Visionworks Located On Glensford Drive In Fayetteville NCpaid for glasses and glasses were not received? fraudulent activities


I paid for 2 pair of glasses Dec.31st, 2017. I Telephoned to pick glasses up. Went to pick them up but was dissatisfied with one pair due to the thickness of the frame (paid extra price to have frames thin and intentionally displayed by rx to sales associate on date the glasses were ordered and paid to make certain this feature would enable my frame to be thinner since eye sight is bad. I was given assurance, so I paid for the feature.
2nd pair of glasses did not look to have anything done to thin the frame, it was thick. I did not take the glasses but took the 1st pair. The manager was not there but they said one would call.
I received a call from a manager and we discussed. She told me to take my time and the glasses would be there, not to rush and they would take care of me.
For unbeknown reason I will not like to share, I went back today to inquire about the glasses 4-5 months later. The supervisor informed me that it was my fault I waited so long, they did not have the glasses and they could have been considered as abandon in which they are thrown away.
No phone call to informed me they were throwing them away, no tracking information as to what they have on the abandon list or throw away list, no documentation of the customer several discussions about the dissatisfaction, no documentation of whether I picked the glasses up or not (I was informed they don't do anything of these things). No validation of any thing being pick up and all they do is have where I paid and that is it.
These practices should be investigated. I do not see a large company such as this acting in such a irresponsible manner (no validation of a two step process- fitting your glasses and receiving them). This is critical. And to just throw away paid glasses, No.
it is my belief that someone from the inside did not expect me to come back and they turned the glasses in and they received my funds as a credit. This is fraudulent, all of the practices should be reviewed by an external auditor. I have emailed customer complaint with all supportive documents and more detail, I am also going to hand deliver a copy of my email to the local store, and my bank will get a copy because at this point is only about the principle-doing what is right.

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