Victoria's Secretbody by victoria bras


I recently learned that the horrific rash that has playing me for over a year is directly caused from my Victoria's Secret bra. I was angered to learn that Victoria's Secret has been fully aware of the issues with their bras for over 10 years. The rash that I received from the Victoria's Secret brawl felt like fire on top of rolling in poison ivy. I woke up at night crying with blood from scratching. My breast or nail scarred forever. Myself my mother and my 15-year-old daughter by all of our bras and lingerie from Victoria's Secret's. I also buy very large amount of clothing and perfume from Victoria's Secret. We will be canceling our card and will never shop if Victoria secret again. I cannot believe this company would allow this to happen to women it is disgusting !!! I'd like to know what Victoria's Secret is going to do about this issue. Not only does the formaldehyde cause a rash that is unbearable but it is also a known carcinogen. I do not take causing people to be sick and possibly die lightly and neither should your company.

Victoria's Secret

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