Vodacomcancellation of contracts and sales representatives

R Nov 13, 2019


I am very furious about the way I was treated by your sales representatives when I tried to cancel one of my contracts with Vodacom. I phoned 082 1958 to cancel my 10Gb data contract. The lady try so hard to sell me another contract and asking me time after time why I want to cancel it. She never explained to me that I must have an order number and never gave me an order number for cancellation. I am not familiar with your procedure and thought she cancelled my contract after I asked her to cancel it. After this call I received two more calls from sales reps trying to pursue me to keep my contract. I've told them both that I have already cancelled the contract but they kept on trying to get me to sign another 24month contract. I've told them over and over that I don't want to, and the they became aggressive on both accounts.

My data contract latest invoice is R509 for 10Gb because it is out of contract data I'm paying for. Why didn't anyone explain this to me? But I am more furious because I was under the impression my contact was cancelled.

I'm going to cancel all my contracts with Vodacom from now on as soon as the contract period ends. Your representatives doesn't listen to their clients and don't explain the cancellation procedures properly. I see my cellphone contract ([protected]) is due for an upgrade in Sept 2020 and ends March 2021. I know now how to cancel a contract and will do it as soon as it's possible.

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