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Visible Changes - Hair color/style

I've been a regular client for over 10years and this was the flat out worst experience I've ever had and will not pay another dollar or TRUST this company to touch my hair anymore.

I requested for the first time to get hair color done, knowing how many people look great when they get it done but luckily, my experience wasn't like that. I came in and everything that aa going on well until it got to the point where it was time for me to get under the hair dryer for my hair color. 1) the temperature on the air dryer was extremely hot then it was supposed to be set on 2) I was left under the dryer more than an hour on top with the scorching heat on my scalp. My hairdresser never came back to check on my hair like they should so it won't overdue but I couldn't get nobody attention to count the time. So finally he came back and finished the hair color.

Now after several months, my hair was falling out ridiculously to where.. my hair was getting shorter each time I brushed it. I didn't think it was the incident of the time I colored it bui found out that it was! After speaking with another cosmetologist! So I never had any issues with my hair until I dyed it and my beautiful long hair that I so mulched loved was falling out and now I'm stuck with a ugly short short to my scalp haircut!. It's been a traumatic experience especially when my hair was the main fundamentals to my self esteem and I just don't feel like myself anymore. It's been so hard to grow my hair back and it's been 2years now that I still haven't got my hair to grow like how I use to. This is observed and I want this issue to be properly handled and resolve this matter that caused a serious issue to my appearance and emotional distraught over the experience that I never want to be put in ever again.

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4:13 pm EDT

Visible Changes - Service

On the 16th of June, 2021, I went to Visible Changes the woodlands location for a very simple blow dry and styling by one of their hairdressers. I specifically asked if he knows how to blow dry with a brush as I have soft curly hair that needs to be blow dried from the roots down and he said absolutely, but charge will be $90 as my hair is thick and medium-texture which was completely fine by me as long as I leave the salon satisfied and not super pissed of how you treat a new customer.

Upon, finishing the blowdrying inwhich he took huge strands of hair, the stylist said okay we are done, and I said aren't you going to style it, he goes oh okay, and completely neglected the fact that I just agreed to pay a 90$ charge for a blow dry - moreover he styled with a curler for 5 seconds and I was completely unsatisfied with the blow drying and the 5 second styling and left to the front desk to address this

I clearly told the front desk, im completely unsatisfied and that I always go to other salons and I don't even pay half of what I paid that day and I get a way better styling, it was frizzy - lot of curls not blow-dried/straightened at the back where I couldn't see them and also on the left side - and it was so frizzy - and said all of this to the front desk receptionist and I told her I need to speak to the manager and she says she is not available im sorry but you can take her number and give her a call and then asks how i'm going to pay - completely absurd - didn't ask to check another stylist or get back on the chair to try to fix it or do anything about it. I was furious and I told her so and she said you can call her.

Finally, I was told on the phone from your staff, that there is no proof of my hair not being straightened and she wishes I had photos! when clearly your receptionist and your stylist both saw and know how pissed I am, so she can go ahead and ask them instead of claiming me of having no proof.
I called and asked for an email and to talk to the manger again and they said shes not available and no email besides the salon's generic email on their website!


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San Antonio, Texas, US
Dec 27, 2021 8:09 pm EST

I’m with you on this salon chain providing subpar services, for which they charge absurd prices! San Antonio is exactly the same. very fast from this place and warn your friends. Visible Changes is NOT what it used to be. From: a previous 25-year customer.

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