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we keep getting unsolicited messages on screen in the form of quizzes and tips

We keep getting these unsolicited messages on screen in the form of quizzes and tips. If you press the OK button, you get charged for it so you have to press the "Back" or the "Cut" button. We have two vodafone post paid cell connections and we are registered on the "Do Not Disturb Registry of india". These unsolicited messages which appear on the screen cause the following probles:
1) They are unsolicited;
2) If you press "OK" by mistake you get charged for it;
3) You have to press "Back" or "Cut" so that you do not get charged for it;
4) The phone light becomes on when the message comes thereby consuming lot of energy and phone needs to be charged again and again;
5) These messages come throughout the day and night.
6) I have old parents for whom getting rid of these quizes and tips becomes difficult and if they innocently press the "OK" button we get charged for it;

avoid them like a plague

My sim card's registration was failed. I submitted my photo and address proof in Vodafon shop near Devegowda Petrol pump on 28th of July. I got the new card after 3 weeks on 17th August. I've been said that it will be activated with in 5 mins if i make a recharge of 48 Rs. I recharged on the spot but still i didnt get service back.

irresponsible behaviour

My no. Is [protected] and my name is varun kumar.
I would like to say that I have some problems with your services.

1) I cannot talk to customer care from my no. They have forwarded my request but services have not been activated on my no.
It's been two days and they say it take maximum of 24 hrs.

2) I have activated your services of 2 gb free internet surfing and recharge my no. With 95 rs. On 1june and till now my service have not been activated my 3 days have gone waste. Italked to customer care from other no. And they say service is activated on my no. And I can surf net on my no. But my balance got deducted.

So I think my problem should be resolved as soon as possible so that I should refer someone to your services.

  • vodafoneindia Jun 11, 2010

    Hi Varun,

    Thanks for your time over the call. We understand that your GPRS are active again and you are also able to contact the customer care from your phone. We also hope that you are pleased with the resolution provided by us. We look forward to assisting you again. For further help in with any other query or request, kindly mail us at [email protected] We would be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care, Delhi & NCR.

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wrong balance deduction

Sir, I am arvind a vodafone's u. p. subscriber having mobile no. [protected]. I want to say that vodafone had deduct my a/c balance by activating sms service from their side on 26, may10.in this regard I had request, its no. was [protected] on 26, may10 itself. they are refuses to refund my balance by saying you have launch complaint.

very poor customer care representatives, ill treatment and company deducted money without reason

I have a complaint regarding my Mumbai "Vodafone" number : 91-[protected]. I hope i am not waisting my time by contacting you. I have been shifted to Mumbai Recently, i have taken a new Sim card on the name of my husband "Mr. Rajiv Manuj". I do understand that every company has to follow norms and guidelines, but i have undergone a big hustle.
It took lot of time to activate my Sim connection due to documentation. I have visited four(4) times to the Vodafone store for competing the documentation. The customer care agents never gave me the complete information for the correct documentation.
If i am not wrong, my connection was activated in the month of February 2010(you better check in your records). This is a prepaid connection. When my connection was activated, i recharged my account with Rs.222, in the middle of my usage, my connection was deactivated. when i visited to the Vodafone Store your agents told me to submit the documentation again. Which i did!! Mean time i was using my Delhi number 91-[protected], which is on roaming from last 5-6 months due to this trouble.
Now my connection is active but when it was temporarily out of service(due to documentation formality) i Had balance of Rs. 80 in my account.
After the activation of my connection my balance is vanished. I spoke to your many agents and they never gave correct reply or some times they even ill treated me. I belong to the banking sector and i know how the system works!!
Now, i want to make complaint against all those agents. The first one is Prateek umrania. After that i visited to the Vodafone store on Church Gate where i met with Shadab- he promised me to mark a mail for my balance retrieval, which he never did! I just dont understand if they cant do anything then why do they promise to do so!
I spoke with the customer care agents on phone and wasted my 1 1/2 hour. I spoke with prateek Umrania, Raj, Ashish Kelkar and the Supervisor-Krunal deepak Shah. after listning to my problem related to my balance he disconnected the call by giving me an excuse that he cant hear me.Being a supervisor he ill treated me, which is unecceptable. i want you to take some action against him( Krunal deepak Shah). I know that u you have the recorded conversation for each agent. You can even cross check whatever i am telling you. All the Customer care agents disconnected like this which is extreamlly shamefull.
After that i visited to the Vodafone store, which is on "Fort road". There was a girl named "Usha", she told me to come some other day as she cant Handel my complaint. When i insisted her she gave me some number(which she said is a complaint number) and said my problem will be solved in 24hrs. Nothing happened later. I called Customer care and asked for my complaint number, that guy told me its a fake number, its not a compliant number.
Day before yesterday i visited to the Fort store again for making my Delhi number payment([protected]) and i saw her, i asked about my compliant status, she told me to come on Monday so that she can take approval from her senior, which was another excuse because those stupid agents does not understand that a person can not come everyday. After i insisted her, she called her 'so called' Floor Manager- "Ratna". After listening my query, Ratna told me that she has recharged my account with Rs.100 and shortly i will receive the message for the balance received of Rs.83 WHICH I NEVER RECEIVED!!!

The primary concern is of your agents. I really dont understand which kind of services you people are providing to your customers...
Secondly, i want my money back and want to know where is it lost and why?????

Kindly, revert me that will you be able to sort out the problem or do i need to contact some other department.

A highly frustrated customer:
Jyotsna Mitra Manuj

  • vodafoneindia Jun 03, 2010

    Hi Jyotsna,

    We apologize for the delay in crediting the balance to your account. We confirm that it has been done. If you need any further assistance regarding the same please feel free to mail us at [email protected] and we assure you we would be Happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care, Mumbai.

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excessive roaming charges

Have been a customer for 2 years now with no complaints.

Recently used the service in France for a couple of hours - answering emails only, no major use of bandwidth.

I just got my bill - and was charged £17 for this roaming use (that's approx. USD26).

Don't have the contract to hand, but signed up specifically because overseas roaming was reasonable - fixed charge of £5 or £10 per day.

Not a happy bunny - will take it up with Vodafone shortly.

  • Iy
    Iylina Mar 22, 2009

    I bought a $39 per month mobile broadband plan last year, it offers 5 GB every month, and my Windows computer could show the usage per month, so I follow it to ensure I do not overload, otherwise I should pay extra. I am very sure I never used over 5GB every month from last year until now. However, it charged me $165 for November, 2008 and even $335 on Feburary 2009. I was really shocked because it showed I just used 2.56 GB for Feburary. I took all the evidence to the shop, they told me the window showed on computer is not accurate, if it is not accurate, why it shows on my computer!!!it is really ridiculous!! What makes me angry is the shop I signed for this service, the manager told me they could not do anything for me. I told them why for the previous months, there was nothing wrong, they said ' maybe you were lucky for those months'!!! Such product and service, how can a consumer convince Vodafone any more!!! I am an international student studying in Australia, the money is I earned by working part time, it is not only the money, but it also consists my valuable time on it. If anyone who could tell me any way to solve this problem, maybe talking to some manager of Vodafone, plz help me!! Thanks~

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about the service

I had cald vodafone care uncountable times... N I told them to activate d call conference service on my mobile phone as I hv transfered my pre paid to post paid no... Bt evrytime I call them up I get differnt information... Sometimes they tell me I have to deposit 2000rs as a security amount n some other guy tells me ur conference will be activated within 48hours... Free of cost... What is it yaar...
You guys are mis guiding me evry time I call up... N till date dere is no activation on my phone... I need an answer for this...

  • vodafoneindia May 21, 2010

    Hi kajal,

    We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://bit.ly/cvH74o and we’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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  • Ra
    rakesh 1333 Mar 22, 2013

    hi sir, i bought data number in the offer of three month plan, service man told me that they didn't give me bill in this three months but they give me bill in this three months. please solve this problem i am not satisfied to give this bill money

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  • vodafoneindia Mar 23, 2013

    Hello Rakesh,

    Kindly share your current and alternate contact numbers with us at http://bit.ly/ZaIZT2 and we will have someone get back to you with assistance.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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irresponsible customer care

i am using vodafone no. [protected]. with this no. i asked activate DO NOT DISTURB service. but still this service is not activated. unvanted calls & sms are still coming on my phone. the great service provided by them is. prohibition. yes, still they are prohibeted my calls & sms to costomer care. i wanted gprs & vl settings urgently. so they are verymuch irritating .

  • Pu
    pulkit nagpal Mar 17, 2011

    Hie i m pulkit. My number is 8447202813. i bought this Vodafone number nearly a month ago. On 14 march i recharged my number with Rs.26 for a weekly gprs pack. After that i talked with a customer care adjective regarding my activation of gprs pack and using it. He told me that ur gprs pack is active and u can access internet free of cost from now . After that on accessing net i have to face deductions frm my main balance. And when i complaint this to customer care they totally misquided me.

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worst services

I am dinesh bhardwaj, [protected]. I went to vodafone store on 29/03/2010. They told me to mail to corporatecare.[protected]@vodaphone.com for disconnection of my number. It was promised that my services will be disconnected by 3rd April. but It has not been done till now. I am very disappointed by all promises. I called up Irfas khan ( dont know the exact name) from retention department on 5th to enquire about why my number was not disconnected. He promised me that by next 48 hours it will be disconnected. Then I called up on 7th April. This time Tej singh from retention department appears and promises the same. Wait for next 48 hours. I do not know when the 48 hour series will end.

Can you believe it I being the corporate user is getting so much of trouble then what about the normal user? I have to move from the city and want to disconnect and pay my bill before I leave. But now I think, I should fill a lawsuit against Vodaphone as the promise of disconnection within three days in not fullfilled. What do other say about it?
I have attached the email sent by the vodafone to prove what I am saying is right. After suffering so much, I would suggest everyone to not go for any vodafone connection.

Dear Mr. Bhardwaj,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 29/03/10 regarding the deactivation of services on your Vodafone number [protected].

We do understand that you would like to deactivate your number [protected]. We surely value the relationship that you have shared with us and are concerned to know that you have opted to discontinue the relationship. As per your request, we are arranging to close your Vodafone account. The Service request number for your reference is [protected].

We request you to kindly provide us 72 working hours to process your request. We assure you that one of our executives from the Specialized Vodafone Care Team will call you within 24 working hours to address your request. We request you to kindly keep your mobile number or alternate number active until you receive the call from Vodafone number ending with 9XXXXXX111.

We assure you, that the final adjustment will reflect in your forthcoming Vodafone bill dated 15/04/10 . After adjustments, you will receive the balance amount if any, on your number via a cheque on your billing address within 45 working days from the date of deactivation. However, the current billed outstanding amount due on your Vodafone account is Rs. -108.62.

Assuring you with the best of our services at all times.

We hope, we have been able to resolve your concern to your satisfaction. However, in case you need further assistance, do call or email us. We’ll do our best to help you.

Happy to help,

Gurpinder Singh
Vodafone Care
Contact numbers*
Vodafone Care : 111 or +91-[protected]
(Toll free from Vodafone mobile phones within the home network)
Fax number : +91-[protected]/[protected]
E-mail : corporatecare.[protected]@vodafone.com
Website : www.vodafone.in

  • Me
    Mera cheque 65 days baad bhi nahi mila m Dec 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, I m S.K.VASHISHTHA my vodafone no. 9899811039. Maine 28.09.2010 ko apna vodafone bill Rs-588/ cheque no.728857 se pay kiya tha, jo ki mere A/C mein balance na hone k karan pass nhi hua mujhe pata bhi nahi tha ki mere A/C mein balance 588Rs. se kam hai. Mujhe is bare mein vodafone ki taraf se mere cheque jama karne k 8 days baad tak koi informetion nahi di gayi, information di bhi gayi wo bhi 8 days k baad by sms. Mere bill per penalty lagadi gayi or mujhe aaj tak mera cheque wapish bhi nahi kiya gya. Maine 14.08.2010 to 15.09.2010 tak ki payment cash bhi jama karadi thi cheque paas na hone ka pta lagne per.
    Maine aapke vodafone costmer care per call karke pta kara to unhone mujhe bataya ki aapka cheque aapke address per deliverd kar chuke h or wo 2.11.2010 ko kisi sharma ji ne receive kar liya hai, jabki mere address per koi cheque aaya hi nahi h to receive kaha se hoga. Mujhe puri information di jaye ki mera cheque kis address per, kis date ko or kis couriyar company k hato bheja gya h. Mujhe mera cheque chahiye plz.. my other mobile no. 9899597182

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please close my vodafone a/c

Dear Sir,
I am mohit mittal.i am a software engineer in noida.so that I don’t have enough time for my personal work. Now I am using postpaid Vodafone no. that is +[protected] because of low network in my area.For this, I have compliant many time at customer care. I want to close my Vodafone postpaid a/c. For this, this month, I have gone for Vodafone store 15 times approx at navyug market Ghaziabad. But always they will create new problem for me. That is given below.
17 mar 2010, my father went for Vodafone store. They said”Your son has to come. For close you’re a/c”.
19 mar 2010.when I came they said”Your bill is not generated that will be 20 mar. So you have to come 21 mar”.
21 mar 2010 they said “we don’t have blanked sim”.
26 mar 2010 they said “we don’t have blanked sim”.they suggest me “you can report to customer care .that your no has been lost for that your bill will be stop”.
2 apr 2010 they said “First you have to start your services then we can close you’re Vodafone a/c”
5 apr(today) 2010 they said “we are sorry. We can close you’re a/c at next bill cycle”.
Thanks & Regards
Name- Mohit Mittal
Date- 5 apr 2010

herrasing to do the postpaid to prepaid

This is E.Satyanarayana from andhra pradesh.
I'm using my vodafone number since 3 1/2 years.
For that i have been given the complaints for many more times.I haven't received any reply or response from the vodafone customer care side.So that i want to proceed legally and want to make a SEW on them.
So could any one help me in this process.

  • vodafoneindia Mar 09, 2010

    Hi Satyanarayana,

    We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://tinyurl.com/yl4otqk and we’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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deactivation of caller tune

dear sir/mam

my mobile no is +[protected] . i am unable to deactivate my caller tune. i have requested many time to your customer care excutives but there is no response from there side. please help me and deactivate my caller tune

meenu attri

  • vodafoneindia Mar 12, 2010

    Hi Meenu,

    We see that you have faced an inconvenience with one of our services / products. We would like to get in touch with you on this. Please share your details at http://tinyurl.com/ykm2nvq and we’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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preasuring customers into signing up without explaining the terms and conditions

despite the warnings from my friends and colleagues i signed up to Smartone-Vodafone, BIG MISTAKE!

They rushed me into signing contract for 18 monhts for a mobile plan, they were so insistant that i sign up that they didnt even ask me for my ID card and said i can simply fax it to them. usually port in number takes about 3 days to transfer and i had signed up on friday so i was told that my number will be ported from China Mobile to Smartone on monday, IT DIDNT!

so i called them and they said that i havent yet supplied the ID copy to them. so i told the customer service hotline officer that the shop staff had told me that they would port in the number without the ID copy. this was just a minor delay which is acceptable so i let it go.

second when i logged on to the mobile TV service i realized that it was of very inferior quality and the demo which was given, was of the HD quality. FALSE ADVERTISING!

as you all know that telemarketing is a nuisance and some how a finance company is bent on trying to get me to borrow from them! they even call me after midnight despite me tell them in very clearly that i dont want anythng from them. so i went to Smartone and told them i wanted to chage the number i and my family wouldnt be disturbed, they said that i would have to cancel the old contract and signup again and pay up the remaining months contract amount and penalty!,

number change usually cost almost like HKD100-200 with othe telecom companies but smartone is a trying to extort customers and the CS staff keeps rubbing the dam contract my face and saying that i should have read the contract!,

i am not going to pursue this any long but i would really like to warn everyone about signing up to smartone vodafone hong kong.


misleading customer on post paid plan

I am an existing customer of Vodapahone with post paid plan of 444. My number is [protected]. I was contacted by one MR Raj Chopra of Bigtel IT Solutions, B-103, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi-110020, about 15 days back and informed about a much economical 199 plan which was based on one paisa per second call rate. Mr Chopra told me that I will be provided with a master sim card but my old number will remain active on the new plan. I consented for the scheme and next day a representative of Bigtel came took an ID proof document and Rs 250 and gave me a sim card and a reciept for the money.

The next day I was contacted by the activation service and given a new number ([protected]) for confirming activation. On clearing from them they informed me that this was a separate connection altogether and if i wanted to keep my old number I will have to pay bills for both the number. I informed them that what Mr Chopra told me that my old number will get converted to the new plan and I do not want double connections. I did not get my phone activated

The next day I contacted Mr Chopra on a private mobile number that he had given to me ([protected]) who told me that I should tell the activation service that i agree to the two numbers and later Mr chopra will get the old number converted on the new plan. Smelling foul I told Mr Chopra that i do not agree to telling lies on which he became extremely rude.

I would like action atken against such errant companies hired by Vodaphone whi in their zeal to sell products are making a fool of customers and duping us. I would also like my money back on the plan.

Colonel S Mukherjee

convert postpaid to prepaid

Hello! I am Anurag Goel and just mailing you for your information that i have been using Vodafone Post paid...

prize money claim

Respected Sir, i received a sms "you have been award the sum of 700, 000 GBP INT'
shell Mobile Draw 2010 lottery to claim your price send your name and age to Mr.Mandeep singh:mandeepsidhu88.com" please inform me how to get this price. My E-mail address is mandeepsidhu88.com, mobile no. is [protected] (Bathinda, punjab). My name is Mandeep singh and my age is 22 years.

number disconnected on unauthorised person complaints

My name is anand, I have 2 vodafone connection in haryana, from yesterday my both no. Are disconnected. When I contact customer care they told me that my both no. Are disconnected due to somebody call them and inform that my both no. Have been lost, please disconnect these numbers as soon as possible and the customer care executive disconnect my both numbers without any written information and without confermation that the person who gave these information to them is the person to whome those numbers were issued. When I asked that executive the detail of that person who call the customer care for disconnect my number the executive advice me that first of all I have to inform in police station and take the copy of fir and deposit that copy in vodafone customer care centr then I asked that execute that do u take the copy of fir at the time of disconnecting my no. He relpy that there is no provision of fir at the time of disconnecting number and if I want to start that numers I have to give my id proof again. I ask that executive if I have the detail of chief minister mobile no. Can I stop that no. Only by giving the detail on telephone on this answer he reply that it can't possible, if it cant possible then whymy number are disconneted only on telephonic conversation...???

I hope that my problem will be solved as soon as possible...

If any vodafone excutive found this complaint plz contact me on my e - mail id
Anandchauhan24 @gmail.com, rediffmail.com
Mob. No. [protected]

  • vodafoneindia Feb 08, 2010

    Hi Anand,

    We believe that you have been contacted by our Customer care team and hope that your concern regarding number deactivation has been clarified. Do e-mail us at [email protected] for any further queries. We’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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recharge is unsuccessful and amount will be debited from my sbi netbanking

this is shaik irfan basha iam living in a. p state and kadapa dist, I will rechage my mobile through online with the help of sbi netbanking of rs.30/- to this number [protected]. so iam not received any type of message regarding to the recharge and amount will be debited from my account this is my reference no. msbi9126578439ig14828309 transfer to [protected].

so, I kindly request you to don't use of online recharges from vodafone online recharging some times it will not working properly.

thanking you,

shaik irfan basha
cell no. [protected].

  • vodafoneindia Jan 29, 2010

    Hi Shaik,

    We believe that you have been contacted by our Customer care team and hope that your concern regarding online recharge has been clarified. Do e-mail us at [email protected] for any further queries. We’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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fraud and ill treatment by vodafone employee.

Hi Iam rakesh kumar, I am very frustrated with the Kind of reply from Mr. Kailash Yadav, Branch incharge, Soham complex, gurudwara road, Jamnagar, Gujarat.Actually i was employee with tata-aig and i have to take vodafone cug plan for reimbursement account.so i have contacted aperson who is handling tata cug plan at surat.But he tell me that u are getting one card free with cug A450 plan, so i taken that card, but after three month i did not get my plan converted to cugA450 plan and my billing for second card([protected]) started.I refuse to pay because my real purpose to covert my plan not solved.They started sending me court notice.They already send me Prelitigation No:691.I talk to the person Kailash Yadav, Branch Incharge but the response from his side was very bad.How can company like vodafone employee person like Kailash Yadav as a branch in-charge, who doesnt know how to behave with customer.My A/C NO is 1.[protected] and the number for which I am complaining is [protected].Please help me in this matter.

Rakesh kumar

  • Ra
    Ranjan Kumar Gupta Mar 28, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To day I went to Vodaphone office at Bonhoogly, opposite to I.S.I. kolkata, to changethe service provider from RELIANCE TO VODAFONE, along with another new sim for my spare phone, But, YOUR REPRESENTATIVE, MR, PROSENJIT, INITIALLY TOLD ME TO DEPOSIT papers and I submitted the same .I also disclosed that I possesses a vodaphone no.8017083914., and need other services from vodaphone, like change of port from Reliance to vodap[hone and another sim.But he harassed me knowingly or unknowingly, by way of sending me thrice tio my home for my photos only .Lastly he abused me and you can very well find that in the ccrv.of your Baranagar office, .My point is that I being a dediocated consumer of Vodaphone was harassed by your employee, viz, Prosenjit and so I would request you to look after the matter, earnestly to redress my harassment .

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poor customer service

Dear Mr. Read,

Its quite ironical that your last name should be 'Read' and i do hope that you will take time out to read this mail and I do fervently hope that this mail is not read by those wonderful people called Executive Assistants who will then write a very mechanical mail about how delighted they are that I chose to get in touch with you and that someone would contact me shortly. I also hope that with this mail I am addressing the right Mr. Read who currently holds the role of CEO- Asia Pacific and Middle East.

I am, as you would have guessed by the subject line as well as the opening lines, a brand new aggrieved customer of Vodafone from that wonderful country called India. My number for your ready reference is +91 [protected]. I subscribed to Vodafone services on 7th December 2009. I walked in to a Vodafone store in a city called Vashi not very far from Mumbai. I told the wonderful employees of Vodafone there that I was looking for a blackberry plan and that i would need ISD services as well. I was promised the moon and more while the plan was being sold to me including the activation of ISD services and what was being called an unlimited plan for 6 months ( Too much details I am sure for someone who has a 30000 feet overview but bear with me)

So I go back home after having completed requisite formalities secure in a misplaced belief that everything was allright with the world and Vodafone. my services were activated late in the evening and I thought that was a good sign. Clearly I was hasty in thinking that way. A day after the services were activated I decided to check if the ISD services were activated. It was not. I thought that it was allright since most services would get activated post the completion of a wonderful process called verification. By Thursday i hoped that things would change and that all services would be activated. However it was not. being the dutiful sheep I decided to call the customer care which turned out be a completely ineffective IVR the first time around. After fumbling a couple of times I figured out that the way to get to a human being on the other side of the line was to lodge a complaint and hence I decided to do the same.

So I call up to complain about the fact that ISD services were not activated and I managed to get through to one of your 'customer service representative' who then informed me that the verification had still not happened and this is three days after i have taken the connection. I then decide to wait for the ISD to be activated. In the meantime unknown to me bigger forces which you euphemistically call 'credit control' were at work. So here I am, a customer who by Indian standards has subscribed to a premium service (The Blackberry connection, Mr Read, is not a trifle) and who has committed to pay a substantial amount to you in good faith in return for what I assumed would be decent service. Imagine my surprise Mr Read when I receive an SMS informing me that my interim credit limit is 500 INR. This is despite the fact that my monthly rental alone would work out to more than that amount. In a few minutes I also receive another SMS that lets me know that since I have crossed my credit limit, my outgoing services were barred. This, Mr Read, means that I cant make calls or use SMS service or use the GPRS ( the funny thing is GPRS is supposed to be unlimited). Hence I was left with a phone that served little purpose apart from looking good in my hands.

I call up the customer service again and I am told that I can increase my credit limit by sending an SMS. This turns out to be blatantly misleading and false information as no such service is available through SMS to customer care as I discover later. This Mr Read is four days after I have activated my connection. In short I am left with no means of communication courtesy Vodafone. So the next day I head to the nearest Vodafone Store in Powai all charged up and speak to your representatives there who tell me they cannot do anything to help me and give me one piece of misleading information after the other which I point out because unfortunately ( for Vodafone) I am reasonably intelligent and understand the language well. Finally on the verge of losing my patience, my breakfast and also any control whatsoever of my blood pressure, I demand to speak to the Manager. The Manager or someone claiming to be the manager ( Goes by the name of Azimuddin in case you would be interested in knowing) comes and tries to placate me. One of the things he promises me is that he will look in my issue personally and resolve it. He tells me that he will call me back later in the day with the response to my complaint or he will try and resolve it latest in a day. In the meantime he advises me to make an interim payment to reactivate the service.

I had received an SMS for a payment of 1307 INR to be made and when the gentleman checks the system he tells me that I have to make a payment of 1504 INR. This surprises me because since services were disconnected and nothing could be done, I could not even with my stellar intelligence figure out how an additional 150 INR gets added in the space of a day. I let it pass and pay the amount. Today, Mr. Read, is Monday and I am yet to hear from this gentleman called Azimuddin.

If you expect my interesting story to end here then you are sadly mistaken for there is more!

So, Mr Read, as you no doubt would have figured out today is Monday nothing of note has happened vis a vis the deficiencies in service. Since there was no news of the ISD service being activated, In all frustration I go and buy a prepaid global calling card. I try to use it to discover promptly that ISD service should be activated on my phone. So I call up customer service again and this time a wonderful lady gets on the line. Mind you this is late in the evening at the end of a stressful day and I was not feeling so charitable and I was quite unhappy. The lady who after listening to my complaint tells me that I need to pay a deposit to activate the services. This time I am sure you will understand if I lose my temper hence the lady in question decides to cut the call. I am sure you realize by now I was not in a mood to accept this. Hence I call again and demand to speak to a manager. After a long wait a floor supervisor comes on the line. I do tell him that he would be incapable of resolving or telling me anything of import and demand to speak to the manager. I was told after another short wait that the Managers were in a meeting about improving customer service and therefore would not be able to speak to me. Hence after giving an earful to the man I tell him the issues and he tells me that the ISD services would be activated in two hours. So what should be done automatically was never done. The funny thing Mr Read is that by the time i disconnected the call the SMS informing me of the activation of ISD services was already sent to me.

Now comes the icing on the cake. I then decide to use the world calling card and activate it now that ISD has apparently been activated. well it would come as no surprise that the calling card doesnt work and there is a discrepancy since the activation system asks for a 12 digit code while the card which i have brought is 14 digits. Hence I have spend another 110 INR for a service that is completely useless.

Therefore Mr Read I am sure by now if you are still with me will be feeling terribly proud of the organisation that you lead. If the levels of service that you provide to someone who subscribes to a premium service is so appalling, I shudder to think how it must be for other customers. Perhaps the dog in your advertisements tom-tomming your customer service is symbolic of how you view your customers. In short other than increasing the street value of a breed of a dog, there is precious little that you have achieved when it comes to customer service. I wonder if it would have been more beneficial for you to have spent the money on actually doing something to improve the customer service.

Mr Read, do not view my complaint less than favorably. think of this as honest feedback and then explore what it means to actually help a customer. As for me, Mr. Read, dont worry about me. I plan to disconnect the services at the earliest and find some other appalling service provider who perhaps is a little more honest about the fact that they care two hoots about the customer- someone like Reliance.

Happy to help Mr Read?


Pradip Nair

  • Os
    Osama Mohamed Salah Jul 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm a customer for Vodafone for more than 7 years, a bonus program is launched for customers' corporate lines (Vodafone One), which unfortunately I'm one of them, I've been contacted by the customer service to inform me about the addition of free points on March 08, I've confirmed with them about my balance for more than once in that call, just to make sure... but I've been shocked on April when I called to redeem my points, I've been told that I don't have these points and that they will check, after checking they informed me that this is a mistake and it will not happen again, after of course confirming that the balance I have is the same as I was informed on March. Again in May as I waited for correcting the mistake I've been informed of, I found that nothing changed, again calling the customer service and asking for a supervisor to explain, he answered with great apologies for about 4-5 calls wasted for such a very simple problem and again confirming from a supervisor my balance and last in June where I have been promised to use my free points at that time in order to take their time to correct the mistake, I find that nothing happened, calling again the same supervisor, he answered that he doesn't remember anything and this is not true and there is no call record available (which is my only thing to prove my rights for the points), I was answered by a very strange way as I was wasting his time and this is what I have to accept, really hooray Vodafone Egypt!!!

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  • Os
    Osama Mohamed Salah Jul 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please Any One Can Help Me To Get Some One At Vodafone Egypt Who Is More Responsible For My Case, I'd Be Very Gratefull

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  • Vo
    vodafone user Feb 12, 2009

    i am a voda fone user. THe services provided by vodafone is very poor.without doing any call/sms my prepaid is Rs -99.54 .how it is possible? i want the clarification for the same.Their customer care number is not available.

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  • vodafoneindia Jan 03, 2010

    Hi Pradip,

    We believe that you have been contacted by our Customer care team and hope that your concerns regarding ISD service & Credit limit have been clarified. Do e-mail us at [email protected] for any further queries. We’d be happy to help.

    Vodafone Customer Care.

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