Vodacomridiculous billing

M Aug 12, 2018

Good afternoon

I am writing this email with the hope that you will take the time to read it and respond to it. My mother, Yvonne Bester have had numerous problems with Vodacom and still no word or assistance from you. She has taken the time to document every correspondence and encounter with your company:

1. 3/10/2017. I called at your Eastgate Vodacom shop and spoke to Thabang.
I lodged a complaint in regard to the high account. It was far in excess of the normal charges.
I requested that all extras on [protected] be cancelled, to change it to "pay as you go". I requested that all "toggles" be removed from the account as it has never been used.
2. On the 1ST November 2017 the numbers [protected] (R 109.00) and [protected] (R109.00) still had not been cancelled. On [protected] (R464.03) Smart L Subscription you were requested to "Down Grade"
3. On the 3rd November 2017 I went to Vodsashop Eastgate and again requested that the numbers [protected] (R 109.00) and [protected] (R109.00) be cancelled.
4. On the 3rd December 2017 the numbers [protected] (R 109.00) and [protected] (R109.00) still had not been cancelled.
5. On the 1st January 2018 [protected] WJA Bester was still not cancelled. 2 GB MBB 24 months Top up on [protected]
6. On the 1st February 2018 you were again asked to cancel [protected] . I was at Vodacom East Point and paid your account.
7. On the 1st May 2018 [protected] was on Smart Top up X S + R157.39
8. On the 12th May 2018 I received 8 texts message on my above phone in 30 minutes. I went to East Point Vodacom shop and requested urgent assistance. Nobody at your shop bothered to look at my phone to establish what the cause was of the data drain. I was told to phone. I spoke to Petunia, who advised me that she would phone me back. This was not done. Cancellation toggle PLEASE --- Lita Data dispute [protected] Refence No. [protected]
9. On the 13th May 2018 I received a text message that outstanding balance now R 18 000.00.
10. On the 14th May 2018 at your Data department, Yolanda and Travis undertook to look into it. 0821946.
11. On the 1st June 2018 a dispute was lodged again with Puletso.
12. On the 7th June 2018 I received a discount letter from you for R 10 605.07.
13. On the 7th June 2018 I received a letter from Vodacom: "We will credit your Vodacom account with R10 605.07 Charge H 9-988 FS R 13454.76. Discount awarded R 10605.07 including VAT. " I also received the following message " Please check to ensure that there is no unsent e mails in your out box as SAMTP protocol usage in May 2018 Kind regards Claude"
14. Since the beginning of June 2018 my phone was blocked! I could not phone nor send text messages or e mail dispute data and air time bought.
15. I have now remember that aouth the same time as my Vodacom problems started, I had to call in my IT consultant to help with emails not downloading. He discovered that there was an email with lots of pictures that blocked the inbox. Once he removerd this email, my ADSL line was open and redy for use.
- My question is now - In all this time I phoned in and went to Vodacom shops did ANYBODY bother to look into why the problem was there? Why didn't anybody help a pensioner with little or no knowledge of "data usage" and "airtime" or even how a phone works? I keep on getting the same answer = "Please phone customer service".

Can you please see to it that my mom gets the proper assistance and help she needs and UNBLOCK her phone PLEASE!!! She has a very successful guesthouse that she runs and cant do her work properly without mobile access.

Will appreciate your speedy reply and assistance

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