VideotronService interruption & lack of integrity


First I want to declare that I have been a customer of videotron cable TV for well over 20 years, & I have always paid my bills on time at the due date.
Lately I have had many issues & problems with both the service of the cable TV & the terrible unacceptable level of customer service. Several weeks ago I had an outage/ interruption of at least 6 channels that I subscribe to. I reported the outage/interruption the very next day, & was advised by the technical support that I should wait until the outage is repaired & then call back to obtain the appropriate credit. Six days later the outage was still not repaired, I called technical support & was put on hold for well over 30 minutes, finally I spoke to a videotron technician who advised me to disconnect the power cord to my illico box which I did. Upon re-connecting the illico box several minutes later the channels that were blackened were now back in operation, but then there were other channels not working. I called back very frustrated by the sequence of events further aggravated by the staff at both customer service & technical support having trouble hearing me, so therefore I had to yell to be heard. The reason for this I believe is because the staff works in a call center environment & I could hear many simultaneous conversations with other customer service agents in the background talking with other customers..
The following day I called to speak to a supervisor seeking some form of compensation for all the aggravation I had endured up to that point. I requested not only a credit for the amount of days( 8) I suffered an outage/interruption but also a specialty channel Vanessa for 1 month for free. At first I had encountered resistance on Videotron's part because they said that the channel I wanted costs $14.95/month plus applicable taxes. When I threatened to cancel my service, she asked me to hold for a few minutes while she consulted someone else on this matter. Several minutes later she came back to the phone to tell me that yes videotron would offer me the specialty channel I was requesting at no charge but only till the end of my next billing cycle April 18th. I said fine, I could accept that as a form of reparation for all the aggravation & frustration I had experienced up to this point.
On March 31st, 2011, I received my videotron cable TV bill which not only did not have the agreed upon credit for the service outage/interruption for 8 days but Videotron also reneged on their word/agreement to not charge me for the specialty channel Vanessa, as I was charged $12.57 plus applicable taxes for the channel that I was promised I would get for free at no charge up until April 18th.
I immediately called customer service & was again put on hold for 20 minutes. When a customer service agent finally answered my call, he again had trouble hearing me because of all the background noise caused by I a busy call center handling many customer complaints simultaneously. I asked to speak to a supervisor as by this time I am ready to cancel my service with Videotron. He transferred my call to a female supervisor who also had trouble hearing me so I yelled at her to call me back on my cell #.
Several minutes later the videotron supervisor called me back but I was on my way out so I couldn't speak for long but did voice my great dissatisfaction with my bill & the horrible unacceptable service I have been getting from videotron. The supervisor asked if someone could call me back the following day Friday April 1st & from what time. I replied that I could be available anytime after 10:30 AM to receive a call. Of course following the horrible unacceptable sequence of previous events, I never did receive a phone call.
I have had more than enough crap from videotron & have sent them a cancellation request but I'm almost sure I will get more of the same run around & bad service.

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