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Visible Changes review: unethical behaviour, mistreatment, rude and condescending behaviour, racial discrimination

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Date of incident- 7/21/2018
Location- Memorial city mall
People involved- Berny (hair stylist), Memorial city mall store manager (name unknown)
My name is Amrutha Kurakula. Myself and my mom went to Memorial city mall, visible changes location for hair relaxer services. During our initial consulting appointment, we were guaranteed we would be left with straight and smooth hair. We got the treatment done on April 23rd but it did not work. (I paid approximately $485 including the tip). We were left with frizzy and wavy hair. The hair stylist promised us they would fix the problem and asked us to come again after 2 weeks. They did not charge us for the 2nd treatment but that did not work as well. We were asked to come again for 3rd treatment. I blindly believed them hoping they would fix our hair. The 3rd time we got the treatment done was on July, 21st, 2018. My mom was going through the hair treatment process and I was waiting for her in the lounge. When I was speaking with the receptionist, the store manager came to me. He did not introduce himself and when I told him that I am there with my mom for hair relaxer service, he said that is not going to work for us. I was surprised to hear that, because if they knew it is not going to work why do they keep promising us and booking us further appointments. He started speaking of menstrual cycles, hormones, health issues and was telling me I should go for hair smoothing services and they usually talk people out of hair straightening services. I was totally shocked to hear this, since that was the exact opposite happening to me. I was convinced by that hair stylist that hair relaxer is going to work for me. I patiently waited for my mom to get done with her hair treatment. I went to see the results and was totally disappointed to see my mom's hair in its worst condition. The hair stylist said that is the best she could do and handed over a bill of $165 to me.
I did not understand why I was handed over a bill since I already paid for the service and these people never delivered me the results and thought they are trying to fix their mistake. I was for the store manager, who then arrived and very rudely told me to pay $165. When I was what I am being charged for since I don't see the results and my mom's hair is completely spoiled. He did not even bother looking at the results. I kept repeating myself that I am out of $500, i do not see even a slight change with our hair, wasted our time and effort and on the top of that I am being charged instead of apologizing to us. I told him to show me the contract we signed before we began the treatment. He immediately shouted at me saying, I am not going to show you any papers, pay the money or I will call the security. All the customer are treated politely but I was yelled and threatened. I knew, it was a racial thing. I told him I will speak to his authorities and he said he would speak to them about me. I was called a liar when I told him that the hair stylist promised me that I would have straight hair. He said that no one made such promises and I am making that up. There were many people in the store and I was embarrassed in front of everyone. I was paid the $165 and left with my head down.
This is not about money. I am not looking for any refund. It is about treatment me with respect. Why do they have to lie to me and call me a liar. I want to be treated as equal. All I wanted from them was a sorry and I would have left without arguing. Instead they insulted me and threatened to call the security. All I need was some empathy. Situations like this may seem small. Small or big, a mistake is a mistake and I hope other people do not have to go through what I went.

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I’m so sorry this happened to you and your mom, but I’m not surprised. Visible Changes has been desperate for a few years now and has really gone downhill. Thank you for posting this review.


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