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Vodafone Get 200free minutes

Vadafone Account 200 free minute option. Calls are free on public holidays and after 7pm, provided you have sufficient minutes left on your account, this I had. However, I was billed $37.41 and two lots of $0.88 on January 1, 2009, calls that should have been free. It means that Vodafone will debit my bank account for this amount on Feb 5 . How many others will this happen to? Vodafone is going to make a truck load of money for this technical glitch in the computer billing system. I phoned the help centre and was fobbed off with, "a refund will be in due course on Feb 8". Online complaints system to Vodafone NZ is non existent. Has anyone else had this problem? Dave

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    Vodafonepoor services

    I am a new Vodafone User.I bought a corporate connection through TCS, Mumbai.The credit limit which i was provided with was Rs. 500.I contacted their customer care 5-6 times and everytime i called them to get my credit limit increased, everytime i used to get a new answer.Sometimes i was asked to send an sms, sometimes to write a mail, sometimes they told me that once the verification would be done it would automatically get increased but that did not happen.Once the person came for verification i asked him when would the credit limit be increased and how much, i was told within 1-2 days and it would be increased to a minimum of [protected].Again i called their customer care and nothing happened.
    I was goin to my hometown so i mailed them not to disconnect my phone in any circumstance and told them that since my bill has not yet been generated i am submitting a token amount of Rs.500 and again asked them to increase my credit limit.I submitted Rs.500 on 23rd december, 2008 and went on roaming on 24th decmber, 2008.Till the bill was not generated the fone was working fine but on 29th december, 2008 i was not getting any access to the network.At about 6p.m i went to their store in Jaipur(Gaurav Tower) to ask them the problem, I was told to wait for half an hour after which they would revert back to me.I did not gat any response from them till 7:30 and finally i again went to them and was shocked to see that nothing was done and they were serving other customers.Again the person told me to wait for sometime and then he started mailings somebody.Finally i had to approach the Store incharge for help.She finally came to know after half an hour that my bill was generated on 28th which i had not received yet at my home, no sms, no mail and the bill was 1140 out of which they had deducted 500 after which the left amount was Rs. 640 and which exceeded my credit limit by 40Rs. so they disconnected my sim.
    What are the services they are providing to the people are unpredictable.Even a layman would get a credit limit of atleast 1000 and this is what they say as corporate connection.How would I come to know that what is my bill amount and I informed these people that i would be in roaming during that time.Who would compensate for all my office loss?

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      • Ni
        nick1985 Apr 02, 2010
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        I agree i have faced similar issues with Vodafone and they are just crap service providers and dont respond to cutomers well. Better to avoid Vodafone for any reason

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      Vodafone Nzbest mate

      This company is ###. I signed up for best mate, and used to be sent a message about when I need to up my balance for Best Mate to roll over. Now they expect you to know ehen the service expires. If you dont realise it has, you just go onto the regular calling network again. Even if you put money on.

      Let me explain this clearly.

      I sign up for text 2000 and Best Mate. At the end of that time Vodafone used to send a message saying that it was expiring and you needed to top up your funds for it to roll over.

      They then realised that if they didnt warn you, you would switch back to normal cell usage. They don't tell you when you top up that you are no longer on the bestmate plan. You call your best mate and have a good yarn and run out of credit...!!!*** You call customer service... that now costs money (###s) and get told " You should have known it would run out, we no longer tell you you have expired", (wankers). They didnt tell me they were stopping the warning service either.

      Telecom used to be bad, but not this bad. As soon as the Telecom G3 network (or equivlent) comes out im switching.

      Vodafone is ###.

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        • Mr
          mr. komo Jul 09, 2011

          ye bo it wont evan last a month tha kaea ufas .lol. mite change to 2degrees tha kefes . bestmate is makua kio as these daes lmfao

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        • Mr
          mr. komo Jul 09, 2011

          vodafone bestmate suks havn limits 1000mins n 1000txts wont last a month, once it runs out url have to wait til the day it recurs lol.

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        • Wo
          Wookie_Pookie Jun 01, 2010

          wrong topic didn't read right but [censor] it Lolz

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        • Wo
          Wookie_Pookie Jun 01, 2010

          I am with you man,
          Me and my bf are in a long distance relationship and rely on vodafone's best mate to keep in touch since we hardly see each other we talk a lot with best mate cause its the cheapest option and we tend to go over the limited minutes they are putting on it now that they are doing this we will not be able to talk as much and I cant move to be with him for a few years yet so this is pretty much [censor]ing things up
          I am very angry with Vodafone and am very tempted to change to 2 degrees

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        Vodafonesim card deals

        After 2 days of trying to get through to customer services for the £20 sim card deal, i had to go through a credit check and was declined. That would be fair enough if i wasnt paying on my bank account and wasnt having one of their phones. They also have the power to cut off the cards services if the direct debit wasnt paid. I have been a customer for years with no problems. The other fact is that nobody said it was on condition of a credit check. I was hoping to save money, now im hoping to switch providers!

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          Vodafonemci activation

          Dear Sir,

          I have a prepaid connection in the name of Gopal Kumar (mob no. [protected]). Firstly, I have got sms on 10.11.08 from 56789 (from your side) "your subscription to MCI has been activated. Thank You!" and my account was debited by Rs. 30/-, but I have never requested for this service and never received a call from your side which you usually do for marketing purpose. After that, I called customer care and talked to your executive to deactivate this service. Executive told me to send sms which he sent to me & the same was received by me {"CAN MCI" to send to your toll free No.i.e 144}. That executive assured me, after sending this message this service will be deactivated and wrongly debited amount will be credited. I have done exactly what Executive told me. After that I got a sms from 144 “Your request has been received”. By doing all this till date my account was not credited from your side. Then again on 13.11.08, I got same sms from your side “"your subscription to MCI has been activated. Thank You!" & again my account was debited by Rs. 30/-. Then I again call your customer care & your executive suggested me to do the same thing which I have done earlier.After doing that I got two sms from your side :- 1. “Hello ! Apki Vodafone MCI_Final band karne ki request hume prapt ho chuki hai. Yeh seva 24 ghanton mein band kar di jayegi.” 2.” Hello! Your MCI Alerts service has been deactivated. By doing all the necessary steps which your executive told me Till date my account was not credited from your side. Again on 14.11.08, I have faced same problem from your side & again my account was debited by Rs. 30/-. Can u please tell me what the hell u people are doing there by harassing me? All the time when I called up, your executive told me that our system is busy, some technical problem is there, Call us after sometime. I am fed-up with your services. Now, I am planning to disconnect my connection. I think you people have more customers that’s why your services are becoming poorer. You don’t care to retain old customers. Please do the necessary action on priority. Again, I request you to please credit all my money at the earliest. Otherwise, I will have to go to the Consumer Forum.

          Gopal Kumar
          Asstt. Manager
          State Bank of Patiala
          Zonal Office, Bathinda Punjab-151001
          Mob: [protected]

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            • Am
              amess83 Jun 22, 2010
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I am also facing the same thing, they themself activate this and debit Rs. 30 although service also don't run on your mobile... These are the bad ways vodafone making money

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            • Vi
              Vishal Nayyar Nov 17, 2009

              Did you get any response on this as I am facing same with Vodafone Services(Money deducting).

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            Vodafone New ZealandCustomer Service

            I have recently returned from working in Iraq assisting with some humanitarian aid only to be told that the Voda phone sim card that I have had on contract for years and never missed a payment has been sent to collections for payment that hasn't been received for the last two months, I was away for five and a half months and an automatic payment has been setup, I have been using this for years and it has never failed until now.

            Any how I rung collections and asked them what was going on and they said that I owed them $1400 + NZ dollars which by the way hadn't been used for 5 and a half months and apparently I was only two months behind (That is a lot of money for a phone that hasn't been used and only on a get 200 plan which is a max of 150 NZ dollars a month).

            I asked if I could have a break out of the charges only to be told no they didn't know however I was to pay the money or go to court inwhich I paid the money and they said that my phone was going to be reactivated in which I am still waiting after three days, I am still waiting for a break out in an invoice which no one from Voda fone can tell me either.

            Can someone recommend a public forum albeit "Fair Go" and the processes to get this done as I believe this is disgraceful and want to get the word out that loyalty means nothing to Voda fone NZ, their customer service is one of the worst I have come across.

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              • Ji
                JiveKiwi Mar 25, 2011
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Before I had a debit card last year I had broadband with Vodafone, I rang them so many times to ask what I had to put on the form to nzpost as they wouldn't take the form, sometimes they assured me it would work with what they told me, other times they had no idea (vodafone home and broadband it was in the end) I had to take time off work each time and drive 15km and in the end it got sent to baycorp where as I had finally got a debit card just to pay for this, was sorted immediately. also when I had to change my home address the nice indian lady couldn't even understand that and kept on telling me that I get free 5 email addresses...no...where i live...email, it was kind of funny but I was glad to never have vodafone in my life again. oh and the second time I went to pay the nz post lines were down but the lady took the slip and my money to sort it when the lines came back and of course it was wrong(from what they told me on the phone 5 minutes before, $200 I lost because of that, never got back :(
                but then I went to telecom, first bill, $156 over the plan, i ring them and they tell me that they have set when I get email alerts to %170, %180 and %190! I asked them why would anybody want their first alert to be when it is $500 over! brick wall. now it normal but sometimes the email comes...sometimes not

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              • Pe
                Peter72 Feb 24, 2010

                Yes, after many years of reliable account holding with Telecom New Zealand I shifted to Vodafone only as everybody I knew seemed to be with them (baaaaaaaaaa...) ! I only lasted 3 months with Vodafone as there was some form of credit limit put on my account that nobody in their shop had explained when I signed up, and I'd never had with Telecom.

                When I rang up their help line, I think in 2002 it was still in Auckland, the staff member was deliberately rude and unhelpful. I did get a supervisor as I recall who took rather a hard line of arrogance against me. I had no option but to cancel on the spot, they offered no compromise and sorry to say, seemed quite intent on inflaming any situation...it really was quite bizarre!

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              • Mi
                Miles Bigalo Oct 14, 2009

                Yes I asked a question on Vodafone's forum and they did not like it so they removed the thread.

                They just shut people down when you don't march to their drum.

                Everyone on the vodafone forum are vodafone staff making snipy comments to make vodafone look good and person who asks the question look like a ###.

                For those interested I wanted to connect a brand new phone to receive email. They told me their job ends with the connection, settings are my problem.

                I mentioned that they outsource their customer service center to the lowest bidder so this tells you what their customers mean to them.

                They went mental, about five staff started chiming in and saying it was libel and I should retract my comments.

                Then they said they were pulling the thread.

                What a bunch of up themselves wankers.

                News Flash Jerky, you sell phones! people only what the stupid thing if it works! It's not decoration for the ###in living room.

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              • Ne
                newzealandguy Sep 15, 2009

                My itnernet (wireless mobile broadband as they call it, unsure how it can be mobile with this horrible usb vodem) has been down for the past 2 hours. After calling vodafone support I was told by a nice friendly lady located all the way over in the Philippines that although I pay $70 per month for a pitiful 3gb of usage on a considerably slow connectino, I would have to call back between the hours of 8am-8pm to get support as only Police or Ambulance support is offered outside of these hours. Pathetic considering the amount of money I pay, I am not a prepay customer and shell out approx. $300 per month to this greedy and inefficient company.

                I also had an internet issue a few months ago and was greeted by a CSO of Indian descent after about a 20 minute wait. After establishing that not only could I not understand a word that the CSO said, but that he could not understand my issue and provided a solution to a fault that did not exist and not addressing my fault, I requested to speak to a New Zealander. I was told "I am a New Zealander", and I requested to speak to someone whom spoke English for a first language as it was vital that my issue could be clearly understood and that I could understand how to resolve it. I was told "you can only speak to me, you will not be passed over to anyone else and that is final". I terminated the call and called back, hoping to get a new operator. another 20 minutes later I was received by a Kiwi lady, who during the process of resolving my issue (which related to an administrative fault on the part of their accounts team) communicated to me that the wonderful Indian CSO had made a note on my system that I was a rude and abusive customer. Extremely poor support, extremely poor network. I am seriously considering a move to another provider, I just can't justify giving my money to this organisation any longer.

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              • Kr
                kriz Aug 21, 2009

                i totally agree with both of you, that vodafone customer services department has no knowledge how to treat a loyal customer. they speak so rudly and wouldnt even put me through a team leader or supervisor.
                i hope i get an answer really soon, or else i m taking the matter to Telecommunication Dispute Resolution.

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              • Lu
                luke May 04, 2009

                A similar thing has happened to me, ive had my account barred as i cant pay my bill because their systems broken and dissallowed my credit card, ive called and emailed them with no results. Now ive got a final notice on the account which is just completely rediculious but theres no way now they are getting paid for a service i havent recieved

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              • Ma
                Matt Dec 09, 2008

                Definately sounds like a case for Fair Go or Campbell Live.

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              • Ka
                Karen Dec 02, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I am extremely frustrated. I have contacted Vodafone five times. First four times was by phone and someone was supposed to contact me. They still haven't. Two days ago I sent a fax. Still no-ne has contacted me. This has been going on since October 10th and now my phone has been barred. I spend most of my time working in Australia so these calls cost me. I have just tried their online complaint email but it doesn't even work! I fill in each field on the complaint form and it keeps coming up with: 'Topics requires a value' There is no topics field. I even had someone else look at it with me and they think the site is not set up properly.

                The details are as follows:

                On Oct 10th 2008 I called from Australia and requested my phone be put on pre-pay. After discussion with a very helpful lady we agreed this would be the best option for me at the moment with my travelling. The lady told me that would be done and that someone would contact me (not sure if it was in writing or by phone)

                Nov 12th: I was in NZ so called and spoke with Sam. I had received an overdue notice and I said I was not prepared to pay for a months contract fee when I had requested pre-pay. After some discussion Sam said they would have to 'pull my call' to check if that was the case. I said that would be great as it was all straightforward. Sam told me someone would get back to me in about an hour. No-one did.

                Nov 13th: I called again and spoke with another man who said Sam was dealing with it and he emailed Sam to let him know I was still waiting for a call. No-one called.

                Nov 27th: I called again! This time from Australia. I spoke with Khaled who said it was Sam who had to follow through on this and he would let him know. I had received another text saying my phone would be barred. I explained this to Khaled who tried to put me through to another department that would help but could not get through. I felt very frustrated and told Khaled I did not want to hang up until it was sorted. He was very nice but since he could not get anyone to help him, he could not help me. So he promised someone would contact me either that afternoon or the next day. He put a note through to collections to hold the bar.

                Dec 1st: I sent a fax in the hope soemone would contact me. I'm sick of paying for expensive internaitonal phone calls. I also received another text saying my account is overdue and I can't have full service until it is paid. So much for Khaled sending a note to the collections department.

                I am so frustrated I found this site and so here it all is.

                What on earth am I supposed to do to get through to someone?
                Does anyone know how else to get a result from Vodafone NZ? Or if there's a way to get the complaint form to work on their website?

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              • Rk
                RK01 Nov 25, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                I have a similar problem.

                It's been going one since June 2007.

                I've had a credit limit applied to my Vodafone account of $60. On return from overseas, I received demands for $550. I've approached Vodafone about this issue and explained that one: I could not have used up $550 worth of calling and SMS messaging; two: I have a $60 credit limit on my account. Their answer was that the credit limit function was no longer available and I am required to pay this amount.

                My first reaction was that I would like a break down of charges. They could not provide me with those. I have then requested to speak with the manager. Manager was not available at the time.

                I have attempted to get a resolution by calling Vodafone NZ call center over the following 3 months without any luck. All this time I was not able to use my cellphone, as they have placed a full bar (can not call, can not receive calls, can not send SMS messages, can not receive SMS messages).

                In the end, I've given up. I have transfered by 021 number onto Telecom NZ network around August.

                After I have transfered my number to Telecom I have logged a complaint with Commerce Commission of NZ. The reply was that they experiencing similar types of issues with Vodafone customers all over NZ.

                In March 2008 I have received a letter from debt collection agency requesting around $600. I have replied to the letter advising them I would like to dispute this amount. Also, Vodafone have not notified me about taking me to a debt collecting agency. I said to the agency that I would be more than happy to hear from someone at Vodafone, as I have not been able to get hold of anyone who can resolve this issue for me for months. The agency understood my situation and agreed to keep things as they are until dispute is resolved.

                There has been no changes in the situation. However, recently I have attempted to take out a personal loan with my bank, but found that my application was declined, as my credit rating was affected by an unpaid debt to Vodafone. Once again, I have not heard from either Vodafone or debt collecting agency that this has taken place.

                I have again emailed debt collecting agency explaining that this amount is in dispute and should have never gone to debt collecting agency in the first place if someone from Vodafone has made ANY attempt to contact me. I've sent this email yesterday so hopefully should receive a reply from them soon.

                In the mean time I can not take a loan that I wanted to use towards my travel in February. The longer I take to pay for the tickets, the more I have to pay. My travel plans were for myself and my little boy and I had to fight in family court to get this time granted to me, as myself and my son's mother are currently battling for custody.

                I don't know where to next.

                Vodafone are horrible company and only care about profit. Their stuff obviously never heard of such thing as customer service. What they portray as customer service is not a nice way of dealing with people. I was not trying to avoid to pay my bills. However I do believe that I got charted for something that I have not used. And the fact that Vodafone have not communicated about their credit limit facility was not functioning, shows what poor business practices they follow.

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              Vodafonefraud by vodafone

              V.K.Sethi G-39, Sector 25,
              # [protected] Jal Vayu Vihar
              VKS/VODAFONE 06.09.08


              Dear Sir,

              Very humbly, I wish to bring to your kind notice a serious fraud being perpetrated by mobile telephone service provider VODAFONE on its customers. The facts of the case are as follows.

              1. I have a prepaid mobile connection no. [protected] for the past few years.

              2. In May 2007, I observed that a sum of Rs.30 was deducted from my a/c. On enquiries, I got to know that this deduction was on account of “Astro Service” that I had activated on my phone. Since no such service was ever activated by me, I contacted the Hutch care. Their executive, on checking up its records, confirmed that no such service is active on my phone. However they refused to refund my amount & advised canceling this service at my end which I promptly did. However the deductions continued.

              3. Although I do not have records of my complaints before Jan 2008, I am providing details of some of the complaints since then for your kind reference.
              i. [protected] dated 23.01.2008
              ii. [protected] / 29.01.2008
              iii. 5678029 / 31.01.2008
              iv. [protected] / 23.02.2008
              v. [protected] / 25.02.2008
              vi. [protected]/21.07.2008
              vii [protected]/01.09.2008

              4. It is pertinent to mention here, that although I never ever activated this service, the amounts of Rs.30 pm have repeatedly been deducted from my a/c. I have again & again cancelled this service (on Vodafone executive’s advice) & still the amounts continue to be deducted.

              5. My repeated enquiries with Vodafone on Hutch Care/Internet have yielded no positive response. The call centre executives on hearing the problem, put the caller on hold for as much as 30minutes & then hang up, giving us the impression that they know of the fraud but do not want to provide a solution. In the latest case, another Rs. 30 was deducted around 20.08.08, & the enquiry revealed that although “Astro Service” was de activated in May 2008, another service “Vodafone Astro Alerts” had become active & hence the deduction. It is important to note that this sum is being deducted even though there is insufficient balance in the pre paid a/c to support this and although all calls are discontinued because of low balance.

              6. As a result, every time my a/c is charged, the same gets deducted in the guise of some or the other service which I have never activated, never used & for which I have never received a service. Earlier I used to get a message on deducting this amount, but now even this message has stopped coming but the deductions continue.

              7. This confirms my worst fears that there is an organized fraud on customers to deduct their a/c, without their consent or knowledge to make un due & fraudulent gains for the Vodafone company. Please also note that to de activate this service, the customer is required to dial a special number & then is guided by a lengthy computerized voice & charged at an astronomical Rs. 6 per minute wherein the customer is engaged in a lengthy conversation ( all paid for) & then it abruptly gets disconnected before the service is deactivated.

              8. My repeated requests to give me contact details of Senior Management for addressing this issue were not successful. On 01.09.08 (1730 hrs), I spoke to executive SANDEEP followed by floor Supervisor PRANAY & then floor manager SAMIR KHURANA, who refused to give me contact details of senior management. After threatening to approach the Consumer Court, he gave me the ID as bharati.[protected]@vodafone.com and then hung up. This I realized later was the ID of Airtel Chief & perhaps was done willfully to shake me off. I understand this was a recorded conversation & can also be cross checked.

              9. The customer’s helplessness in changing the service provider without changing the mobile telephone number due to lack of number portability regime is being taken advantage of by Vodafone. I now understand from some of my friends that that they too have been victims of similar frauds in the past. You would appreciate that having tried all means to rectify this problem, I am now at the end of my patience & am suffering both due to non availability of my phone as well as un authorized deductions.

              10. I would therefore request you to take up the matter with VODAFONE to rectify the following in the larger interest of customer fraternity.
              a. Stop the fraud forthwith.
              b. Refund all amounts deduced from my a/c immediately.
              c. Provide contact details (telephone/Email ID)of senior management personnel for addressing such concerns in the future.

              With warmest regards & thanking you in anticipation,

              Yours sincerely,

              (V. K. Sethi)

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                • Ja
                  Jai Bhagwan Chauhan Nov 14, 2008
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  Dear Sir,

                  I m a regular Vodafone/Hutch user from last several years. I want to thanks u for your quick help.
                  Now i want to know my Outgoing and Incoming calls detail from 01/11/208 to till date for my Vodafone Prepaid No. i.e. [protected].

                  Sir, i shall be very thankful to you for this great help.

                  Please send this detail to me via e-mail.


                  Jai Bhagwan

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                • Sa
                  sanju gupta Nov 07, 2008
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer


                  my self sanju gupta. mob [protected]. today 7 nov 2008. i reacherge my vodafone mob with rs 299 through icici online service after suggestion of an customer care executive.

                  but u people gave me 10 Rs. in place of 299. i talk ur cc exec. they told that ur validity increase. but my mob already have life time validity.

                  i m really frustated. whenever it is possible i'll foward this mail. and i'll highlighted that u people r fode.
                  if u not refund my balance.

                  sanju gupta

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                Vodafone NlTerrible experience

                Since May, Vodafone obstructs all access to data usage/credit information for Dutch mobile internet and telephone subscribers, making it near impossible to stay within limits. At the same time it is impossible to get a detailed specification of the invoices that are mostly bigger than usual. To this moment, Vodafone still advertises on the Vodafone.nl website that we can always check our data usage/credit and get invoice details via MyVodafone.

                Our complaints via email, telephone and letter were to no avail. Vodafone argues that it concerns a free extra service thus no ground for any complaints/demands. I argue that Vodafone provides, free or not, false information. In a short time under the acronym SWAS, I have mobilized hundreds of unsatisfied Vodafone customers to file a claim. Our demands: option to terminate the contract per May and return of payments.

                This month the claim will be filed by at least 400 unsatisfied Dutch mobile phone and mobile internet subscribers and we mean business. If Vodafone does not satisfy our demands, we will consider publishing Vodafone practices on the international internet scene and we do not doubt that this will deter numerous potential customers to sign a contract with Vodafone thus causing Vodafone shareholders to lose confidence. I (SWAS) am prepared to start mobilizing unsatisfied customers internationally and clutter the search engine results pages for Vodafone related terms with our complaints. Only a few weeks ago I started my campaign to mobilize the unsatisfied Dutch Vodafone customers and the Dutch search engine results are already showing up.

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                  • Fr
                    Francisco Condorelli Apr 29, 2014

                    HI there! Who´s gonna stop Vodafone in the Netherlands? They´re literally stealing my money out. I´ve cancelled the contract last year, in August. I paid everthing they asked me to pay before ending up with it, but they´re still charging me, every month, for a service that, naturally, are not providing. Does anyone knows a layer´s bureau that can help me to demand the company?
                    Francisco Condorelli

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                  Vodafoneharassment for sim card activation

                  A SIM card was issued to me through a sales boy on 10/02/2008 with SIM number: [protected]... via vadafone letter dated 20 feb 08, the Customer id allocated was: [protected] and mobile number was: [protected] and relationship number was 1.[protected].

                  There was a defect in the SIM and the same was informed at the India, Noida Vodafone branch... However there was no SIM card re-issued... In-fact I got a bill dated 06.03.08 of Rs.415/-... This is definitely not expected... how can vadafone send me a bill without the SIM card itself being activated?

                  This has been a huge wastage of my time and an irritating experience… I was no more interested to take this card and had put up request to deactivate the SIM and return the Rs.250/- paid as registration charges to the sales person from a TPA, Abstract Solutions, Delhi, India

                  I took a new Vodafone connection no: [protected] on 29 July 08 by paying another Rs.250/- as registration charges... I am surprised to know that the earlier hutch number [protected] is still not de-activated... I had got confirmation from Vodafone customer care executives that the number has been deactivated and that I need not pay the earlier bill.

                  Now my new number [protected] never got activated, reason stated is that there is a due of Rs. 415/- pending against my name... Though all Vodafone front desk executives confirm that I need not pay the bill and that the mobile will get activated in next 24 hrs but nothing seems to happen... This is not acceptable and I feel cheated in the whole process.

                  My Expectations are:

                  1) Dues against my name on the mobile number [protected] need to be closed immediately and brought to zero value

                  2) My new number [protected] needs to get activated

                  This is pure harassment and unfair practice, which is not expected from a company like vodafone.

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                    • Bb
                      b.bapuji May 09, 2008
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      My mobile was thefted by someboby while i'm sleeping in the hostel.
                      It is thefted between 1am to 4am this morning.please give me the details that how to proceed further to trace the mobille.
                      Thanking u

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                    Vodafoneunwanted sms and calls

                    Mr. Manager,
                    I am asubscriber of Voda and, my cell no is [protected].
                    I just want you to help me to stop getting ALL NONSENCE AND DISTURBING SMS/CALLS routing through your net work.
                    I am serious and sick and tired of receiving every day these bogus calls/sms.
                    I am using your net work by paying not to listen and see your business interest. It is absolutely my PEROGATIVE.
                    I want to see that the appropriate action is taken immediately, without offering any excuses.
                    Thanking you.
                    Yours sincerely,
                    Debashis Sen Roy
                    C/O Hotel Supreme-Business Class, Goa.

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                      Vodafoneillegal fine from vodafone

                      I have signed a contract with vodafone for internet. I waited around a month for service delivery, as there were numerous technical problems, which vodafone was unable to cope with. Every time I had to call vodafone customer service (and of course pay for the connection!!!), eventually they managed to fix everything and I became a happy owner of internet connection. Till last week - I have received a letter calling me to pay 80 euros fine because I was late with bill payment - I was late 3 DAYS. The letter was not sent by vodafone, but intrum justitia nederland BV (!), I paid the fine, but still I keep receiving bills from them - the last one for 120 euros. In Vodafone they told me that apparently they HAVE FORGOTTEN TO INFORM intrum justitia that our payment is on order now. How can it be that they communicate so well if it concerns fines for customers, but they cannot inform them that they received the money from me??? Customers of Vodafone HAVE NO PROTECTION - THEY CAN BE CHARGED FOR UNREASONABLE AMOUNTS OF MONEY JUST BECAUSE VODAFONE HAS THAT FANTASY! I will send an offical complaint to Vodafone, but still I want to share that experience with potential customers of Vodafone - think twice before you decide to sign a contract with them!!!

                      EURO 08.

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                        Vodafone Essar Companyunauthorized disruption and disconnection of services

                        Date: May 29, 2008


                        Manager Customer Service,
                        Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Limited,
                        C-48, Okhla Industrial Area,

                        Phase II, New Delhi - 110 020

                        Dear Sir/Madam,

                        SUB: Unauthorised disruption/disconnection of services

                        This is bring your notice that I am the owner of your mobile No. [protected] issued in the month of March 2008, Since then there has been lot of problems created by your customer care who without any rime and reason discontinued/barred/restricted my services on the aforesaid mobile number despite the fact that I have never ever defaulted in making any payment whenever the bill is issued on me. I have been informed by your customer care services that they will keep on debarring my services if I do not make interim payments for which no bills has issued. The aforesaid practice of debarring services by you is contrary to all principles of law and this is nothing but an arm twisting tactics to extract money from honest customer who pays his bill before due date. It is further brought to your knowledge that you have failed reactivate despite facts that I have paid you several times the interim payment amount for which you have never raised the bills, the last interim payment is made on 27.05.08 for an amount of Rs. 1000.00 and on 29.05.08 by 2.30 p.m. again my services are debbared without any notice. The practice of asking without bill and discontinuing services without notice and prior to the due date of payment is totally uncalled for and is arbitrary action on you part and is unfair trade practice. You cannot be allowed harass your customer at your whims and fancies and subject him to meet your undue/illegal demands.

                        Your arbitrary and illegal actions has caused great loss of business and you shall be liable to compensate the undersigned for all the loss that has occurred to the undersigned due to your various acts, omission and commission. By way of this notice I hereby call upon you to restore the services with immediate effect failing which I shall seek my remedies before appropriate court of law. This notice is without prejudice to my rights and contentions as available to me in law.


                        Nilesh Ratkanthwar
                        C/o. Assets Care Enterprise Ltd.
                        IFCI Tower, 13th Floor, 61, Nehru Place,
                        New Delhi.
                        Cell: [protected].

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                          Vodafonebad technical support and verry bad behaved

                          i have a problem with my vodafone prepaid conection. last 1weak i can't send any masage. my masage sending facility barred by vodafone. i have complain again & again but they are unable to give any solution to me.

                          vodafone have coustomer care executive, name "SOUMAYA" who has miss guide & miss behave with me.

                          My Name : SANTANU DEY
                          MY Vodafone no. : [protected]

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                            • Sh
                              SHAM S ARORA Apr 02, 2010

                              hai this is sham arora m . no [protected] recd.smsi.e bill for 28.2.10 to27.3.10 is Rs562.00 spoken to 111 as per them wait for bill as they donot have detail . I recd. the bill says monthly charges Rs508 with life time postpaid999-new plan where as useg is only Rs2.10 . Charges of Rs459.18 (blackbery prosumer lite) are there. i fail to understand what it means and who gave the inst .To info you i change my plan 2 month before from 149 to lifetime postpaid999 then they took in writing that was in punjabi bagh shop (new-delhi) how can they do it wo informing. Can it be pls reverse to only as per 999 plan .Plsgive me call as i am not use to computer i all ready have a bad experance with my add no i.e9873414742 In that i went to vodapone shop appro. 10 times to get my small problem solved but of no vain that was solved by miss poonam inM/S R E-CALL MANGMENT SERVICE JANAK PURI whereaswritten complaint no body was willing to take at punjabi bagh shop . Pls look into and call on [protected].tks

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                            • Sh
                              shahidkhanji Aug 10, 2009

                              On Tue, 11/8/09, Shahid Khan <[email protected]> wrote:

                              From: Shahid Khan <[email protected]>
                              Subject: Fw: VERY BAD SERVICE VODAFONE TEAM ...
                              To: [email protected]
                              Date: Tuesday, 11 August, 2009, 12:50 AM

                              --- On Fri, 7/8/09, Shahid Khan <[email protected]> wrote:

                              From: Shahid Khan <[email protected]>
                              Subject: Fw: VERY BAD SERVICE VODAFONE TEAM ...
                              To: [email protected]
                              Date: Friday, 7 August, 2009, 3:08 AM

                              --- On Fri, 7/8/09, Shahid Khan <[email protected]> wrote:

                              From: Shahid Khan <[email protected]>
                              Subject: VERY BAD SERVICE VODAFONE TEAM ...
                              To: [email protected]
                              Date: Friday, 7 August, 2009, 3:05 AM

                              --- On Wed, 5/8/09, Vodafonecare Mum <[email protected]> wrote:

                              From: Vodafonecare Mum <[email protected]>
                              Subject: FW: Feedback - Mumbai
                              To: [email protected]
                              Date: Wednesday, 5 August, 2009, 1:06 PM

                              Dear Mr. Khan,

                              Thank you for your email dated 04/08/09, regarding the network feedback.

                              Mr. Khan, further to your conversation with Mr. Vikky Vijay Mendonca from our network department on 04/08/09, we hope we have addressed your concern regarding the network feedback.

                              In case you need further assistance, please do call or email us. We‘ll do our best to help you.

                              Happy to help,

                              Mithun Patil

                              Vodafone Care
                              Contact numbers
                              Vodafone Care : 111 or +91-[protected]
                              (Toll free from Vodafone mobile phones within the home network)
                              Fax number : +91-22-[protected]
                              E-mail : [email protected]
                              Website : www.vodafone.in

                              From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
                              Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 3:46 AM
                              To: Vodafonecare Mum
                              Subject: Feedback - Mumbai

                              First Name: shahid
                              Last Name:khan
                              Address:3/15 imperial auto products ram mandir industrial estate ram mandir rd goregaon east mumbai 63...
                              Email ID: [email protected]
                              Region: Mumbai
                              Vodafone number: [protected]
                              Other contact number: [protected]
                              Feedback:there is a network problem from day 1 i am useing this number at my factory plz apply a booster in my factory area ...
                              This email and any attachments thereto are confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. This message contains confidential information and is intended only for the individual named. If you are not the intended recipient / named addressee you should not disseminate, distribute, reproduce or copy this e-mail. Please notify the sender immediately by e-mail if you have received this e-mail by mistake and delete this e-mail from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. Please further note that transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free.

                              Hi your person had come down to my factory area he chq the area there was no network he said i will speak to my team and we will work on this ...
                              he left and i got a call from vodafone service that we are very sorry we can do anything for this network ...Its a shame that u people cant do anything about this its a very bad service ... Vodafone is a UK base company this wht u provide service in India ... Now i will disconect all my vodafone number ... very bad sevice ... Shame on uyour vodafone Team...
                              Thanks From Shahid khan ... [protected], [protected]...

                              Hi vodafone is a bad service ... giveing any request vodafone dosent have time for their customer service ... i had give lots of complan for my network which had not been done till date ... its more then a month ... really very bad service ... call me on [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]... shahidkhan...


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                            Vodafonefraudulent behavior and disinformation!

                            Here is my story. In February 2008, I decided to get a new phone which would better fit my business and personal needs. It is a Blackberry Curve 8310. At that moment, my mobile provider did not have the phone. I decided to switch to Vodafone since they had the phone and it was important for me to have it. In the meantime, while I signed over the phone a contract with Vodafone, T-mobile started selling the phone as well. It was in my interest to switch back to T-mobile now since the phone and the service was offered at a better rate. Acting timely, I called Vodafone within a week after I received the new Blackberry and informed them about my cancellation decision. Separately, I sent them the phone back and all the documentation they required to cancel the contract. My cancellation hassle started on March 9. I called them infinitely many times and still by today, May 16 (yest after more than 2 months) Vodafone does not want to release my number. I have been given infinitively many reasons and promises that this will be dealt with as soon as possible but by this moment, it has not happened.

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                              • Sa
                                SAMIR NARAYAN ROY Feb 12, 2009

                                The Manager,
                                Vodafone Grivance Cell.

                                With the responce to our email dated 21.11.2008 to vodafone Corp Care relation officer in India you have visited to our office one Mr. Abhishak Chatterjee and Mr. Ananda Sanyal for some quarys regarding our change of tarief & best services in our CUG 8765 but they are good for nothing.
                                They faild their commitment and today Mr. Ananda Sanyal serve rong information regarding change of tarief & other services.
                                We therefore, request you if you have nothing to do for your cusomer services why you have committed.
                                If you are unable to solve our problem we will surrender all the connection in due cource.
                                Thanking you,
                                yours faith fully,
                                LEGAL & COMMERCIAL OFFICER
                                MODULAR CONSULTANTS PVT LTD.

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                              Vodafonehapp to help???

                              I called the customer care today (9th May 2008) for a simple query. All I wanted was the stupid messages that I get to stop. To start with I had to try close to 10 times to reach an executive which took me 45 mins. Once I reach the first executive (Chaitanya), he requested me to call a toll free number (1909) for the messages to stop. When I enquired if he could do that as I had already spent 45 mins on the phone, he denied upright and said its not possible. The best part of this interaction was he never had time to listen to what I had to say. He just wanted me to listen to him.
                              As I had no choice I called the number given and land up in the prepaid division and got transferred to the post paid department. Here I got an opportunity to talk to Harsha. He gave me a different resolution altogether. Not satisfied with the resolution I requested for a supervisor. But hey the supervisor are always busy and do not have time for the customer. I wonder what are they busy with. The call was transferred and I think there has been some problem with their internal lines as every time the line is transferred to a supervisor the line gets disconnected.
                              I tried again and this time I had Vinay on line. The call started with their punch line “I am here to help you”. But sadly the help was too far away. I requested for a supervisor again and again the call got transferred and disconnected.
                              I tried again and had Srikanth ( Emp ID 250879 – that’s what he said it is. I am not sure though). I requested for the supervisor upfront. Hmmmm guess what happened next. The call was transferred and disconnected again.
                              I wonder what the supervisors do???

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                                • Mi
                                  Miranda Jane Pugh Sep 30, 2008
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  Hi i am absolutely Discussed with the service that i have been given and still going on!! Could someone please address my conserns as i am just being ignored and told a load of lies and i have asked for return calls feedback and for a member of the managment time to get back to me and no Response AGAIN or return call...
                                  1-First of all Kyle from vodephone rang me to update my phone and landline...they couldnt meet what i was looking for so put me with network 3...Promised me the world and good service..WHAT..
                                  2 - Problems - from there.. with Kyle and Mimi
                                  3 - Phone was 3 weeks late and no memory card...just promise and it will be her tommorow and never came..
                                  4-So then Kyle Said that i would not have to pay the last Vodephone bill which was 50 pounds and also they would give me a bluetooth headset and the top of the range memmory card...
                                  5- I had to pay the bill which was not agreed.. only two weeks ago recevied my bluetooth headset thanks to NATALIE..
                                  6-AND STILL NO MEMORY CARD...???
                                  7-I rang all day yesturday and left messages which is costing me money..Is this going to be paid back..? asked for feedback on the memory card...and for a member of the managment team to return my call...NO FEEDBACK.. RETURN CALL... AND CUT ME OFF THE LINE TWICE..
                                  8- Could this be addressed today and someone please contact me with some answers...[protected] or i will be seeking furthur advise..
                                  I never wanted to leave Vodephone as the service has been excellent for all the years i have been with you...Thats all i wanted was a good deal for my money...which i was not offered by KYLE.. and the service bye kyle and Mimi has been HORRIFIC..

                                  PLease could someone address this issue has it has gone on long enough

                                  Thank You
                                  Miranda Pugh

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                                • Ka
                                  Kavita Sharma Sep 29, 2008
                                  This comment was posted by
                                  a verified customer
                                  Verified customer

                                  Vodafone gives wors t service ...u can never speak to there superiors
                                  Seems they get afrsi dtaking to people

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                                The complaint has been investigated and
                                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                                Vodafonevodafone - global direct mistake

                                Global Direct people visited my home and told me that both of my no's, [protected] and [protected] would changed to GTK 299 plan (Re 1 STD and 0.6 local) within 3 days. They also took money for that. When I checked after a month, it was not changed at all and I ended up paying extra money. When I called vodafone customer care, they changed it on 9th May 2008. I lost a lot of money because of that.

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                                  • Ch
                                    Chintan Shah Feb 01, 2009

                                    I had a similar experience!
                                    Infact they took money for extra sim card too - which is not yet delivered in 1 month!!

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                                  Vodafonemoney cheat

                                  hi my name is aravind. Am from chennai. i am using Hutch(vodafone) connection fro the past two years. But during 17th March, by morning 8.15 suddenly rs 99 have been vanished. i came to know that i am cheated rs 99 only by 11:00 am.
                                  I then called the customer care officer(if am not wrong his name is Manohar).I explained him that i have lost rs 99 and requested for a justifiable reason.
                                  He respond me that HUNGAMA pack os activated on my mobile and so hutch has taken out Rs99 from my account.
                                  So i have asked him that "i didnt ask you to activate hungama pack, and and what basis hutch has activated me the hungama pack?".
                                  The reply was stupid that hungama pack ia activated as if i have a GPRS account.
                                  (B4 some 5 months, hutch themselves volunteerly activated GPRS account in my mobile.Even i didnt ask them to do so. But they did.)

                                  i lost my patience and asked what actually hungama pack is? the answer is still more stupid but actually made me to laugh, that how could a Vodafone of MNC nature reply like this.
                                  the reply is"Hungama pack is an offer where one can browse through their mobile phone for the next ONE HOUR right from the time it is activated"

                                  The humour here is that they activated me Hungama pack by 8.15a.m and i was only aware that the pack is activated only by 11:00 am.

                                  i explained my status to the CC officer and asked him to reimburse my money of rs99. but the response is so stupid that the CC officer from hutch has put down my call.

                                  I was distressed with hutch now and am despite being with HUTCH in POSTPAID for 3 Years and PREPAID for last two years, now cancelled the connection and switched over to other subscriber.

                                  *if you have activated gprs in ur mobile out of your knowledge, cancel it unless you need browsing facility.
                                  *please keep track on your account balance
                                  *please always note down the CC(CustomerCare)officer's name when he/she responds
                                  *please avoid using vodafone's GPRS facility (as far as my story's concern)

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                                    • Mu
                                      mukesh kumar rundla Jun 02, 2008
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      i am mukesh
                                      i am also rs 99 from my account 2nd june and when i called at cc( if am not wrong his name is mega)

                                      I explained him that i have lost rs 99 and requested for a justifiable reason.
                                      He respond me that HUNGAMA pack os activated on my mobile and so hutch has taken out Rs99 from my account.

                                      So i have asked him that "i didnt ask you to activate hungama pack, and and what basis hutch has activated me the hungama pack?".

                                      The reply was stupid that hungama pack ia activated as if i have a GPRS account.

                                      i lost my patience and asked what actually hungama pack is? the answer is still more stupid but actually made me to laugh, that how could a Vodafone of MNC nature reply like this.
                                      she gives me answer that she don't know about this

                                      i lost my patience and asked what actually hungama pack is? the answer is still more stupid but actually made me to laugh, that how could a Vodafone of MNC nature reply like this.

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                                    • Sv
                                      svedhagiri May 07, 2008
                                      This comment was posted by
                                      a verified customer
                                      Verified customer

                                      yes i also agree. these vodafone cheats are always cheating in the bills and money.
                                      we in our family also experienced the same and we are disgusted with hutch.

                                      IF vodafone company can see this, "please vodafone you are not good in customer service, hence dont potrait urself to be good in advertisements".

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                                    Vodafoneabusive past due amount collections

                                    Dear Sir / Madam,

                                    My name is Sushant Agarwal and I have been a user of Vodafone (earlier Hutch-Essar Group) mobile services. My mobile number was [protected].

                                    It has been more than 3 years since I shifted out of Delhi and am currently based out of Bangalore but I continued using the moblile phone connection and paid the bill on time till about a few months back when I realized that I was being charged for calls not made by me and the talk plan was changed without my permission. I communicated the same to Vodafone and called them to resolve the issue but there was no satisfactory resoultion received from their end.

                                    I also shared my bangalore phone number([protected]) with them and asked them to call me to resolve the issue but I never got a call from them. I have not run away without paying the bill, I am willing to pay the bill if the issue is resolved satisfactorily as communicate by me in all my communication with Vodafone customer care.

                                    Today I got a call from Vandana Srivatava, Room No. 24, Patiala House Court telling me that there is a case that has been filed against me with the file number RD-8123. She also told me that there have been multiple notices sent at my home address in Delhi where my parents stay. She asked me to get in touch with Mr. D K Sharma(advocate) on phone number [protected] to get the details of the case.

                                    I called Mr. D.K Sharma and he told me that I have run away without paying the bill of Rs.1500 approx and that he'll send people for collection to my house in Delhi who can harm my parents. He abused my parents and me over the phone and used vulgar language. Towards the end of the call he told me that he'll harm family in Delhi.

                                    I am very upset about this and would request you to please take some action against Vodafone and Mr. D K Sharma specifically for threatening & being abusive.

                                    I have the following information aboout D K Sharma

                                    D K Sharma (Advocate) - Patiala House Court
                                    Phone # [protected]

                                    I am in bangalore and am not in a position to take action against have and file a complaint personally against him with Delhi police. Request you to please help me with this case

                                    Thanks & regards,
                                    Sushant Agarwal
                                    Mobile # : [protected]

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                                      • Sk
                                        S. K. AGARWAL Aug 11, 2008
                                        This comment was posted by
                                        a verified customer
                                        Verified customer

                                        Dear Friends,

                                        Vodafone Mobile phone service provider company is not serious to maintain TRUE RECORD of prepaid customers even this company do not perform the physical verification. It is dangeraous and harmful for the sake of our Country.I purchased a new prepaid connection/number which was [protected] and submit the relavant I.D. documents and someone picked the mobile phone when I contacted the "Customer Care" to receive the outgoing calls after the stolen time, I was shocked to know that my name is not in the record of this company then I requested the attending person to provide the name and address details under the section of 3 of "Right to Information Act" he got angry, then I said him Nobody will come forford to say he is using the abovesaid number before the Court and I requested him to verify the record physically and modify the record, after listening my advice he disconnected the line.
                                        My suggestion is If a company is not conducting a Physical Verification it is harmful in the interest of our Country where BOMB BLAST are commonso Vodafone can send a REGISTERED LETTER to the address of prepaid subscriber with a reply post card inside which after writing the answer should be returned back to him.

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                                      • Ar
                                        Arvind pandey Jul 28, 2008
                                        This comment was posted by
                                        a verified customer
                                        Verified customer

                                        Dear Sir / Madam,

                                        My name is Arvind Pandey and I have been a user of Vodafone (earlier Hutch-Essar Group) mobile services. My mobile number is [protected].
                                        I want a small help from ur side. Actully i had lost my D.L(Driving Licence). one pihoto copy was submitted in ur organization for my this connection. and still i don't remmember my D.L no. and its my need for new D.L.

                                        So plz provide me that D.L serial no. or just tell me the nearer brnch which can help me. i just want that D.L no.

                                        i will be very thank ful to u.

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                                      Vodafone, Gokhale Road, ThaneFalse assurance

                                      Yesterday, 2nd of May, I had been to Vodafone main office in Thane which is situated in Gokhale Road. There I met a sales representative who informed me that the new post paid connection will be activated within 3 to 4 hours after submitting all the documentation. Inspite of doing so my # has still not been active. Initially I wanted to go in for a prepaid connection but he told me that it takes around 7 hours for activation but if you go in for a post paid one it will take only half the time. I requested the person to give the office contact # in case I face any activation problems but my concern was turned down saying that he will call me at my residence #. I waited and waited but I didn't receive any calls from him. This is totally bizarre and I am very very upset with this sort of attitude. I am very displeased with this sort of false assurances to customers.

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                                        • Su
                                          sushant sapkal Aug 28, 2012

                                          I am Sushant Sapkal Frome Thane. I visited to Vodafone Gallery 4-5 times but still I am not happy with your service. I want to convert my loop no. to Vodafone prepaid, but your Division is not able to provide me service. behind of that all drama i was west my 10 hours & 160 rs. for travelling. I am stunned that you are the largest service & network provider in India. if you are littel bit of worried about me then please do something. I hope that you are give me some reply.
                                          sushant sapkal ([email protected])
                                          [protected] / [protected]

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                                        • Ca
                                          carl mario Jul 03, 2011
                                          This comment was posted by
                                          a verified customer
                                          Verified customer

                                          these vodafone guys are soo very good bluffers...they promise me..."sir, your vodafone no will be activated within 24 hours, we are happy to help you"...wow ...i felt soo great only to wait for 8 days till date and my no is yet to be activated...and i called them again and again and again...and they end up giving the same promise...god please save vodafone subscribers

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                                        • Su
                                          Sujeet Choudhary Feb 11, 2010

                                          Mail sent to [email protected] on Thursday dated 12.02.2010. Kinly read the same

                                          To Whom so ever it may concern

                                          This is Sujeet V. Choudhary ( Mobile No. [protected]) customer of vodafone postpaid service since last 2 years. In spite of getting good service from you, I not happy with the service & value added service/ Products that you provide.

                                          If you are not capable to fulfill customer's requirement then no need to give baseless commitments & promises. And if possible it is humble request from me to all of your executives, stop doing the same so that customer will find other way and will not rely on your helpline ( Helpless Service).

                                          I have activated SMS10 (Rs.35/ Month plan). Now I would like to deactivate the same so that I can access another plan i.e. SMS149 ( Rs. 149/ Month plan)

                                          For deactivation of Existing plan I have sent CAN SMS10 to 111 ( Which is showing in your system since 6th Feb 2010). After having several calls to 111, the only ans. which I got is " IT WILL TAKE 48 HRS TO DEACTIVATE". Your executives just tend to fool customers by hanging up them.

                                          Let me tell you today is 11th Feb 2010 ( Almost 120 hrs passed) and I have intimated one of your executives ( Name- Mr. Abhinandan Patil, Lower Parel) that before 11.00 hrs I should get a SMS from vodafone regarding deactivation of excising service. As usual that is not happened as your are more interested in DOGS rather than HUMAN BEINGS.

                                          Suggestion for you on be half of all the vodafone customers- If possible try to concentrate on your customers & services that you provide instead of wasting so much money on advertisement ( Especially that Dog called " Scooby").

                                          Other issues-
                                          Every month you are charging Rs. 30 in my bill against miss call alerts ( Which works only in ZOO's advertise). Even after so many conversations between your rep. & me, still I am not getting any miss call alerts.

                                          I hope all customers are quite familiar with the problematic bills issued from vodafone.

                                          If possible try to revert back at the earliest so that I can proceed further & will not wait for your response.

                                          To CC-

                                          Dear friends, If you are enjoying any other service other than vodafone, stay with the same. If you are planning to shift to vodafone " Please...".

                                          PS- NETWORK ROCKS, BUT SERVICES ( WORKS ONCE IN A BLUE MOON)

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                                        Vodafone Prepaidactivation of caller tunes

                                        In the last four months, i use to received the promotional calls from the vodafone. 3 months back, i received the promotional call fromvodafone. The moment i picked up the call, the call got disconnected, it was a computerized call. i just heard thank you for calling the vodafone. within 5 minutes i received a message stating that your request of activating caller tunes has been registered and after 5 minutes, again i received a message in which it was written that the caller tune has been activated and my balance was deducted. Again 1 month back, i received a call and i picked up the call and came to know that it was a promotional call from the vodafone. within 5 minutes, vchat got activated which i came to know by receiving the message from vodafone and again the amount got deducted. I not even know, what is the use of the vchat, why should i will request to activate. This company is big cheater and fraud and that is the way this company earns money. I am just fed up from these promotional calls. I also don't know how to deactivate the vchat.

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                                          • Ab
                                            abc_xyz Jun 09, 2011


                                            Vodafone is a fraud n doesnt value for long time relationships with customers.
                                            I have been facing a hell lot of issues in the recent past with vodafone billing and customer service.
                                            My phone number is [protected]. Am a prepaid user and balance keeps getting deducted for no reason.
                                            I called up the customer care N number of times to get my Vodafone mobile connect and GPRS deactivated.
                                            Everytime i call up the customer service they give a request number and asks me to wait for 24 hours to get the service deactivated.
                                            But they are cheaters. Vodafone mobile connect gets never deactivated on my phone which i am informed through another customer service representative.

                                            The last request i raised was # [protected]

                                            And the most ridiculous part is that today i got to know they cannot see any request for deactivation of Vodafone mobile connect raised from my end.
                                            I have constantly called up them up to report that my balance is getting deducted even when am not making any outbound calls.
                                            I dont know how they never understood to disconnect the internet services which i never requested for. As per Vodafone cust care the internet service gets automatically
                                            turned on everytime i restart my phone. Does that mean that every time i switch off my phone and switch it on i
                                            have to call up the customer service to get
                                            all the unwanted service deactivated ??
                                            This is simply disgusting and unacceptable. I have been using vodafone connection for the past 6 years now.
                                            But if this is the kind of service they provide, Then i guess i have to term them fraud and switch over to a better mobile connection

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