Virgin Mobilevirgin mobile violating telephone consumer protection act of 1991!

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Virgin Mobile violating Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991

For the past year I have been attacked by deliberate hack spammed text messages, disabling my phone, possibly as retaliation. Sophos recommended that Virgin Mobile provide the header information from those messages, which will give me the sender site. I can then contact the site that is sending the messages and request they provide the sender I.P. so I can go after the criminal behind this. Unfortunately Virgin Mobile, who is making 5¢ per spam refuses to do anything despite the fact that it is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. I have contacted the FTC, the FBI, my Congressman, and the FCC and they all say Virgin is my only remedy source.

Any advice smb!


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    Robin Apr 07, 2008
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    Virgin Mobile is THE worst phone company I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. I have had my daughter's phone with them for sometime and I will no longer use them...and I wish I could tell everyone I know not to use them. The customer service is the absolute worst!! Poor english and not at all helpful. I have spent almost 5, yes literally 5, hours on the phone with customer service to get my service restored and it is still off. I have been disconnected, lied to and given the run around until I can't stand it any longer!! I can't believe they are still in business operating like this. I have had no service for over a month, can't get it back on and can't get my money back. Their customer service is no service at all and are worthless!! I wouldn't recommend them to my own worst enemy!!! Stay away!!

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    Malcolm Jun 07, 2008
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    Virgin Mobile has the WORST customer service I have EVER dealt with. They cater to young adults who don't know any better, but they staff their customer service in Manila, Phillippines. The operators can't go off script to think at all. When you get an American customer service "manager" they will only give their first names, they won't give you phone number to reach them directly, and they lie to you. I ordered a phone online and the online program CHANGED MY ADDRESS. The first phone they sent never arrived, and they claimed they could do nothing. After DAYS of complaining they agreed to send another phone, but IT NEVER ARRIVED, either. I disputed the credit card charge, since I received no phone, and got a refund from MasterCard. To retaliate, Virgin suspended service on an unrelated phone I had, that was funded through Paypal! They took $15.90 for top-up, and THEN suspended the service! They are the WORST communications company I have ever had the misery to deal with! Next stop, FCC.

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  • Al
    aleale Jun 21, 2008
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    My phone that is only a few months old won't hold a charge. I contacted virgin. they sent out a new one in 1 day. Great I thought.

    well the new phone is doing the same thing. 3 phone calls and 5 emails later, I'm still trying to get the 2nd phone replaced. No luck yet. email replies take way too long and are vague, asking me to call their help line which is nearly impossible to get a live advisor on the phone (a real person).

    it's as if they are acting stupid about it or something. the guy on the phone said he would ship the new phone. so far it's not happened. In fact two persons said they would ship it.

    meanwhile Im still with a phone that wont charge that I cant use. not good since it's mainly for emergencies if my car breaks down.

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  • Ab
    A. Badawi Oct 08, 2008
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    Virgin Mobile Canada is a Scam!


    I bought a flashy Nokia that comes with 2MP camera, it just works for a few months then DIED! After much complaining, they agreed to take it back, and you know what, they kept telling me they'd send me an envelope so that I can send it back to Nokia for repair or replacement.

    The envelope never come and after making 24 calls including demanded to speak to their supervisor, they just make empty promises and 6 weeks later, the envelope still never appear at my door step. And they will never let you speak to anyone in the warranty department, which prompted to think there is no such thing!

    I therefore concluded Virgin Mobile Canada is a scam!

    Never ever buy anything from them because there is no warranty whatsoever., this I can testify!

    thexstories [a] gmail [.] com

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  • Da
    Darika Nov 19, 2008
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    The WORST ###ing service ever!!! I went to top up and the money didnt go through. I called VM and the rep told me I had to leave work to go back to the 7eleven and have them reswipe my card. So I run down there in the freezing cold and have them reswipe my card. They say the money has already went through and there is nothing that they can do. So after all that oh yea I forgot it also took me 30 minutes to get the hell away from the automated man when you call and this is after he hung up on me 4 times!!! So anyways I call back and get hung up on again by a rep. so I call back cause dammit I want my money! The lady I talked to told me it was 7eleven fault and I needed to contact them as to why my card hasnt proccessed so I told her to let me call them on three way and they fought it out and all of a sudden it is no longer 7 elevens fault and now I have been on hold for the past 15 minutes while she does who knows!!! ###ING ###!!! Hopefully nothing terrible happens to my child while he cant reach me.

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  • Sh
    shudokan Dec 30, 2008

    I am not a VM customer nor will I ever be, My problem starts off as my credit card was used once to pay a bill for a person...after I paid his bill VM was asked to remove my info from there system, Well it wasn't and that person was able to pay there bill again using my account info.

    I called VM and spoke with more people not from this country than from this country, Why push 1 for English ? you will never speak with anyone from the US, anyways i told them about the problem, it was to be sent to there so called fraud department, asked them again to take my info from there system, Did they do it ? hell no!!! after another 10 days called back and got a lady on there ...when asked do they still have my credit card on file i was told yes and she read off my numbers ...Nice!!! this all started 12/1/08 and to this day I haven't heard anything from VM and havent got my money put back on my card ...and yes I called my Credit card company about it as well...funny thing is is that they are outsourced as well to like India, Guam, Philippines, and other third world country's.

    This company should just go away, they have the worst CS in the [censored]n world !!! I have read most of the complaints about them and this is sad that a company like this does customers so so so wrong while they sit back and grab all the money they can with there stinking service.

    if you have the extra cash, spend it on a better company, Hell even go with cricket over VM cause they are a bunch of scammers...service sucks, phone sucks and you get robbed.

    go with sprint before these bums.

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  • Cu
    Customer Srvice Warrior Feb 08, 2009

    I agree, as I have been a cs rep for Virgin Mobile, however dont blame the cs reps..ITS NOT THEIR FAULT!! You want to place the blame, do it with Virgin Mobile, its their policies they follow in order for them to keep their jobs. Virgin Mobile's policies are set up to screw the customer anyway they can, and the reps have no choice as they are limited in their options. Also there are several tiers of service for VM, when you call you start at the bottom of the tier and based on your call and problem you are directed to the right tier.The tiers are as follows: Customer Service Rep, Assists (helps customer service), Supervisors, and Saves (try to stop customers from leaving VM) (Note: when calling to disconnect your service, Saves will intervene and try to make you an offer, it sounds good but nothing special as most of the time its stuff you can readily get from VM anyways, but they try to hype it up like its a gift from Virgin Mobile...crock of ###!!.)Also VM has screwed the employees they do have, how you ask? Virgin mobile was paying the reps around $10 to $12 and hours and now are paying a measly 7.50 and if your real lucky on a few days for a few hours you may get $ the hell can you live on that?
    As far as the complaint about the battery, yeah that sa normal problem with VM phones they wont hold a charge, sometimes it will for a while but then just stops holding a charge. VM WILL replace your phone, but the CUSTOMER does have to pay for shipping. VM policy is they will replace 1 for just the price shipping once a year after 30 days (if its less than 30 days old you have to exchange at the store where you purchased it). However if the replacement comes and is bad, VM DOES NOT like to exchange it again because they hate to admit ANYTHING is their fault.
    As far as VM reps reading from a script, take note THEY DO NOT USE SCRIPTS!!! As far as getting an "American" rep there would be no point in giving a last name, because no one works in the same place, the reps are spread out across the country (and Manila, Phillippines)
    we have no way of knowing who you talked to, we cant transfer, as all reps are cut off from each other (meaning they have no contact with each other) When you dispute a charge from VM if you have service with them, have no doubt THEY WILL SHUT YOUR SERVICE OFF until the amount is paid regardless of whether its your fault, someone else's, your bank, Credit Card Fraud or Virgin Mobile themselves.
    Now for the worst ###ing top up comment. Not sure what happened but here are a few scenarios. If you topped up and the 7 eleven screwed it up its not VM fault, if 7 Eleven put the $ on your card and you added it to your account and put it on the wrong phone number (which is common believe it or not, it could take up to 72 business hours to fix the problem that is after you fax in the information VM request at your expense) VM has no way to track cards that are not VM top up cards, they cant track rechargeable cards yet.As for you getting your $ I can almost bet without that info (even with it) you either had major problems getting your cash or didnt get it at all! Good Luck to You!!!
    As far as the last (most current comment) about credit card fraud. If you complained to your cc company they should of reversed the charges and put back on your card. When you called VM they should of asked for your name, address, phone #, cc #, date used and amount. If they didnt ask you these questions then nothing was ever sent to VM headquarters about the charge!Customer reps, assists and supervisors can do nothing about this as we are given little to no power but to listen to your problems and appease you with little ### that most customers really could care less about we also cannot do refund over $30 nor can supervisors the reps have to send it to VM headquarters for some paper pusher (with a college degree who thinks he may know what it is hes doing cause he went to college and is now booksmart, unfortunately it doesnt make him/her ready for the real companies) to approve it, which could take up to 72 busness hours. By the way according to VM, 72 business hours equals out to about 9 actual days!!
    Now as I said I havent worked for these scammers for awhile, but I still know people who do and they just sent me the most recent results from the customer service it is:

    The customer's comments: "I have been woefully and financially been misled by Virgin, since purchase of phone. I was told that when I did not pay for the phone service, I just could not use it for that month and if I did not use it or pay for use for two months, I would have to be reinstated if I wanted to continue with Virgin. I did not want to continue and did not want to pay, but someone has been charging my credit card for use of the phone. This is not authorized at all. I was to call in month to month if I wanted to renew the service for the month. When I called Customer Care, I had the wrong pin numbers (missing first two from recall) and was dismissed. I changed my credit card numbers to attempt to convey that I do not want this Virgin service at this time, nor in January, and not likely in February or ever again."

    "If I didn't already purchase the phones I would probably use another service."

    The areas that were impacted:

    Advisor displayed a friendly and upbeat attitude- DISSATISFIED

    Advisor displayed a genuine concern for resolving my issue-DISSATISFIED

    Advisor offered a clear explanation of options and/or solutions-NEITHER SATISFIED OR DISSATISFIED

    Advisor was easy to understand (could speak and be understood easily)- NEITHER SATISFIED OR DISSATISFIED

    During the course of your contact were you placed on hold while the Advisor researched information? Yes

    Based on the reason for your call, please rate your satisfaction with the frequency by which you were placed on hold and amount of time you spent on hold?-HIGHLY DISSATISFIED

    Overall, how satisfied were you with the performance of the Customer Care Advisor who handled your call. If you talked to more than one Advisor, please score only the last one you spoke with.- DISSATISFIED

    Was the reason for your call resolved after your contact with Customer Care ? NO

    How satisfied are you with Virgin Mobile USA Overall?- DISSATISFIED

    How likely are you to recommend Virgin Mobile USA to a friend?- probably will not

    As you can see, VM IS NOT on anybody's nice list. Folks to be honest with you, I would go with Net10, why you ask? Let me tell its $30 for the phone and 300 min (Walmart and Target), no ### to deal with and they now have a unlimited plan that definitely beats VM any day. Also with Net10 service is guaranteed just about anywhere, you can go to your settings and jump to another network if the network you are on isn't getting a signal.
    Cricket is a nice service, however the available service is very limited (if you have service in your area and not planning to travel, grab Cricket otherwise...) Also let it be known, Cricket uses the same call centers as VM so your talking to the same reps with different policies!
    If you dare to venture into VM territory I wish you luck, but my advice to everyone is to STAY AWAY FROM VM!!!

    Thanks For Reading

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  • An
    angel01 Feb 14, 2009

    if you want to have a good service you better read first the terms and conditions of the product that you want to avail... I think its commonsense to read first the manual before you call the customer service... if you don't wanted to suspend your account don't used a credit card that doesn't belong to you we all know that its FRAUD right... read first and understand what you are purchasing... so you won't have problems in the future.. SIMPLE AS THAT!!! ITS SELF EXPLANATORY!!! OR MAYBE THE PROBLEM ITS NOT THE PRODUCT BUT THE DUMB PEOPLE WHO USES IT...

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  • C7
    C78 Dec 31, 2009

    I had a problem similar to the original post on this thread.

    My cell was hacked twice. The first time VM sent me a replacement phone, I returned my original phone- but they had no record of receiving the old phone. When the problem occurred again- VM was not helpful.

    I went through 3 folks on the phone, with no record of the prior conversation and no suggestion or idea as to what was wrong, except that the last phone contact was sure my phone was not cloned. That really pissed me off. I went through several attempts at the phone help trying to "reprogram" the phone, but whomever is messing with my phone is much smarter than VM.

    I have decided to go to another provider- VM service is awful as some prior threads have mentioned. All they have done to ascertain their service quality is continuously spam my email with surveys of "how did we do". Which I finally answered with the worst rating I could give.

    The whole thing was very frustrating and I am concerned that this problem is more common and could occur with another provider on a new phone.

    So far I have survived for the past 3.5 weeks without a phone- just like in the old days when you had to call from a land line when you wanted to talk to someone or went to see them face to face.

    I hope this info is helpful to someone. I found the whole experience baffling and frustrating, mostly from the lack of information and help from "experts".

    Thank you for this post.

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  • Va
    varun Chawla Mar 25, 2010

    only one comment from my personal experience...the worst company ever in terms of customer service and far i have juggling from different executives...ranging from from mr harsh, mr vikas, mr rajnish, mr arvind, and mr raj...their phones are always switched off...don't what they are paid for...don't ever buy or trust any product of this company...issued in consumer concern...

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