Vodacomtime to check in a phone for repairs - 1 hour

C Oct 10, 2019

I took my phone in to be repaired, the sales lady said she would be with me soon, after 30 min still nothing, then she comes and starts a conversation with another employee, filling in the form, stopping to chat some more, writing further, then almost finished, she makes a mistake on Vodacom Repairs - Manual device book-in confirmation seq no; 1882855 so she cancels that one turn over the page and start writing again, I tell her my lunch hour has passed already and I need to get back to work, so she fills in or should I say what she thought was important, attached please see image of seq no: 1882856, I do not know if I can even claim my phone back with this, no stamp, no service base job no, she only marked battery when I gave her all accessories, she did not even mark the charger on the form, please have a look at this form and let me know if and when my phone will be ready please, I really need it fast please!

time to check in a phone for repairs - 1 hour

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