Village Innovercharge my meal by double


As a disabled person, its dfficult for me to get out and a's a treat to dine out with a friend but I had that chance yesterday and we went to Village Inn here in Colorado Springs, CO. When I paid for me bill using my debit card, I wrote a note on the receipt that the TIP was a "cash tip" and wrote a slash (zero) amt. in the tip portion of my bill. Instead, they charged me not only the $10.83 for my meal but also $10.83 for the tip as well. My bill came to 21.66...DOUBLE what it should have been.
When I got home, I noticed the next morning that they double charged me and called them. The manager wanted me to "come in" so he could fix it. Hmmmm...why would I have to come in, dragging in my oxygen tank and cane ...this is a hardship for me. They did appologize over the phone. Okay...that's nice but if I were the manager, I would surely offer a piece of pie or cup of coffee or something gratis for the considerable trouble I have to go through. Next time, I'll just call my bank and dispute the charges and let the bureauacracy work it out instead of me. Seems like Village Inn just says, "Oh, sorry 'bout that..." and that's pretty much it...People don't give a hoot what trouble they put you through.

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