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Good Day,

I contacted Vodacom Customer Care 11/10/2017 at 14:55 to have a 1gb @R79 x 30 days, loaded onto my number and I request to be transferred to the data support.

Only to be told that I cannot be transferred to the department as they do not take calls and are only communicated with via the customer care emails.

I have done this for the past 3months now, where I call and get transferred to data support and have the above loaded.

Now I speak to the utmost UNHELPFUL "TEAM LEAD'', Neo Padisho. I explained to him/her what I have done previously and requested to speak to someone who can help and was simply told that no-one is available.

I suppose that Neo has the entire company's' staff whereabouts at all times, seeing as Neo knows that no-one is around to take a call!!!

I requested to speak to someone who is senior and available and again was told that NO-ONE is available. I was told to leave my number and that someone will get back to me, no faith in that seeing as he/she could not get anyone on the line when I requested, how would I even get a call back.

So, I now assume that Vodacom is run by NO-ONE but junior staff that are not willing to even make an attempt to assist.

I want an answer to the following:

1. Who loaded the 1gb @R79 x 30days on my number
2. Which department was this loaded from
3. How is it that 1gb @ R79 x 30 days was loaded and now I am unable to load.

I have emailed the senior team lead/ manager within the hour and to date have no response.

I await your urgent response with a resolution.


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