Village Inn Restaurantsno staff support, mens bathroom urinal stinks

T Sep 07, 2018

It has been 3 Friday mornings in a row, that the waitress has been alone and running her behind off to trying and keep up. I was there at 7:10 today and waitress was overloaded with patrons needing service. She had to take care of it all with out a hostess to help. We did get our order in and served. The men's urinal has a stench of pee because it does not flush properly. Their needs to be some changes soon or your business will suffer from this neglect. Maybe a camera recording system would help show you when lag times are and where help is needed. Maybe a split hourly system of a part time hourly help would work say maybe work 3 or 4 hours during busy times. Things need to change for the better.

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