconnect it, put on mute soon after they pick the call. This way the CCE achieve their targets the customer gets frustrated to the core.

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  • Su
    suresh Dec 12, 2007


    I aggree with all your comments. VODAFONE is worst in service and Customer care. The collection guys doesnt know to deal with the Corporate customer. They were very cruel. I would like to file a compliant on them because they acted very cruelly when they want to collect the payment of my delhi number(9873558942). I dont want to discuss on that. But i woul like to put the numbers where i received calls from delhi... (I was unable to pay the bill when i transfered to hyd.. I tried in the hutch outlet but they said that they cant receive delhi connection payments)

    The numbers are - ajay sabharwal +9911502745 (But i found that this number belongs to a persone from Vodaphone itself....I dont want to put his email address and spoil his name...If any body wants they can email me)

    RK Misra... 01165062538 (They told that they are calling from patiala) But after i made a payment both these guys were switching off the mobile...

    I have send a email for clarification to them, but they didn't respond. That is why i am putting it in forum.

    Hutch was farbetter... VODAPHONE is the worst


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  • Da
    David Dec 14, 2007

    Hi Guys

    One of the best customer care service.

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  • Da
    David Dec 14, 2007

    I have wonderful experience with the customer care executives.They are well mannered,proffessional,dedicated and always prompt in their service.

    I dont know why people are accusing them.its really bad.its just because of their mindset and narrowed outlook.they are ill tempered and they feel others the same.

    "Thake the stick in your eye before you look for dirt in someone else eye"

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  • Na
    Nataraj Dec 24, 2007

    i faced same problem this month. I made payment because of their system problem vodafone did not recieve payment. And they disconned my mobile claiming bill payment not done.

    Worst service I have ever seen in India.

    I was big appreciator of hutch services earlier. Now I hate vodafone services. Please spread message to your friends. They can look for Airtel or BSNL.

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  • An
    Anil Mar 18, 2008

    Vodafone is the worst customer service i have evefr seen in my life. I registered a complaint to enable the GPRS settings to my new motorola mobile one week before and no one turned till now to attend the complaint. No i am looking for changing from vodafone to Airtel.

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  • Hy
    hyh Apr 02, 2008

    The service was much beter before ORANGE was in the market, & even it was better when HUTCH doggy came in the market,

    but it should now be treated or named as ''THE BHADWAA SERVICE" after it was renamed as VODAFONE, as after its naamkaran, the calls to VODAFONE nos. are unavailable & its the fact

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  • Na
    nagesh Apr 27, 2008

    I am naveen using corp talk plan new sim from 20/04/07.I saw my bill on 25/04/08 @ nite, it was 203Rs.Again on next day i verified my bill i feel terrible it was showing 4887Rs. i dont know y it is showing that much of amout. The thing is dat i used that sim for only 8 hours for local calls it self.
    So kindly i need help from any superiors of vodafone shop and i would like to check the bill.I want the reason y it is showing dat much of bill unnecessaryly, what was the problem behind it. if it happen like this, how can customer should tolerate all these
    things. kindly suggest me to get out of this problem.

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  • Ma
    manish choubey Apr 29, 2008

    i have cleared my all dues and paid through the cheque in the month of february. i also terminated the service but still i get the bill regularly. and also a call from vodafone. one thing for sure m not going to do anything like giving application or whatever.. its not my mistake. neither i will pay the bill. whatever u want to do. just do it and better upgrade the system. its not my fault. hope u will not disturb me anymore..
    or else action will be completly mine

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  • Pa
    Pankaj Mehta May 05, 2008

    The customer service of Vodafone Gp is hopeless. I have deposited INR 750/- for recharge of my mobile no 982057151 at your Borivili office which remains unactioned after almost 24 hrs and no one is able to advise me the status. I am advised, that I need to go to ur Borivli office to find the status.

    The time taken at your Borivli (W) centre to serve customer is pathetic and it seems no one bothers to respond to customer either at your Borivili office or over the support nos

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  • Um
    umesh yadav May 13, 2008

    I want to know when will be free customer care of delhi region. i am trying to talk to last 24 hrs but unable to talk to customer care. if i dial 111 i get only add from your computerised machine no body is receiving my call.

    This is very irresponsible. If vodafone is not able to give well customer service then i will complaint to indian parliament or court. so please take it serious and take bold decision. vodafone world card service is also so poor, my 24 rupees have gone due to world card poor network. i coudl not talk to due to network problem. my no. is 9953442134

    Now STD charge have become Rs. 1.30 but my STD call charge is Rs. 2.65 . How it happens, can i know this.

    in customer care i want to talk but nobody is receiving my call.


    Umesh yadav, delhi

    umesh yadav delhi

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  • Ma
    madan kumar Jun 02, 2008

    dear sir,

    my name is a madan kumar. i am submit identy proof in ansal plaza vodafone care center. on date 28-05-08. and custmor exucative tell me this number activate with in 48 hours but my number not activated yet . my phone number 9953077637 ple sir, hurry up my number urgent.

    thank you
    madan kumar

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  • Su
    sumesh Jun 06, 2008

    disturbing this no pls help 9745409824

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  • La
    lalit Jul 04, 2008

    vodafone having 1 of the worst customer services...

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  • Ra
    rakesh Jul 26, 2008

    very very poor service

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  • Su
    sudesh salgaonkar Jul 27, 2008

    Dear all,

    I am having vodafone handset 225 which has got some issue as im getting error (sim locked).I have checked replacing the sim card which is working perfectly fine on other handset.I have caled up the customer care on 111 and told them the issue.One of the executive told me to visit the nearest vodafone store and they will check on the issue.

    The same day i visited the vodafone store in Goa and one of the executive checked on my issue.The executive having a tag on her shoulder "happy to help " followd by her name "Siddhi ".

    She told me that the handset is under warrenty and will be replaced by new one.she then added that hey dont have handset in stock.

    I told them that ill giv u in writing as she was not ready to logg my complaint.

    if i dont get the replacement..ill make you suffer VODAFONE

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  • Ro
    Roop Jonali Jul 28, 2008

    i have been paying the monthly bill through credit card then why I received a call before the billing department to clear my bill before date.

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  • Su
    Sushil Shinde Aug 01, 2008

    I am not using this No. 9930997633 and I am paying the rent for the same no.. I went to Vodaphone gallery and paid my outsanding aomount and the representaitve said Ok sir I have disconnected your No U will be not charged for the next month rental and the very next day I Got a call saying the same No. is activated pls visit the nearest Galley to dissconnect the gallery...
    ...I am really NOT HAPPY WITH THIS THING...

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  • Ch
    charan Aug 18, 2008

    i will not pay my mobile bill service very bad network is irritating

    simply putting lots of bill in my account i will never pay my bill now i am going out of station and my address is also changing let me c what they will do

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  • Sa
    Satish Kumar Saxena Sep 18, 2008

    I am brajesh Kumar and mob no is(9953622270).
    on 17 september (08:41). without any request i got an sms of vodafone alerts
    active on your mobile and rs 50 deducted from my account balance.
    so i hurt alots.
    and give me reply otherwise am going to take legal action
    against cheating.

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  • Na
    nabin kumar das Oct 05, 2008

    please send me a call details at my e-mail address mentioned above.

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  • Kr
    Krishna Oct 29, 2008

    I agree with all your comments.VODAFONE is worst in service and Customer care. I had made payments three months back still even I lost the sim card and I informed to them in VODAFONE store.In VODAFONE store they told me that if we lost the sim card they won't generate the bill. But still after three months I am getting the call from the VODAFONE customer care for payment of the bill for these months. Its very bad service from the VODAFONE.

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  • Ru
    Rupinder from sangrur Nov 11, 2008

    am from punjab my mobile no is 9988898480 and i m a postpaid customer ... i need punjab vodafone customer care number... i dialled the old number that is 111 but in this number i unable to speak to vodafone's customer care executives... i need a solution to this problem i need to talk to ur customer care sir...even i cant acess my vodafone account since 3 days...

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  • Pr
    prakash sadadekar Nov 13, 2008

    Pl send my sept 08 and oct 08 bill copy on my email
    hereafter send my bill on email only to pay the bill ontime
    prakash sadadekar9

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