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I've been having an issue with my negative review being deleted on Vitals pertaining to Dr. Derrick O Cote from the The Bone and Joint Center located in Dickinson, ND. As a local resident and being a former patient, my experience from him should not be ignored or wiped from his site. I also noticed that several other negative reviews were since deleted from his profile, which means Vitals is covering this up or the doctor's practice is able to pay off having the reviews taken off. My experience from his was terrible and have talked to many others who have had surgeries or went to him have similar bad experiences.

As for my experience, Dr. Cote may have a knack for the technical side of things, but is known to be arrogant and rush through diagnoses, lacks ability as being a decent surgeon. He will not see most patients after surgery, and only lets his nurses take care of that. Probably to protect himself from any possible issues that may arise. He performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee, but missed the root cause and after spending thousands of dollars spent on appointment, rehab, and scans. I saw a another doctor who diagnosed the actual cause and fixed the issue. The most recent doctor described how there was still a bone spur that had to be missed from the last surgery since it was at a larger size than possible after 14 months. Dr. Cote also didn't not follow the MRI's suggestions and also was very quick to rule another cause when he missed the original in the first place.

Another greater concern is a friend of mine had a incident that resulted in very purposeful and improper sexual misconduct done by Dr Cote during one of their appointments. She felt ashamed and feels she gave off the wrong impression that resulted in this. This was covered up heavily. Since there was no witnesses and the severity of such an incident, she couldn't do anything about it.

Jul 03, 2019

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