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I am completely offended and appauled after seeing a commercial on VH1 advertising the 'hiphop honors' show where someone is discussing the upcomming election saying that it is between 'a black guy, and a man who cant lift his arms up higher than his chest'. No matter which candidate you are voting for, I think it is easy to find a disgrace. Did the people who wrote this commercial realize that John McCain cannot lift his arms higher than his chest because of the intese torture and beatings he went through while being held a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for five years. The fact that someone would use this to poke fun at him is a slap in the face to all our men and women serving, and to the many who have at one time been a P.O.W. or have family members who have endured and overcome such a horrible feat. Yes, I am a McCain supporter, but I believe that even Obama supporters should find this offensive, if not for the understated comments about McCain's injuries, but the fact that the best words they can find to discribe Obama is as a 'black man'. If you get a chance to see this commercial and are offended by it, I hope everone will write to vh1 and describe the dissapointment and disgust that comes from seeing this ad.


  • Me
    mer Oct 20, 2008

    lol, take a chill pill. and " and to the many who have at one time been a P.O.W. or have family members who have endured and overcome such a horrible feat" - a feat is a huge accomplishment. Talking about someone who has "endured and overcome a horrible feat" makes no sense - it's like saying he endured and overcame a horrible accomplishment. I think maybe you meant to say "his endurance of torture and ability to overcome such horrible treatment is quite a feat".

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  • Be
    Beans Oct 20, 2008

    Yeh, they probably didn't know, or care, and why would they? Or should they? They're just a bunch of hardworking, tax-paying people with families and feelings who will one day die in pain like the rest of us so whatever ...

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  • Wi
    wifi8827 Jul 28, 2016


    if this is your biggest concern in life, I envy you.

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  • Jo
    Joey Logan Jul 28, 2016

    I am at my wits end with VH1. There is a TV schedule with names of programs and the time they are supposed to be on for a reason. I record on 73 other channels with virually no problems, but VH1 cannot seem to get their crap together. I like TI and Tiny, Basketball Wives and LaLa's Full Court Life, BUT (BUT! BUT! BUT!), I cannot take the fact that I set a recording and it NEVER, EVER, EVER contains the entire program. For instance, I recorded LaLa's Full Court Life at 3 am on Monday, August 19th, 2013. The recording begins with the end of TI and Tiny: The Family Hustle's episode that aired on August 12th; an entire FIVE MINUTES' worth!!! This means I lost the last five minutes of LaLa! The next airing is @ 3 am in two days. Now, why does this always happen with VH1? With other networks, this ONLY happens when they have a live event, like football, that goes over OR there are network technical difficulties. For VH1, this happens EVERY SINGLE WEEK! I contacted them and they told me to add 15 minutes to each program. That is RIDICULOUS! Why should I have to anticipate THEIR incompetence? So, now, I have chosen to use those 3 hours per week I would be watching the shows I like, and instead, make sure to guide the entire viewing public away from this network. They are lazy, useless and care nothing for doing what is right in programming television. Someone over there needs to be axed. Until then, they are my sworn enemy - entertainment-wise. Lol. Seriously, though, it's stuff like this that makes people go postal; especially when you contact them and ask them to fix it and they tell you to live with it and use up precious DVR space fixing THEIR mistakes.

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  • Li
    Lisapirozzi Jul 28, 2016

    I am writing because i am completely thrown and disturbed by a documentary that i saw on VH1 this morning ...(the last days of Lisa Left eye Lopez) I believe that if the reality world has the cooth to warn viewers about what they are about to view is very severe and may not be suitable to certain viewers, that such a prominent station such as yourself should too! Now i am a grown woman who has seen some very disturbing things in my life but i was not at all prepared for the last day of filming on the Last days of Lisa left eye lopez! i truly feel that we should be warned that the camera was rolling at the moment of her death ..Like i said before i am grown but it was very jolting and very very intense to witness the moment the at which a life is taken . Having recently lost my mother the moment she died struck terrible memories for me as im sure it did for other viewers as well .

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  • Co
    courtney Jul 28, 2016

    Does anyone else that that the new Cho show on VH1 is ridiculous? This show is a new low for America. Not only should it be rated "R" but it doesn’t even make sense. There is no real plot to the "scripted Reality Show"... It is pointless and embarrassing! I am ashamed that this network would even broadcast something like this. Cho has absolutely no morals and no class. She has always been a horribly raunchy comedian but now this network is submitting children to this disgrace. This is not an appropriate television show for a network that is not PPV! I hope that the network administration take serious consideration into the horrible choice that they have made and change their minds on this “crap” that they call entertainment.

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  • He
    Helen Jones Jul 28, 2016

    As a grown woman, it also means you have the ability to properly look into what films you are, and are not going to be viewing.

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  • J
    J Jul 28, 2016

    Respect your opinion, but COMPLETELY disagree. I think the show is great, very funny and something fresh for the network. Seems you disliked Cho far before the show had come out, which is unfortunate, because she breaks barriers and is a champion for equality. The show also doesn't even come on until 11pm. If your young children are up at that time, then maybe you should be doing some self evaluation of your own. Anyway, comedy is obviously the most subjective form of entertainment and luckily there are more people who find her to be entertaining than not, sorry.

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