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B Jan 13, 2020

Good day
1.i have changed my bank details on 23/11 at the Vodashop in Centurion mall. I have completed all the forms and handed in the proof of account. On the same day i have also paid the outstanding amount. Now I keep on getting messages that my account is in arrears and the debit order did not go off. I have numerous times to phone and there was always long waiting period and i made use off the phone nr. I have also send 2 sms in answer on the ones, with all the info, to the numbers that was on the phone. The last one was on 3/01. I have not made use of the app as it is not loaded on my phone. I would really appreciate it if it can be sorted with no penalty fee, as i have completed and handed change in timely for debit order for December to go of.
2. I would also like to have a recon on my account as i do not agree with payments i had to make in 2019.
I would really appreciate it if these issues can be sorted before me taking alternative routes. I believe that because you are a company with still true values, you will sort out my problems.
Thank you in advance.
Barendine Geldenhuys

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