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Without a doubt this is the worst service I have ever encountered you have spent over a month messing me about I have lost time and money you lost my box obviously it's sitting on the shelf in the warehouse with all the other ones you can't be arsed to get off your lazy backside and go and get it and put it in a paper bag and send it to the correct address then "the system" is blamed which is run and programmed by humans ONE WHOLE MONTH you don't know where it is ... and now I'm informed it's going to take another 28 days to figure out how you've screwed up a normal intelligent country you would have apologised for your mistake redone the order and had it fed exed with a text message to notify delivery and arrival the fact that your counterpart company in other countries does it this way and you can be bothered to do anything you propose to deliver is shameless yes ombudsman shall receive info about you to add to it's not doubt burgeoning file to anyone one reading this Vodafone are a plague don't give them your custom it will be a massive ball ache and you will be screwed around like so many others PATHETIC AND ILLEGAL TO OFFER SERVICES YOU DONT PROVIDE I don't know how you lowlifes who choose to run it this way get away with it your a bunch of criminals

Oct 09, 2019

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