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$9,000.00 range that looks like ###!

230 Franklin Road
Bldg #23
Franklin, TN 37064

I bought a Viking range 6 years ago for approximately $9,000.00. I have cleaned this range for several years and have used various cleaning products on it.

Today I was using a bottle of WINDEX and was cleaning the front of the range. This is made of stainless steel and glass - like any other range.

After spraying windex on the front I proceeded to wipe it off. All the lettering at the control knobs started rubbing off of the steel panel. Lettering that read, right frt burner, oven, light etc...

Can you believe that on a $9,000.00 appliance that is made of stainless steel you should have to read the manual to know that I was not supposed to use an amonia based product on it.

Can't believe it. Now I have a $9,000.00 range that looks like ### and you can only read half of the control panels. Of course, Viking told me that I should have read the manual and that I need to buy a new control panel... What bull. Madonna, Granville, Ohio

Junk product!

A year ago I purchased a new Viking Stove. Top of the line. After a year I used the self clean feature on the oven. The latch would not release after the cycle was completed. I called Viking and was told my warranty had expired. I called the appliance dealer. It was going to cost $400 to repair the self clean. I paid $5600 for this piece of crap. I ended up using a hacksaw to cut the latch and don't use the self clean. Besides this when you try to use the oven sometimes it will light and sometimes it won't. This is very unsafe as when it lights at the last minute the oven is full of gas. And it almost explodes. If buying appliances stay away from Viking.

  • Jo
    Josh on Long Island Dec 15, 2011

    If I could tell you how many problems we've had with our Viking range you probably wouldn't believe me. The worst part is that their customer service is beyond atrocious. We've been waiting for, get this, 6 MONTHS for them to send new ignitors to their service guys here on Long Island. You read that right. Ask their service providers/contractors/subcontractors what they think of Viking. They'll all tell you that they are garbage. Do yourself a favor and steer far away from this miserable excuse for a company.

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Broke our oven and no replacement!

I purchased a Viking double oven and my wife went to bake a cake after we had it for 6 months, she does not bake much. The cake burned after cooking only 10 minutes, the thermostat was 100 degrees off. So I called the local appliance dealer we bought it from they came and replaced the part (thermostat) after waiting 6 weeks. The technician when replacing the part scratched the face plate around the knob and ruined it so now you cannot read all the markings on it, to set on correct temp. We paid $3800.00 for that oven and have had problems from the start. They were supposed to replace the whole front of oven, I have called several times, it's been 6 months and nothing has been done.

Viking appliance co. and Appliance Distributors of Louisiana in Baton Rouge,La. Phone #[protected]

  • Ca
    carlos Mar 19, 2008

    We too have had such experiences with Viking. The oven never sat flush against the cabinet in one corner. They blamed everyone except their oven. Three installation companies later and it still not flush. It turns out it is the oven, but they aren't going to do anything about it. Their service rep states "I can live with that"

    My belief is that when you pay for the Viking name, the product better be perfect. It's like buying a Ferrari with "just a few dents"

    Viking's policy... blame it on everyone else.

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