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Ruined, wet magazine

My HGTV magazine was delivered yesterday, Sunday, thrown at the end of my driveway in the rain, so my issue is ruined. DOOR FRONT DIRECT means deliveded to the front door where it's dry and I would find it.
Since we didn't go outside yesterday who would know it was there.
This is the 2nd issue that was thrown to the end of my driveway, at least last time it wasn't raining, just chewed up.
This is not a good service at all.

Ruined, wet magazine
Ruined, wet magazine

Magazine delivery

A solution in search of a problem. Magazine left at the end of my driveway which means it's about the same number of steps as to my mailbox. I have to bend over to pick it up. This could be a real issue for handicapped individuals. The fact it's not in my mailbox heightens the possibility of theft. Also runs the risk that I might not see it at all, should it be off to the side or under a vehicle. I almost tossed it as unsolicited advertising.

Magazine delivery on driveway

My last issue of Women's Health was left on the driveway, near the road. It was in a bag, but was banged up. I may have driven over it - I don't know how long it was there.

This is not convenient - the drop point was about 10 feet from the mailbox, and over 100 feet from my door. If the magazine was in the mailbox, it would have been in better shape.

How can I revert back to mailbox delivery?

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    Michael McEnaney Apr 05, 2020

    As a mailman for USPS, I can only tell you that Doorfront Direct is not allowed to put magazines in your mailbox. I once found one in my customers mailbox and removed it. Brought it to my boss and returned it to Doorfront Direct as postage due. Not sure whether you have to contact Doorfront or the magazine itself to go back to USPS delivery. Good luck and hope everything works out.

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*Sidewalk Direct

Just like it states on their description, they save me the hassle of walking all the way to my mailbox... by throwing it by my fence along the sidewalk 100ft from my door. Wow, such service!

PLUS, I know that their magazine wrapping and logo are biodegradable, because most of the time the entire magazine is soaked with rainwater and unreadable. What a deal!

Y’all throw it on driveway. Not porch

Disabled family here in our mailbox is on our porch and the person throws it in the driveway to where it's not even visible I don't even know it's there plus it's just destroyed if somebody runs over or something what good is this delivery service if you can't bring it to my door? The person literally drives down the road and just throws it it's on my driveway and people steal it. Today I happened to see it which was fortunate and I went and picked it up but I have to walk past my mailbox past my car all the way to the end of the driveway at the curb what good is the service if you are not delivering my mail or my magazines we have a delivery exception at our house to where the magazines and mail and I'll come to our house because of disability and y'all make me have to do extra work.

Y’all throw it on driveway. Not porch

Soaked, as in being made a spooge, Food Network magazine.

On my porch was the April 2020 issue of Food Network magazine. In was "encased" in plastic. The plastic was not waterproof. In fact it acted like a case for the magazine to absorb the water. The magazine is totally unreadable as it is mass of paper fibers all stuck together. I tried on their website to make a complaint. When I went to submit it it a bunch of error messages popped up. Two re-submissions and the same results. I know that this is suppose to be an easier way to deliver but for me it is not. I have sever arthritis and have a hard time bending down. The mail box is more than adequate it meet the needs of magazine delivery.
As for photos, I have some but you can't see the water damage well.
My magazine delivery numbers may or may not be, it does not say on the label what these numbers are:
4 V60638D1-[protected]
#FNM1506111200/5# 00012 MAY21

Delivery issues

My magazines (Oprah and Food Network)are being left at the end of my driveway, not at my doorstep. I would prefer my mailbox. Your reviews are terrible so I am clearly not alone. This happens each month.

There are a bunch of numbers on this postcard so I have no idea which would be my client number.

622 Tanana Fall Dr
Ruskin, FL 33570

It’s thrown wherever they throw it

Stop throwing my magazine all over the place in my yard

I never received one issue from my subscription

I have called and emailed various times trying to get my magazine and it was never delivered. I even spoke to a representative at Doorfront Direct who told me they would send me some back issues and those never even got delivered. This is the worst delivery company ever. DO NOT USE this company. I want all of my missing issues or my money back please. thank you

Magazine delivery service that never delivers

Doorfront direct has only delivered my monthly magazine four times in a year and a half. I've complained several times with no response and still no delivery in months. They are a horrible service and I see nothing but complaints regarding them. The company doesn't return emails and there is no way to call and speak to anyone. They appear to be a fraudulent company or at the very least an extremely inept delivery service.

subscribed magazine - HGTV

My magazines which i have paid to have delivered in my MAILBOX are being thrown in my front yard in the wet grass or on my front walkway during a rainstorm. My last three months of HGTV magazine were ruined! How can I have this and Country Living delivered into my MAILBOX? Did HGTV/ Country Living partner with DoorFront direct, or can I have this policy changed here?

thank you

magazine delivery to wrong address

I received a Food Network magazine today, March 10, 2020, addressed to Karen Vessels, 5134 Carew St., Houston, TX [protected] in my newspaper. I am not that person or at that address. I imagine the person who should be receiving this magazine is not happy. I think the correct person should be sent or delivered another copy of their magazine as soon as possible.

delivery of magazine

I would rather have my magazine delivered "in" my mailbox. The way it was delivered was NOT doorfront, it was on the sidewalk, 3 feet from the mailbox. I didn't see it when backing out, so I ran over it. Thank goodness it wasn't raining. If it can't be delivered doorfront (as the info on the coversheet stated) I would much rather have it delivered to my mailbox. The magazine I am refering to is HGTV, not sure it this makes a difference. Thanks for listening.

Janet Johnson
14407 Spoon Ct.
Hudson, Fl. 34667

hgtv magazine

I don't like magazines delivered at the end of my driveway, the magazine is either broken or wet.

magazine delivery

0428 04482EN [protected]

delivery of Womens Health magazine was completely damaged.
Non of the magazins have been delivered to my doorstep. They have been thrown in my yard, or driveway like promotional mailings or newspapers. Some magazines have not made it to me. I have an oversized mailbox which was bought with package and magazine deliveries in mind.

magazine delivery
magazine delivery

hgtv non delivery

I have no idea when i was switched from postal to front door direct. my guess is November 2019 as the last HGTV magazine i received was October 2019.
I was told they sent me an email with a link to opt out. so yes, a bait and switch because i suspect they knew it would get lost among millions of other junk emails we get everyday.
I expect the magazine thought this move would save them money. all it did do was soil their reputation.

delivery of food network magazine

2nd request. Cannot have said magazine delivered by DoorFrontDirect. Am out of town frequently and do not want it sitting in the driveway until I return. Receive all mail in locked box and would prefer to receive my magazines delivered to this locked box. Sherrill Juliette, 3531 Lexington Dr., Auburn Hills, Mi [protected]; [protected] FP [protected] [protected] #FNMM1282954286/2# 00B43 DEC20

delivery of food network magazine

My Food Network account number: 0405 039D127 [protected]
My address: 1114 Waters Edge Drive, Toms River, N.J. 08753

I live on the second floor of a condo development. I was seated at my desk which overlooks the stairway and something hit my window and bounced off onto the landing. I ran out to see what had happened. It was the magazine, the delivery person tossed it up, hitting the window. I ran out, but the person was already done. Don't know if male or female. This is terrible. I would much rather get my magazine(s) from my mailbox. Now I know how my magazine is being delivered and I am grateful that my window has not been broken. Either quit this doorfront delivery and let it go to my mailbox or I will have to cancel my subscription. Thank you for your time and attention.
email: [protected]

the customer service is unresponsive

"It saves you time since you don't have to walk out to your mailbox" is the slogan of Doorfront Direct. However, in the many months since they began delivering my magazine the magazine has never been in my doorstep and has been a further walk than my mailbox. The customer response is unresponsive, it is a horrible operation in Ventura County, CA.

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    Sherri Glemser Feb 21, 2020

    Well, it rained this morning after my magazines were thrown onto the SIDEWALK not MY property and they are still wet as I write this after 7pm! Now the Food Network magazine fell apart and the outside covers of both magazines are peeling and pages are stuck together. I took pictures. I request a new Food Network magazine, this is something I pay for and look forward to reading, but I cannot read this one. How will you get information to the delivery person that they need to deliver to my FRONT DOOR?? My guess is that you will not! Thank you!

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hgtv magazine deliverer

Firstly, I don't remember signing up for frontdoordirect. I have had the subscription for a few months n this is first time delivered this way.
Secondly, my magazine is better delivered to my mailbox because it wasn't put at front door it was at the end of my driveway n had gotten wet because of my sprinkler system.
I would appreciate if my magazine would go back to being delivered in my mailbox.