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I recently got my hair done on 9-3-2023 at the North Star Location. I used a stylist that was recommended to me when booking the appointment as my usual person was not going to be there. I showed her a photo of sofia richies hair and advised i wanted a champagne blonde color with brown lowlights ( which I already had a lot of brown to work with) The coloring is my typical coloring I always ask for. It had been over 4 to 6 months since I last got my hair done and I take amazing care of my hair and use the best quality products on my hair and routinely use hair masks. Briana advised that the coloring would be no problem and made ZERO point to say my hair was damaged and that I was at risk coloring my hair. She puts the bleach in my hair and then puts me under the heat globe for 15 minutes but the heat was so high I literally had to shrink down as I was overheating. After the 15 minutes she takes me to the wash bowl where she mixes my toner and has the shampoo girl apply it. She has it sit for 7 minutes and washes it out. After that she grabs the paul mitchell forever blonde recovery spray and sprays it at least 50 Times... That is not a joke or an exaggeration. the girl says I just really like to spray a lot of this in there and i thought that is so weird and what a waste. I then am directed to sit on the couch and wait for my haircut. When I sit down I start looking at my hair I see a lot of it is almost PLATINUM BLONDE and kind of Gummy in texture ( again i want a champagne color). I started to get nervous and i ran my hand in my hair and hair just kept coming out. I started to send photos to my husband and he advised me to tell someone. I walked to the counter with my hair in my hand and said my hair keeps falling out and the receptionist said " oh my god" multiple times. I then became hysterical and probably cried the ugliest i have ever cried in my whole life. They called briana over and she said it was normal. I kept stating that it is not normal at all and I have never had an experience like that and I have been coloring my hair since highschool. I am 25 years old now. Again my hair was super taken care of and I had minimal split ends and only decided to add a haircut to get layers. I left having to cut 2 inches off! I have proof of how healthy my hair was before. The woman who cut my hair was an amazing woman and made me calm down. She asked to see photos of what I asked for and I showed before photos of my hair too. She agreed that the hair I had was not at all what I asked for and agreed that my hair texture was different. She even took photos of my hair and had me text her what i asked for and said she would send to another stylist to look at what happened to my hair. My coworkers the day before had been marveling over how soft and pretty my hair was. My hair has major damage now and has been lighted so bright I look almost platinum. I go to pay for the service and the manager i presume advises that I will not have to pay for the hair cut or blowout but i have to pay for the color. I tell her that my hair did not come out how i wanted it and is now fried and she acted like she could not careless. I did not agree to not pay the woman who cut my hair as she was a saint and really saw what had been done to my hair. I walked over and gave her $100. Then I went to pay for the color again and I asked the manager if my hair turned out like the photo I showed briana and she said i dont know i need you to turn around. ( it was very clear from the front that that was not what I asked for). I turned around for her and she said "if you added brown then yes it would." ( Duh! I had brown all throughout my hair before but Briana stripped the color!) She said that I had to pay for 3 treatments done to my hair besides the $190 that Briana put on the ticket. I said what treatment? she said that briana added it to the bleach. Dont you think if she put it in the bleach my hair wouldnt have started to fall out of my head? Or that she would have TOLD ME that I neded my treatments and that I would be paying more! But NO! I paid and left. I really do not think I should have paid full price on what I absolutly did not want and that ruined my hair! Attached a before photo. and After photo.

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