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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved Frys customer service sucks

We purchased A 40" ViewSonic LCD 1080adi HD tv from Frys San Marcos Ca Jan of 2007 at that time we also purchased a 3 year service contract. In Jan 2009 The power supply was going out! It took 3 weeks and calling every 5 days to get someone to pick the TV up.Had to ask for a manager. Was told it could take 4 to 6 weeks because they had to send it to ViewSonic OK I understood then Had to push for a loaner TV which was a 32 " Ok not real happy but better than no Tv. It was picked up March 3rd 2009. I called 3 weeks later to confirm that ViewSonic had recieved it, That took 3 phone calls every time different excuses computers slow server slow can't find it. Asked for a return phone call NEVER Happened.Finally was told after calling again and saying No I will stay on the line I want to know the statis of the TV That ViewSonic did have the TV and the Tech was working on it This was early April. Next call 3 weeks later same run around Finally they are ordering a Power Supply board. Never any return calls.Now 1st week in May after same excuses pushed to get update. May 1st power board ordered. Now you would think since this is a ViewSonic Service Center they would have the parts right. No! Why did it take at least 6 weeks to do that? Phone call to Frys on May 25th same old excuses again asked someone to ck and call me back!!! Waited Tues no call I called back Wed same excuses can't find the computer slow Ect all That I have been hearing for 3 months now, I asked for a supervisor to return my call. NOT I called on Thur. and Did get a supervisor for the first time was Nice and looked it Up GUESS WHAT were you not told the part is on back order and not expected unit JUNE 12TH . At this point I am LIVID but polite to him Said this is Un Acceptable I want a new TV This will mean at min 5 monthsto get the TV back if we are lucky. He agreed and said he would talk his manager (before taking it to the Store manager) and that person should be calling me back. NOT The Supervisor that I had talked to me earlier did call me back that night at 7:30 to see if his manager had called me back NO.There comes a point the Frys that TOOK our money for the 3 year service contract Needs to Step Up and Replace Our TV $ for $ on what we spent to begin With. They can fight it our With ViewSonic. 5 Months Is Far to Long for any repair. SOOOOOOOO It is still unresolved. But a warning to all customers out there.As we all know almost all stores are offering service contracts now their sales people are trained to do so. We also know the average of products that have to go in for service is maybe 2%. So they are making alot of money Ok fine we do this to protect ourselves on large ticket items. But when it comes to taking care of the consumer when there is a problem They pass the Buck!!! Not our fault while we sit out here without our product.So any one looking at buying a service contract(which I will do from now on Except for Sears ) Is always Ask if it has to go in for repair Where does it go? For this brand, have you had any problems getting the repairs AND HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN TAKING. I am sure the sales people do not know the answer But if they are good they will call their service dept and find out.I have worked in customer Service Off and on for 30 years and FRYS Customer service Sucks!!! ANY COMMENTS FROM YOU OUT THERE?

Resolved Do not buy

I bought a tv from Viewsonic and it too went bad fast and they had me pay a $90.00 return shipping fee> We had it 3 months! Then after they sent me mine back I opened it to see it was damaged! I called and was told me they were going to replace it with a "returned" unit. So they sold me a bad unit, broke my unit and gave me a damaged unit that has been fixed and then are "breaking rules" to give this to me. I was told this was the best they could do and I was lucky. If I was "lucky" I would have never dealt with them in the first place.

I will NEVER buy any thing form them again! Please tell everyone you know. To top it off the supervisors are rude!

  • Oh
    OhioResident20 Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I worked at Viewsonic for a couple of years. I took a writing assignment on contract, and then they hired me on for a few more contracts. After that I left. One of the problems was the commute. Viewsonic is all the way out in Walnut, and I was living in Northridge at the time. The commute was terrible, even by L.A. standards. But I wasn't about to move. I couldn't afford to move, and I seriously doubted that I could find any decent landlord that would take me, given me credit history.

    I spent a lot of time out of the office. The technical writing people were in a pretty isolated corner of the building, and nobody really kept track of our comings and goings. Our manager at the time was also in charge of the help desk, and spent most of his time dealing with that department.

    There was this Mexican place in La Habra that Owens knew about since he grew up in the area. A few of us would go off there sometimes and work on a project that Owens himself had come up with years before he even knew the rest of us. He had this notion that he could come up with a set of core concepts and elements that you could use to develop any sort of story that you could possibly imagine. That is to say, you could pick and choose from these basic building blocks and put them together you'd have a ready-made novel or screenplay or whatever it is that you wanted. It was an interesting idea, but one that was almost surely doomed to failure. But Owens believed that he could make it work.

    Owens, however, only trusted me with the most important details of his plan. He explained his rationale to me once when we had gone off to lunch by ourselves. "I know that you don't have any interest in writing beyond the stuff we do at work, " he told me.

    "How do you know that?" I asked him.

    "I can tell, " he said. "The other guys, they're always working on something. They try to hide it. They keep windows open on their screen that they dash off to secretly when they think the rest of us aren't looking. You know what I mean. You don't do anything but work. Or else you sit there doing nothing when you're not working."

    "That doesn't mean that I haven't given the idea some thought, " I said. "You know, maybe I'd do one of those novels that's really an autobiography."

    Owens laughed at that. "Listen to yourself, " he said. "Now I know for sure that I can trust you. 'Maybe I'll do a novel'. You talk about it like someone thinking about going skydiving. You have no idea."

    I didn't want to argue with Owens. The fact is that I liked the fact that I knew more about his project than anyone else. Even if I didn't understand the whole thing, I was struck by his ambition. I remember once when we were talking about geography. This was a big topic for him, so this was one of those times when it was only the two of us talking again.

    "So how do you like Viewsonic?" he asked me. This was after I'd been with the company for about a year.

    "It's better than a lot of places I've worked at, " I told him. "Though I haven't worked much lately. The drive is terrible, though."

    "You have to move closer, " he said. "It's ridiculous how far you come."

    "I made a lot of mistakes back a few years ago, " I told him. "More than a few years ago. I don't like talking about it. But, you know, you get into money problems and they haunt you for the rest of your life."

    "You'll dig yourself out, " Owens said.

    "I'm not so sure, " I told him.

    Owens pulled a notebook out of his briefcase. "I've been working on places, " he said. "You know, they have to be granular. Discrete units. Like a lake."

    "We're talking terrain here, " I said.

    "You build a story out of setting, " he said. "That's the key to everything. Say that the two of us were at a fancy French restaurant in Pasadena. We're having this exact same discussion. But the whole atmosphere has changed, right? It doesn't make much sense anymore."

    "So a French restaurant in Pasadena, " I said. "That's one example of a setting."

    "That's too specific for my purposes, " he said. "Remember, these are atomic units I'm looking for here. And besides, I want to work on geography today, not physical buildings."

    "So a canyon, " I said. "That would be an example of what you're looking for."

    Owens thought about that one for a moment. "It doesn't make sense, " he said. "Who sets a story in a canyon? I'm thinking of great sweeping prairieland. You know, that's the sort of setting you put a good story in."

    "An old fishing village, " I said. "I know you don't want buildings. But a small harbour in the northeast where settlers would have gone in the seventeenth century."

    "That's good, " Owens said, writing something down. "I'm making some rather impossible distinctions here, though, aren't I? Stories are about people. I can't just focus on the terrain. People live in homes in towns and cities."

    "A forgotten suburb just outside of a major city, " I said. "You know, the richer people have moved on to nicer places. Or else they've bought into one of the new condo towers going up downtown. The fringe of the city if the place nobody wants to live."

    Owens wrote quickly. "This is great, " he said. "I'm glad we worked this out. We should stay for the whole afternoon."

    We didn't return to work that day, as it turned out. Once Owens was happy we parted ways and I drove all the way back to Northridge. There were two police cars parked outside my building when I got there. I parked in back and then went around to see what was going on.

    Keyes was among the crowd of folks milling around out there. He and I had known each other for years, though I can't say that we were exactly close friends. He was the one who pulled some strings to get me my place, though, and I could never figure out how to repay him for that.

    Keyes spotted me as I approached the scene, and came over so we could talk away from everyone else. "I thought maybe you were holed up in your place, " he said.

    "I'm a bit later than usual today, " I said. "What's going on?"

    "It's that family that moved in on the second floor, " he said.

    "I don't know them, " I said.

    "People have been complaining about them from day one, " Keyes said. "Yelling at each other at two in the morning, with the baby crying and everything. The woman came out with the baby a while back, then went back inside. They're all in there now, with the police."

    "So who called them?" I asked.

    "Nobody here, " he said. "We're guessing it was the wife."

    "I have no idea who these people are, " I said.

    "You should be more social, " he said. "It's good for you. You come and go from work and nobody sees you."

    "So how did she look?" I asked.

    "She'd been crying, but that's all anyone could see, " Keyes said. "Who knows. These things play out the same way all the time. The police will keep coming back. So you better get used to this. The problem will never get solved. But eventually they'll move. You know, they'll have another kid."

    Back at Viewsonic the next morning, Owens came to my workstation as soon as he saw me come in. "Good session yesterday, " he said.

    "I didn't realize that we were calling them 'sessions', " I said.

    "I have whole scenarios in my mind now, " he said. "You know, I think I'm getting this concept down right now. You pick a town or a city. You pick a part of a city. You choose an alleyway, or a motel that nobody goes to anymore. It's that simple."

    "I think this might be a bit more complex than you think, " I said. "I have to be honest here. I didn't think we resolved anything yesterday. I still don't quite understand what you're trying to do. I mean, I understand it conceptually. But practically it doesn't seem to come together well."

    "I know what you're thinking, " Owens said. "That I've got myself so far into this that I can't admit to myself that it won't work. But the thing is that it's just the opposite. I've had so many ups and downs with this thing that I know for sure that yesterday we had a breakthrough moment. I know enough from past experience."

    "I guess I can't argue with you, then, " I said.

    "We're going back there today, " he said. "We need to get this down right."

    "I really have to finish up something for the editing people, " I said.

    "Finish it up this morning, " he said. "We have to go."

    You know, I lost touch with Owens after I left Viewsonic. The company offered me another contract, but Owens was really starting to unnerve me with the passion he had for his little project. I couldn't stay. I had my debts to work out any my own life to put back together. I had come a long way. I think Owens was bit unhinged and I couldn't stand to be around him any longer. It's as simple as that.

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Resolved Scam and cheating

Probably 6 years ago, I spend over $1600.00 on a new Compaq Computer and a 17 inch ViewSonic monitor, well the monitor had a $100.00 rebate. I completed all of the paper work, but made a mistake taking the paper work to work, in order to make a copy of all the paperwork! I then forgot that I had intentionally left that little bar code thing that I had cut out of the box, at home, and went ahead and mailed the original bill of sale and the rebate paper work, without the bar code. Well, I never heard from ViewSonic, and finally a few months down the road, I ran across that little bar code that I had cut out of the box, but figuring, that this rebate was for $100.00 and not for say $10.00 or $15.00, I figured any honest company would make an effort to get a hold of me, and inform me that they needed the bar code piece, but ViewSonic just kept the $100.00 or maybe an employee pocketed the money. I know I goofed, but you would think that a big honest company would not want this type of bad publicity?

ViewSonic in turn did lose out on some business, mine and some of my close friends and relatives! I just recently bought myself a new 22 inch Gateway monitor!

Resolved Bad service

Upon purchasing a 16� ViewSonic LCD TV model N1630W online the unit arrived without a remote control. Thus began a round of back and forth e-mails with ViewSonic where I requested a replacement remote control, �even if I had to pay for it.� After providing the unit�s serial number I received a reply stating �Can't validate serial number. Please verify serial number� I then took a clear close-up photo of the serial number label on the back of the unit and e-mailed it in reply demonstrating the serial number I provided was correct. After that there was no further response from ViewSonic.

Based on this experience and user complaints I have since read online ViewSonic customer support is geared up to brush off customer�s problems rather than solve them.

  • Ab
    Abilash Mar 15, 2009

    I am not getting service from viewsonic.I requested service on 23.02.09 but tere is no responce from their side. But they are demanding on site warranty they also selling the product by demanding but is a cheat
    their service is worst. now it is 22 days gone there is no response from their side.

    1 Votes

Resolved Bad consumer support

In late October, my 3 month old Viewsonic projector died. Their website promises a replacement within 48...

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Resolved Lack of warranty support

After spending three sessions on hold waiting for someone to answer the phone, 150 minutes, 90 minutes, and 90 minutes, without getting through to anyone, I finally found a local reseller, even though I purchased the monitor online. So i'm paying them for their time to handle the warranty repair for me. I can only hope that it comes back to me, eventually. But from what I can find, I'm not hopeful. If it comes back in working order, It's getting sold.

Resolved Horrible customer support

I will NEVER purchase another viewsonic prodect EVER again. I have been a solid viewsonic customer in the past, probably spending in the neighborhood of 10K on their displays. purchased several Viewsonic tv's and monitors. Recently I have required service from them due to what a google search will prove as a COMMON ISSUE WITH THE 3250W MODEL LCDTV. This monitor has a defective PSU power supply board and WILL FAIL causing severe issues with the display eventually causing the display to fail to turn on. I have attempted to call viewsonic several times, I am actually on hold now as I type this, I've been on hold for 1 hour 30 minutes. Earlier today I was on for this amount of time until my phone died, causing me to switch phones and call again. I have typed 3 emails to support using the "online support" process - NOT A SINGLE RESPONSE. Whoever handles the call center and customer service groups for this company needs to be fired. BE WARNED - IF YOU EVER HAVE AN ISSUE WITH A VIEWSONIC PRODUCT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE SUPPORT FROM THE COMPANY. To receive decent support from this company would be like winning the lotery - it's just not gonna happen.

  • Vr
    Vrdundee Dec 24, 2008

    I feel with you. Today i have ordered to a service agent to dispose of my 19 month old ViewSonic LCD TV.
    I have had nothing but trouble with this product. A month after the warranty had expired the power supply quit working. It did cost me $170 to repair it. 6 months later I find myself at the service again. The main board needs replacement...yet another $370 to fix that. No way. That would be $540 within a 2 year period for a $700 TV. Besides, The LCD panel has shown a lot of image persistance (ghosting). This Tv was used in various channels like VGA and Svideo application. This is is ridiculous marketing and a shame of quality manufacturing. Though I doubt ViewSonic does any of that, but make bad judgments. I found the initial support staff very compassionate and helpful beyond the ordinary. However, their executives, controlling and leniency rather crude.
    The usual 'its not personal but business attitude'. Well, let me tell you ViewSonic, this business is personal and you suck at it. I have had many PC monitors from ViewSonic in the past with no regrets. But this new venturing in another industry is failing for them. They should stick to their guns and keep innovating for quality not quantity. Its jut a bad attitude. I appreciate quality and thought i could trust this brand...how wrong i was. I paid dearly for this bad experience and i think it will last while and will take ViewSonice a lot of work to gain trust back.

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Resolved Terrible experience!

I bought a Viewsonic projector in Sept. 2007. After 3 months, the lamp was dimmed, on the way out. In Jan. 2008, the unit totally failed. I got a RMA number and sent the unit back for service on Feb.18th. I had been waiting patiently for a month, but nothing happened. I checked their website but the status report on their website failed to work, saying 'RMA Status currently not available'. I started to call their service department in March. For two times, I talked to someone who was nice enough to tell me that the unit would be replaced, they would have that dispatched to me very soon. Well, nothing happened.

In April, I made the 3rd call, this lady who answered the call told me she would look into it. She even sent me an email to tell me a new RAM number. I checked the status with the new RMA number, surely enough, there was my unit displayed, but it said 'await arrival. 'What? It means my unit was not even received yet?!!

Frustrated, I called them again, and asked for speaking to a supervisor, I was then put on hold...

I re-called the place and a service rep called Peter said he would take care of the issue. Somehow I did not believe him.

No customer service warranty!

Purchased a Viewsonic 32" LCD TV and the unit will not power up. I contacted the company on DEC 12, 2007 and...

Never trust the ViewSonic Rebate!

I bought ViewSonic LCD monitor at Fry's on 10/14/2006 and mailed the rebate form with all other required document to ViewSonic Rebate in White Bear Lake, MN on 10/16/2006. Checked their web site for rebate status and it always says rebate not found. Called them a few times and they always said it was not the system. It's been 8 weeks and it is still in the system as they claimed it should be. I called them on 12/4/2006 and they said it might be lost in the mail and asked me to mail the form to them again and wait another 8 weeks for processing!

Never trust the ViewSonic Rebate. I am filing complains on BBB.

  • Jo
    Jonthan James Jan 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Almost the same problem with this place... Submitted the exact information they requested and they "invalidated" my request. I am thinking of taking some legal action as I made exact photocopies of what I submitted, and have evidence from USPS they received my "resubmission" 4 weeks ago...

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  • Sa
    santosh phadtare Jan 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    USA's NO.1 Company (service in India : worst ).

    I purchased VG921M-4, Model No. VS11369, Serial No. QB9071900254 in the month of October 2007 for my customer.

    After few weeks he encountered a problem that the contrast/brightness menu doesn't goes and the control buttons didn't worked. So we called customer service number 1800 11 9999 to register complaint ( IDRM071100266) and requested them to give a call before visiting my place.

    14th Nov. 2007

    The engineer made visit on 14 th Nov. 2007 without informing, changed the VGA cable and took my wife's signature that the problem is solved. On returning home I discovered that the problem was still there. Your eng. is high qualified he don't know the difference between pending and "panding" (please check the first customer service report)

    So I made another complaint ( IDRM071100381)

    23rd Nov. 2007

    This time as well the eng. called just an hour before ( around 2pm ) hence I skipped my work and returned home.

    He discovered that the problem is with I.B. ( Interface Board ) so he took down the serial number and promised to come within 4 days to change it.

    Even after a week I didn't got any reply.

    So I called the service center +91 22 40497502 and they replied that they didn't received the part from Banglore.

    This continued for few weeks. Every time I called them and I got the same old reason. ( whenever I called, the operator ask other " Do we have something (parts)from VG921M." After listening to such conversation I think that it's a scrap yard not a service center.)

    Few weeks passed.

    25th Dec. 2007

    This time I talked to the Manager Mr. Bharat Kumar. And he promised me that he will send an engineer within 2 day and will inform before visit.

    31st Dec.2007

    I got a call from the engineer ( Mr. Abdul ) at 2:30pm that he will come in 1 hour.

    Again I had to skip my job. Before I reached my home he vanished by declaring that the part doesn't matched.

    2nd Jan. 2008

    After frustration for more than one and a half month I called the service center at 3:30pm but Manager didn't turn up. I warned the operator that if this continues I will mail "view sonic". After half an hour I received a call from service center ( oops, that's a first call ) with an excuse that " Sir, as there are 3 models in vg921m the I.B. which we received does not matches yours. The mistake is made by courier. So we promise that your problem will be solved in 2 days".

    10th January 2007 (today)

    Again I received a call "Sir there was a problem, but I will send the engineer on Saturday between 11:00 -12:00

    Expectations from "View Sonic"
    But the Truth

    The service center must inform customers a day earlier that a engineer will visit next day
    Either they will not inform or the engineer will inform around 2 pm that : I will visit in next 2 hours. ( so keep practice to skip your half day )

    The engineers are qualified technicians
    They don't know how to write "Pending" ( "PANDING" ).

    The engineer must have sound knowledge.
    First they will discover that the data cable is faulty, on second visit they will discover that I.B. ( interface Board ) is faulty.

    Manager must know status of all complaints so that in some delayed cases he must apologies.
    I had to inform him that my complaint is pending for a month.

    ( I am doubtful about manager's skills as well )

    If manager makes a promise he must see to it
    Now the manager is not attending my calls.

    View sonic must posses database of all its costumers so that if some delay occurs they will interfere.
    In my case its NOT.

    It took 1 hour to give all these details. With this I am sending you 2 scanned customer service reports. Do check them out and see the qualification of technicians representing "view sonic".

    After going through all such trauma my conclusions are as follows.

    View Sonic might be USA's number 1 company but in India its number 1 worst company in providing service.

    I will never purchase any view sonic product and see to it that none of my friend purchases.

    I don't want any apology. But want a strict action ( don't give a useless warning ) against the manger of RT outsourcing Mumbai as he is responsible for all this.

    I will file a complaint in consumer court.
    Thanks for reading.

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  • Ka
    KAMLESH KUMAR Mar 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    MY SERIEL NO :- QC4064101815
    OCT 6




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  • Da
    David Maslowski Jul 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bouight a 28 inch Viewsonic monitor, took it home, hooked it up per instructions, loaded the cd that came with the unit per instructions. Screen came up in chinese and would not change to english, plus the CD corrupted my optical drive on my HP, took my computer and scren back to Fry's tech department, they said the CD did in fact corrupt my optical drive and they had to fix and recover my files on my computer because of this view sonic problem with the cd. They also gave me a new Viewsonic monitor. They told me that they have many many problems with all of View sonics monitors and are considering not selling anymore view sonics.

    I wrote to James Chu who is the COB of viewsonic and he never answered my letter, plus when my rebate check for $500.00 arrived it was only for $47.50, not the stated amount from them. Tis chinese guy making all this money in the USA needs to be bought in front of the federal goverment for mis representaion of these products! Never ever trust a chinese, poor business acumen and just to shifty!

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  • Ra
    raj Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have been buyed aa new view sonic lcd monitor ...and it suddenly gave me a troble...and i have buyed in last 8 months only...and dey have gaven me five (5)yrs warrenty...and i have been contact with them but dey have no response from them...so plezz...give me aa srevice centre mobil no...or any thng which i can contact immediatly...

    and i have been leaving in hyderabad...dsnr...

    my mobil no is 9966959837

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  • Ma
    manjunath.t Nov 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi sir,

    Recently we are purchased the view sonic monitors, unable to we got display problem please ASAP solve the problem and unable to work the customer service tool free number not working which you mentioned in your web site number as(1800119999) .

    This is my communication address :

    i-Vista SysSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    contact number:040-40203550, 51, 52.


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Not honoring rebate advertised price

Circuit City (OXNARD, CA) had advertised a View Sonic 17" flat screen computer monitor at $229 with a $50 rebate so thought it was worth a look. Got to the store and to my delight the placard in the store advised there was a $100 rebate. After double checking with the sales associate that there was indeed a $100 rebate i bought the monitor for $129 +tax. I was given 2 rebate forms to submit to Viewsonic and did so the next day. Viewsonic advises only one rebate per household and they'll be sending me a check for $50. I requested the balance of $50 from Circuit City and they advised there is nothing they can do as the advertisement they found was $50. There is no proof of the $100 rebate the sales associate told me I would receive and there is "nothing they can do" ad nauseum. I advised the $1000 that I have spent in their store in the past year will, in the future, be spent at Fry's or Best Buy as they have lost me as a customer.