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I don't know if you can help but I don't know where else to turn.

Basically I held my wedding reception at the Village Hotel in Walsall, West Midlands, having stayed and gone to functions there I was very happy with the hotel.

Unfortunatley my wedding day which was supposed to be the best day of my life went from bad to worse as soon as we arrived at the hotel.

I have written to the manager who has told me he knows nothing of this day and has told me to just forget about it.

Normally I would forget it, but as it was my wedding day & we spent a lot of money on the reception I just want someone to listen to my situation and at least apologise.

As you can understand this has been a very upsetting time for me & will never get to do it all over again.

And to make matters worse I have had numerous correspondence asking for more money they had forgotten to add on to the bill (even though we had 3 final bills all with the same amount on)

I would be grateful if you could help me or forward contact details of someone who can

Much appreciated
Yours sincerley



  • Ga
    gail june windows Jan 12, 2020
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    Chester st davids now a glorified pub where guests are still drinking in the morning! opened room door at 9am to find drunk with glass still in hand lost! doors banging noise all night.. wait to get breakfast staff chatting to each other instead of dealing with guests! used to be a great place to stay till it changed to pub & grill

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  • Hu
    Hugh McGhie Jun 06, 2018

    I have sent 2 emails (9/5/18 and 11/5/18) and have had a "live chat" with "Jessica" from Village Hotels complaints web site on 15/5/18 concerning a booking I made in Portsmouth.
    It is now 6th June 2018 and I have had NO RESPONSE. It would appear that there is no "Customer Service" with Village Hotels. I intend to contact BBC Radio 4 Consumer Programme and to share my experience with them.
    Mr. H. McGhie Edinburgh

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  • Bu
    Bussey Jun 27, 2017

    I booked my wedding reception at the village hotel North in Leeds. The service from th first point of contact was not great and i had to do all the chasing. We had 16 rooms booked some for three nights. Each room had its own problem, extractor fan not working, broken shower, broken toilet, water dripping from ceiling. The carpets were being laid as my guests arrived and remnants of carpet left around the hotel. At the time of booking my reception I was told the work would have been completed. I waited three weeks for my final call with regards to the arrangements, I then received a call 1 hour before my wedding, really.? I was also advised my reception room would be ready for approx 2pm, I thought this would be good as I wanted to see the room before I got ready. The room was not ready and the first I saw of it was when a guest sent me a picture!! One of my guests also dropped her bracelet which was handed in, this has centimental value. When asking at reception the girl was not arsed to find it, I was promised 6 calls in total after chasing for three days and two of which were supposed to be off the Manager i have still yet to recieve one. The bracelet has been taken by a staff member and not returned. I do not trust the hotel and feel my only option is now to make contact with the police to help retrieve it. If you are thinking of staying here and would like nice polite helpful service DO NOT BOTHER.

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  • Ja
    jamie wilkes Jan 24, 2017
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    Reference Village Hotel Walsall - 20th Jan 2017 to 22nd Jan 2017 (weekend stay)...

    This is a copy of the email we sent to the management but still no response!! ...

    After speaking to one of your colleagues just over the phone she advised I put this in an email for you. The only sympathetic person we spoke to from village hotels and made me feel calm and concerned for I must say.. very helpful.

    Unfortunately we had a major house fire on Friday midday and was unable to return to the house until today Monday so we booked into the village hotel in Walsall. We arrived and went straight to the room left our stuff and went down to the restaurant as we hadn't eaten all day. When we got back to the room later that night probably around 9 or 9.30pm.

    A freind booked the room for us as we was busy with the fire crews... we went straight there as soon as we grabbed our belongings. On check in we had to type our name in on screen and swipe a card, no mention of breakfast or anything from anyone there so we didn't know until Saturday night, manager said he would switch our breakfast to Sunday instead, if we hadn't of asked we wouldn't have know as reception is unmanned most of the time for any help.

    These issues were reported to the day manager on Saturday morning after our first night stay as no one was available on the Friday night...

    First look into the bathroom we noticed the shower had been turned on as the screen was soaked as if someone had just had a shower before we got in the room which felt wierd, there was hair on the screen and In the shower tray! It was us that cleaned that down before we used it.. management was told. Photos taken...

    The two red cups on the sink were thick of dust so no way had they been cleaned in weeks for that dust. Manager said house cleaning would sort it for when we got back Saturday night. The same red cups were there on Sunday when we checked out still thick of dust. Photos taken...

    Bathroom mirror was filthy, only noticed when we ran the shower how bad it was when it steamed over. Manager said house cleaning would sort it for when we got back Saturday night. Mirror hadn't been cleaned it was still badly smeared and misted up when hot water or the shower was on which looked awful and just disgusting. Photos taken...

    We noticed a key card on the floor under the desk but just left it... this was on Friday night and was still there Sunday morning so no one had hoovered or spotted it when it was in clear site. Manager said house cleaning would sort it for when we got back Saturday night. Photo taken...

    One pillow on the bed had a stain on it, looked like a tea stain. This was still there Sunday when we checked out. Manager said house cleaning would sort it for when we got back Saturday night. Still had the same dirty pillow, house cleaning had made the bed not changed it as the pillow was still there! Photos taken...

    The bosch tassimo machine was faulty and would not work at all, we have the same machine at home so know how it works... this just wouldn't work. Manager said house cleaning would sort it for when we got back Saturday night. When returning back house cleaning had left new tassimo pods but just left a kettle! What is the use of a kettle with tassimo pods?? Photo taken...

    We felt we had been fobbed off and nothing was done which was promised and expected! We had been promised a call today from the manager who took our details again but no call today at all. No missed calls or messages left either.

    At 9.30 to 10.00pm on Saturday night we rang down to reception which took 4 attempts and 10 mins to get someone to pick up and all we was told was to come downstairs and have a complimentary drink while we send someone up to take a look, we had just had drinks and meals and didn't want more. She then said well if you don't want to come down for a drink then I'll move you rooms, at that time of night when we was already done in for the day and pj's on ready to crash and go to bed we was not going to pack up all out belongings as we brought a lot with us as the house wasn't 100% secure to leave them there, we was told well if you can't pack your stuff back up then you will have to stay in that room, we gave them the chance to send someone up to grab all our stuff and move us rooms themselves and we will walk around in our pj's but not possible. We said we will be speaking to management on Sunday before departing.. again details taken again and promises made to call me, nothing again...

    We chose the village as we expected it to excel against holiday Inn or premier Inn etc as we wanted stress free after the day we had Friday.
    We would have had a better service from a B&B to be honest and cost a fraction of the bill. We had to have club rooms, food and drink cost us over £50 Friday night and £50 Saturday night, understand we could have gone anywhere but after trying to sort insurance etc etc out we just wanted to get back there and crash and eat.

    We could have stayed Sunday night too but decided to go and fetch a double blow up mattress which cost £50 and other bits to camp in our freezing lounge as we have half the roof and ceiling missing! We thought this a better option!

    Only good thing was we slept remarkably during our stay as we were shattered even though someone in a close by room decided to have a party and was loud and having pizzas and KFC bought up to them. Other experiences not good or met our expectations.

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  • He
    Henderch Nov 30, 2016

    I notice no one from village hotels bothers to responds !

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  • To
    Tom Kefford Oct 11, 2016
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    I am most disappointed because I booked Christmas dinner for 4 last year at the village Farnborough Hampshire, I had to cancel although I was fully paid by master card, I gave plenty of notice, and in the new year 2016 arranged a booking for 2 people with a room for valentines, however my wife became ill, and was scheduled for a scan yet again we had to cancel, again giving good notice, I have now phoned the hotel regarding Christmas dinner for this year, intending to book 2 rooms to allow the hotel some interest, and a break for my party I was told by a senior person on my 1st call that there were no places, this was in seconds.. No attempt to check, my daughter phoned the following day and was told there was capacity, I can't see why they can't honour my credit especially as I was willing to book 2 rooms they would have nothing to lose, I can only reiterate most displeased
    in their handling in this situation.'

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  • Ne
    Neil Barnes Mar 31, 2016
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    I have been trying to get a refund from the Village Hotel in Solihull after they took 2 payments for a single night stay! I have emailed several times after the manager told me face to face that she would deal with the issue personally (Kay Linden) however she has simply ignored all of my emails. Does anybody know the details for the complaints department or Head Office?

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  • An
    Andrea Bennett Mar 08, 2016
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    village hotel swansea is not being managed very well, constant problem with staff, cleanliness of the place. tis has been happening for a year and a half and no change to the place, you complain and nothing gets done!

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  • Sh
    Sheena16 Mar 03, 2016
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    I am a village health member st the Walsall villllage and honestly speaking I am appaulled at the hygiene conditions of the gym
    I have seen people with socks on sitting in the jacuzzi, the sauna stinks and I am spoken to the manager explaining the issues he was nice enough to listen but no action the whole place needs a good looking at I can't believe they call it a 4 star hotel
    I am very frustrated I am so used to going there it s my local gym but I am seriously considering trying elsewhere I pay £45.00 a month for membership please someone help !

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  • Ma
    Mair Dudson Feb 13, 2016
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    Last Saturday the 6th of February 2016 we attended a Motown Tribute night held at the Cardiff Village Hotel. It was a special occasion as it was my daughters 40 the birthday. I booked for fourteen tickets at a cost of £350 . There was a meal which at best was mediocre followed by a male singer called Tristan who we could not see as he was in a corner at the back of the stage. There were 300 people in this function room and you could not get near the dance floor unless you were willing to be shoved and pushed around it. I and half my party spent the evening in the lounge because it was too hot and crowded in the function room. This must be a concern for health and safety..actually a member of our party used to work for health and safety and she noticed that curtains were covering the fire exits. As if this isn't bad enough two members of our party ( my sister and my friend) had money stolen from their purses.£60 was taken from my sisters purse and £70 from my friends. A table adjacent to us also had £20 and£30 pounds respectively taken from their purses and another gentleman had his mobile phone stolen. On informing the function manager and I believe the duty manager we were told that this had never happened before which as we found out later is not the case. I was blatantly lied to when the following day I asked to speak to the manager who I was told would be in later in the day. I made several calls that day and then was told it was his day off!!!By now feeling very frustrated I was put through to Chris the duty manager who assured me that details of the theft would be put on the managers desk and he would then contact me the following morning. . I had to contact the hotel once again as there was no call from the manager. I was then told that he was in meetings in Bath. Feeling really frustrated by now I spoke to another member of staff Rebecca who tol me that I would be contacted the following day. I once again had to contact the hotel and was told that all the people I had spoken to were in a meeting in the hotel but was assured by a receptionist that he would get the manager to ring me. Eventually I was contacted by Mr Gavin Davies who was full of apologies but was informed monies would not be reimbursed because we are liable for our own property. That may be the case but surely if thefts had taken place previously ( which Gavin had denied) then precautions should have been implemented, for example stamping people's hands and allowing one person on the door to check. We were lied to about CCTV footage as some members of the hotel told us there were no cameras and others that there were. Gavin himself said he had looked at the imagery and could not make anything out because it was too dark!!!DOH. The matter is now in the hands of the police who will pay a visit to the hotel and hopefully will get the Village to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and protection of members of the public. I cannot emphasise enough how let down myself and our party felt on a night which should have been a great celebration but which ended in a complete disappointment.

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  • Kj
    kjgood Dec 11, 2018

    @Mair Dudson Whilst I feel for you at least you had a function to attend. I booked for a table of ten people (£500) to attend an all inclusive Christmas function in the Village hotel in Cardiff on the 19th December. When we hadn't received the tickets we rang asking for them to be sent through. Although we had booked and paid for the tickets three or four weeks previously for an all inclusive function, and all inclusive was still advertised on the website and marked on the tickets we were told that the function had changed and that there was now a limit to the number of drinks for each person.

    I challenged this as we had booked and paid for an all inclusive function we were told it was something ordered by the local licensing authority and I quote ''now a local by law''. so I contacted the licensing authority as several other hotels in Cardiff were also advertising all inclusive functions. They responded in writing that this was not the case and the village Cardiff had place this restriction themselves, taking it upon themselves to change the terms of the function that had already been paid for. Basically the staff lied.

    I left two telephone messages for the manager to contact me, nothing... so I visited the hotel and after a little fuss spoke to the operations manager who told me the same until I gave him a copy of the e mail from the licensing authority, he didn't know what to say!!! The operations manager though seemed to let on that they had mispriced the function and that only 63 people had bought tickets it appeared they were making no money from it.

    I pointed out that I couldn't see the function on the events board in the foyer and questioned if it had been cancelled. I was assured that this wasn't the case and that the function was still going ahead and that he would investigate and get back to me on the Wednesday after his two days off, this was late Sunday afternoon.

    I bet you can guess the rest, neither the manager or the operations manager has got back to me and last Wednesday we had a phone call telling us the function had been cancelled. What a surprise that was.

    So I now have a party of ten with no party to go to, everywhere is booked up so we are a party without a party to go to. No explanation from the village Cardiff, and as yet no response to the fairly strong letter I wrote to the manager.

    Guess what hotel I will not be recommending to anyone in the future. Very, very shody from THE VILLAGE CARDIFF

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  • Mm
    Mmmdanone Jun 20, 2014
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    Village hotel is an absolute joke. 3 months I tried cancelling my membership due to losing my job. They then insisted on showing proof of losing my job, which as my company went bust was pretty impossible. I took a letter showing I was claiming job seekers allowance which wasn't sufficient evidence. They use delaying tactics to try and get as much money out of you as possible. The leisure membership should be called the twiglet zone as it is imposiable to leave without having to pay more money. Someone really needs to look at this companies administrators about the way they go about their jobs. Every other company I've dealt with lately have been superb when requesting to stop services I receive but this company are a conning joke.

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  • Se
    SEGARIK Apr 28, 2014

    I have just experienced a very poor service with Walsall Village Hotel leisure centre.

    I was about to move out from Walsall when I've read I had to give 1 calendar month cancellation notice. So I came to cancel my membership in the middle of March when I have been advised I needed to provide my new tenancy agreement as evidence of moving. Since I was still looking for a place, I have been told it' was alright to provide before 20th of April (as it's a date when they start processing the payments for the next month).

    I brought an appropriate evidence couple of weeks later (in April) and it's been accepted. I have been told my membership expires at the end of April and no further payments were to be made. A week later I got a letter from them saying my membership would be cancelled on 01.06.14 and last payment would be made on 01.05.14.

    I have discussed this situation with the membership administrator. She basically said it did not matter what they promised me verbally, as I had to give 1 calendar month written notice as per contact.

    Be careful with them and do not believe a single word they say. OR JUST STAY AWAY FROM THESE LIARS!

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  • Us
    ushk Jan 07, 2014

    I've had a problem with the leisure centre as well. My membership was for 12 months which you have to give 30 days notice before cancellation, i gave 6 weeks notice yet they still insist that i pay for another calendar month! The'membership administrator' wasn't at all interested in what i was saying. Her reason for this is that they only run they're membership per calendar month if this is the case then why do they allow they're customers to join at any time during the month?The customer service is extremely unprofessional and unhelpful. I would never consider re-joining that gym again and will tell others how bad they treat they're customers. Disgraceful!!

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  • Do
    Doodle*Jesss Oct 25, 2011

    I have had the exact same problem with the leisure centre in ashton, manchester. they lost my cancellation form so are trying to carry on charging me but i have my copy of the cancellation form. so now there giving me loads of different reasons every time i challenge what the say and refuse to call of the debt collectors whilst the situation is bein resolved. it's disgracefull!

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  • Sb
    sbal1 Jul 02, 2010

    I agree completely! I have had a nightmare leaving the village hotel leisure centre in Coventry because they have lost my letter telling them that I was leaving. I refused to pay as it was their fault, so they have passed it on to debt collectors. It looks as though my only option left now will be small claims court.

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  • Je
    jenny Apr 09, 2009

    I agree village hotels are a joke! Try Swansea for instance the so called personal trainers are not even qualified the management know this but still refuse to do anything about it! The people in charge there do not know what they are doing thats what you get when you promote kids! As for the previous complaint i am certainly not suprised i know someone who had a wedding at swansea and the general manager asked the groom to leave because he thought he was an ex employee i mean how dare he! And when he realised he was obviously mistaken did he apologise he certainly did not!

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