Village Inn Restaurantsservice and cfc


On Thursday Dec 28th my family and I went in to eat at the Oakview location in Omaha, He.
We all ordered an array of food from breakfast to dinner, I ordered The CFC and Double Blue Berry pancakes... upon my food being brought out everything looked great, Once I got to my eggs and CFC the eggs weren't cooked right and the CFC was hard as a rock. I brought it to my waitresses attention and she (Alicia) rolled her eyes and said it looks fine to me... we got up d idnt ask for to go boxes etc. Went up and paid and it was the Asst Manager, her collar was blocking her name tag. Her her what had happened and she said all I can do for you is take $4 off your bill. We weren't so happy, paid and left... won't be back to that location.

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