Virgin Mobilecell phone service cancelled, account money gone

D Aug 06, 2018

My stepfather died in April of 2018 and I called Virgin Mobile to have the money either refunded from his pay as you go account or use the money to purchase a new cell phone for my mother to use on her account.

After 3 phone calls which were all over an hour each, I received different information from different representatives at Virgin Mobile.

In July after the 2nd long phone call I was told that a request will be filed for a full refund and I will be called back in 24-48 hours about the status of that refund. Nobody from Virgin Mobile called back. In August I called again about this issue of and was told that the account was cancelled and money in account was gone. I told Virgin they had made a mistake and needed to resolve it. After going back and forth on this the supervisor hung up on me.

I was never told that the account would be cancelled and never requested the account be cancelled!

I am still requesting a full refund of the money or money reinstated to account to purchase a new cell phone for my mother. I am filing complaints to as many businesses as possible about the unethical practices of Virgin Mobile!

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