Verizon Fios Internetconnection problems!


Slightly less than a year ago, we had Verizon FIOS Internet service installed. The installation went *relatively* smoothly. About 4 months ago, we noticed our connection didn't seem to be as fast as it was advertised to be, and we were also suffering a very high "failure to connect" that was both intermittent and not apparently dependent on any condition of the local computers. We had a mix of both wired and wireless connections, each computer had a different O/S, and we used different browsers, virus checkers, and firewalls (other than the one built into the router).

I estimate that over 50% of our attempts to connect via a web browser failed. It was not dependent on the browser, nor was it dependent on a time of day, or cables, or the various sites we were attempting to connect to. I could open a browser window and attempt to go to Google, get a DNS server does not exist message, then moments later easily connect to Spamming page reload sometimes overcame the problem.

I attempted to contact Verizon's "24/7" tech support for FIOS, to get some assistance diagnosing the problem. After several tries, I was able to connect to This is my first complaint: nearly all of their technical support starts with being able to connect to the Internet. What are those people supposed to do, who do not have a working connection?

Next, that main page was focused on selling me Verizon services. After poking around, I finally found the Support menu. Please login, it said. I did. It forwarded me right back to the page selling all the various Verizon services. Don't need sales, need support... try the Support menu. Ah, yes, all the help in the world if you need to reach a Sales Representative, or a Billing Agent, or to Pay Your Bill Online. What's that? Ah right, support...

Finally, I do find a Support link that actually takes me to, you know, a Support type page. For Verizon Wireless. Don't need Wireless, need FIOS. Search on FIOS... Click link that mentions FIOS support... whoops, back to a page wanting to sell me FIOS services. Back up, back up... Contact Us.

There's contact information for anyone who wants to buy services from Verizon, or anyone who's an investor. There is, in fact, all kinds of contact information for sending Verizon money of one kind or another, but what there isn't, is a FIOS tech support number.

I finally locate the Welcome to FIOS printed materials they delivered with the hardware, and there is a phone number, [protected]. I try calling it. I get the usual automated menus for selecting English or Spanish, then prior to presenting the "departments" menu, it says, "If at any time you wish to speak to an agent, simply say Agent." I say Agent. Nothing, the menu recitation continues. I say "Agent" probably 20 times, I shout it into the phone... nothing, the menu continues. Interestingly, there is no "Tech Support" option on the menu, only a myriad of ways to arrange to send Verizon your money.

Fine, back to the Internet. It's now been nearly 2 hours I've been trying to locate a contact email or phone number to obtain this vaunted "24/7" Tech Support. I try the website listed on the brochure, which is This doesn't lead anywhere. I go back to the phone number because now I'm out of options. (A Google search had not turned up any useful information for "Verizon FIOS Technical Support"). This time, I bellow AGENT into the phone and though nothing happens during the menu it's supposed to interrupt at any time, it finally comes to the end. I press 000, or perhaps it was ***... either way, somehow, miraculously, I get through to an actual human being!

It's only been nearly 3 hours I've been navigating about in their supposed website. Note that the telephone number supplied on the FIOS documentation for FIOS support doesn't actually lead directly to FIOS support, but to a general Verizon number for any subject relating to FIOS, starting with sales of new service, and not actually containing a link to Technical Support. Note that the website printed on the documentation doesn't actually work at all.

Finally I get to explain to a tech what's going wrong, and we spend a further 45 minutes proving to him that in fact, no, the problem cannot be associated with our software or our hardware or our power supply or our cables. He checks our connection speed (which involves connecting to their website, which fails repeatedly before actually working... when it works, it comes up exactly what it should be. I power cycle both computer and router repeatedly at his instructions, and finally! Finally! He accepts that I'm not doing anything wrong and my analysis of the problem is, in fact, correct. He accepts that I cannot generate an error condition on my end that will reliably repeat the error, since it's *intermittent* (note to Verizon, please please please teach your techs the meaning of the word "intermittent.")

After another half hour of power cycling, rechecking etc - we are now nearly at 5 hours trying to get help, he gets the idea to check the router's firmware and verify it's up to date.

You guessed it. The firmware is the original factory setting, many versions out of date. Why it worked fine for the first two months or so is beyond me, but obviously something on Verizon's end was updated and that was causing all the interruptions. The tech has me download and install the firmware update and all appears to be working much more reliably. I ask him to make a note of all the difficulties I had in just getting "how to contact Tech Support," and he advises me that the site "" isn't the correct one. The correct one is "http://fioshelp.verizon.COM."

I surf over there quickly, while he's on the phone, and sure enough it looks like a support knowledge base site for their FIOS. Interestingly, the Live Chat icon is grayed out as unavailable. (I later determine it doesn't matter what time of day you go there, Live Chat is always grayed out. Why have the button? Beats me). I try searching on anything to do with intermittent service problems and there's no mention anywhere of router updates. In fact, there's no mention there at all about router updates, which clearly are necessary to make the service run correctly. The Send Us An Email option carries the caveat that it doesn't connect you to an agent, but rather is automated to send you links within the Knowledge Base which appear related to your question. Did I forget to mention there's NO mention anywhere of a telephone number to reach a real, breathing, (hopefully) thinking human being?

Ok so here are two new beefs. A) "24/7 Technical Support" promised is apparently only a searchable database that is located at a website different from the one in the printed documentation. B) If router updates are so important to maintaining a healthy connection, yet you cannot search the KB to determine whether any exist, why does not Verizon notify FIOS users of updates when they are implemented, with a link to the update installer?

Oh, and by the way. The problem of intermittent connections has happened again. Same symptoms. My husband and I agree that it looks more like a DNS problem, like for some reason the server is having problems decoding the website addresses sent to it by the browsers. The failure rate now is up around 75-90% of attempts. I went through the same runaround trying to locate tech support, and this time, when I first called [protected], I got a FAX machine prompt. 10 minutes later, using Redial, I got the same "interactive menu" that doesn't allow you to break into the menu and request an agent "at any time." I still cannot tell which combination of * and 0 at the end of the menu gets me to an agent, but I was disconnected or timed out four times. still only leads to the no-real-time assistance KB.

This time the tech support guy was able to see the intermittent fault in action from his end, when the router failed to return his ping. The firmware is up to date, so he's sending out a new router (since it's under warranty). We'll see if that fixes the problem, and for how long.

Four months into FIOS service, and I can honestly say, no high speed internet connection can possibly be worth all this stress involved in JUST trying to obtain real, human, qualified technical support.

Verizon is all about selling you services. Nothing more. I would recommend them to no one.


  • Ri
    rick hernandez Mar 24, 2008

    I cannot use voice mail...

    Need password ...
    Please email with info to access voice mail

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  • Jo
    jorge rodriguez Mar 30, 2008

    I also had a very dissappointing experience with verizon internet access. Every time I called for support I ended up talking to someone in India, or similar far a way country. I ultimatelyh had to cancel them because I was paying for a service I was not receiving. They initially charged me for the device, and after I asked for a refund when I sent it back they told me I had to wait 90 days for my refund.

    It has now been 6 months and yet to receive any refund. Any time I call them I have to be prepared to spend hours. Seems like this company has far too much business and they dont have enough personnel to handle their large business. Or they are subcontracting customer service to other countries, in order to save money.. but how much money do they really save, when they lose the customer?

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  • Jo
    john gallivan Jun 10, 2008

    Good lord, i could write a book. so i won't. they blow, in freakish ways. truly. madly, and deeply. suck, in a truly suckish way. i hate it (corps. are not human) and all of the incestuous siblings it enables. like, oh, credit card comp's, insurance ###, etc. i will not, however, allow my disgust to cloud my judgement. play with the. you won't nearly approach the damage it and it's ilk have caused, but i can at least chuckle at my immature humor/ways to pass the time.

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  • Ca
    Cathy Sullivan Jul 02, 2008

    We just had 3 STB's installed 6/29 (already had one TV with STB months ago). I can't get myVCR to record TIMED programs on tape. When they installed these last 3 boxes on Sunday, I told them I like to record programs using the TIMER to view later. They connected the cables to the VCR & TV on the only set that I use where I use the TIMER. He then showed me how to record programs which were viewing at the time & said to set my VCR the same as I usually did to RECORD TIMED programs. I did this & the VCR went on at proper time & showed it was RECORDING. But when I played it back it was SNOW & swishing sound - no picture. How can I do TIMED RECORDING ?

    We want to know why our "original STB TV" has the 3 on screen all the time, but these latest 3 boxes are NOT showing Channel 3. Is this the problem?

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  • Jo
    joseph grenci Jul 10, 2008

    Trying to successfully connect the stb box to my old
    set Magnovox TV mdl# HD 1320 C101. went to many manipulations and NO good results. Can you go step / step rectify my dilemma? Thank You

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  • Ka
    Kaila Jul 21, 2008

    I too am having problems with verizon fios internet...amazing... We started to have problems a while ago to the point where we had to reboot the router every three days in order to get wireless to our we complained and they sent us a new router because we were getting fed up. So we get the new router and I cant even sign onto the internet at all unless i am hooked up with a line directly to the router. Can you tell me where the sense is having a router to get wireless internet to your laptop when you have to hook it up to a land line anyway? *annoyed sigh* I am getting awfully fed up with this whole verizon set-up.

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  • Er
    Eric Landwehr Jul 28, 2008

    Reply to Heather Albertson 's Story:

    I have been having the same problems. I have FIOS at my company and it has not work 100%. We havew a call center and have point to point applications that work great. At least four times a day I have to reboot the router to get browsing to work. and YES I found it has to be a DNS issue. When browsing don't work I can't even get to my router vis a browser. But if I put node names in my host files I can browse the web sites.
    Verizon help line told me to reboot all servers and clients to fix the problem. ?????????
    I have been telling them that if I ping via IP address or just use host files things seem to point to DNS.
    They still don't understand.. Our network is at a 45% reliable which is not good. Since Verizon can't help I went with a Cablecompany service, And by the way the same router verizon gave me the network has been at a 100% uptime...

    Go figure...

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  • Jo
    Joe Schmerbeck Aug 15, 2008

    I too am having trouble with fios internet. When I first had it installed, it worked fine. I also have a wireless adapter installed on a second desktop in my family room. About two months ater installation, I started with logon problems. It takes forever to get to Verizon's homepge. Then when I go to check my e-mail, it takes longer to load than it did when I had AOL dialup. Then when it finally loads and I click on my individual e-mails, It takes forever for it to open up. I have talked to I think every tech at Verizon and can't get one of them to figure out the problem. The Tech support number (1-888-553-1555) is a joke. If I want to sign up for phone or television programing it fine. But to help with my problem it is virtually useless. I am seriously thinking of having it removed and go with another cable system such as Comcast. Or possibley go back to dail up. It's slow but recently it seems faster and more reliable.

    My two cents.

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  • Je
    Jean Wagner Aug 25, 2008

    My telephone rings only 3 x so I called verizon? Yeah, 4 hr's later I find out that I have to pay more to have my telephone ring more than 3x. I am thoroughly put out with Verizon Fios. Very poor service

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  • He
    helen brickman Oct 13, 2008

    I need to cancel my appointment to install fios on October 24- I have no telephone # - please help me!

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  • Pa
    pat Oct 30, 2008

    I spent an afternoon trying to order verizon fios and have been a customer with verizon dsl, phone and cell phone for years. I used the internet the phone back to the internet spoke to some one with a heavy east indian accent which I could not understand and was told the installation would be on a certain date no one came no one could find my order. Finally went to a mall kiosk and finally after over an hour on the phone was able to get a confirmation number for my orderwith an installation date. They since have called me an automated call telling me to call them back at a number which i could not write down since i answereed the phone and and did not have a pen handy. Today I get another automated call with them notifying me they will be their on another date and then blurt out if this is not satisfactory to got to a website and i can not find and go to what's next. Verizon sucks and they are losing me as a customer.

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  • Pa
    PARKER BLACK Nov 01, 2008

    I have been in service with Verizon since 10-21-2008 and I am ready to cancel everything I fully agree with some of the complaints I just finished reading I
    have a year contract after that I will be looking

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  • Ia
    IanIJM Jan 15, 2009

    Your experience EXACTLY mirrors ours. I honestly did not believe when I switched to Verizon from Comcast that anyone could be worse, but they are. In fact, Verizon is LIGHT YEARS worse than Comcast was.

    At least Comcast's services work correctly! They may not be as responsive as you'd like to customer service issues, but heck ... you rarely HAVE issues to report to them.

    FiOS has been nothing but trouble since I got it. Contact Verizon for support is like requesting an audience with the Pope. Their billing department is a disaster. Their service (especially the Internet issues you mention above!) is spotty at best.

    I finally got fed up and after only 13 months am switching back to Comcast. I STRONGLY urge people considering the switch to FiOS to exercise EXTREME caution. The grass isn't always greener and, in this case, I think the grass has actually been pooped on.

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  • An
    angry Fios Customer Jan 21, 2009

    my internet keeps disconnecting. its beyond frustrating.
    try to contact with tech support is literally impossible.
    I really dont recommend FIOS. Maybe after 10 years when their technology gets stabilized.

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  • Ga
    Garydon Feb 03, 2009

    I'm not going to go through all the reasons that verizon fios service sucks, just take my word for it they have more problems than solutions. One other thing if you order their service make damn sure it is what you want because if you try and change anything it will cost you more than what you got the first time.

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  • Te
    tehsu Feb 12, 2009

    I've never had problems with Tech Support, I've had FiOS since 2005, works great for me. No issues, actually the only time I did have an issue was when I used my own router, I switched over to the latest Actiontec router and I am getting 20/20, reset the router in the past 6 months probably twice. No major downtime, here and there I've lost connection to the ONT but besides that nothing, I also use and for DNS Servers.

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  • Ba
    Bala Feb 16, 2009

    Recently as Yesterday, i had issues with internet...same issues as others..intermittent connection, so i researched on the internet tried all the trouble shooting that an IT professional who cud setup a wireless network cud do. Nothing helps.
    Decided to call Tech support and it takes 40 min to reach them starting from searching for their Tech support number to reaching an Agent. A lady picks up the call and belive me...i have never seen a dumber women than her. Inspite of telling her in the begining itself that i have done some trouble shooting and that it didnt fix the issue, she still wud take me through those steps anyways. and 10 min into the call, with a Soft reset to the router, switch it off/on, check cable, Lan connection she wud decide to send a new modem.LOL...The actual fact is that there are lot of setting in the modem page itself and not even the supervisor bother to go in there and check the setting...Worst tech support

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  • Br
    brinaxshell Apr 06, 2009

    I work for Verizon. When you call 888-552-1555 you could possibly get me. [email protected]

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  • Fi
    fioswhy Apr 16, 2009

    Well, I don't know what to say. Comcast...We just couldn't stand it anymore! We had problems with out connections for the entire 6+ years! that when we moved. And, we all know that whether Verizon of Comcast, you NEVER get a credit. I have been with Verizon/Bell, whatever for 17+ years, so felt comfortable switching to FIOS! OMG as a disabled head trauma injury. All I want is just to forget these people exist! First Caveat Empter - buyer beware! The sales staff for Fios never gives you a installation cost and when the first bill got it...The confirmation install info is not correct. IT TAKES THEM ALL DAY I FOUND OUT AFTER...AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH...TODAY ON "live chat". I know it's not going to matter, but I'm filing complaints with FCC, BBB. I'm just more than disappointed. If you have a head injury don't call the disabled phone number because the line is hooked into the non-hearing disability line and I sat on the phone listening to the loud shrill, with interruptions of Rock...If you call the other line, you have Elevator type music. Seems to be it should be the other way around, but hey. When you go to the site please understand that there is a difference in just scheduling a payment and payment arrangements. My issue was letting them know that I was catching up past my due date, but it would be done. I only get paid monthly and if I had I waited I would have been facing suspension. The guy on the "Live Chat" told me I had 17 Years, but beyond what I was telling him, after 15 minutes back and forth I was in a panic. Session 041509490** started 14:54:26, I had to end my nerves were shot by 15:36:06. I don't know at this point what the deal is, nor do I care. I just can't handle it. Tell anyone this much. Really, really think before you switch from Comcast. I love the Fios, but...If you're cool with Comcast know you are going to face huge install costs at times. It will take ALL DAY and then some make sure, when the "top notch" sales staff sets you up if anything changes before your install and you call them...they give you a NEW CONFIRMATION NUMBER! THAT ONE THING CAN ADD HO URS TO YOUR INSTALL! AND MAKE SURE BEFORE YOUR CONTRACT EXPIRES YOU GET NEW RATES. Books are starting to look better and better all the time. Between them and Comcast, they'll do their own business in. I'm glad I found this site. At least I know I'm not alone. Good Luck

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  • Harsh Realities Jul 19, 2009

    Please remove the malware log from your own system before complaining about the speck in the fios support system.

    MOST user issues stem from user slot-, ignorance-, or a combination of both.

    1. NEVER surf the web in an administrator user context. Create an OS (or kernel) account with user (non-administrator) privilege and run the browser there.

    2. CORRECTLY configure the security for your browser. IE is a bit more challenging to tie down than firefox or opera.

    2b. CORRECTLY secure your operating system (or kernel). It is not "good enough" to use it "the way it came".

    3. CLEAN your system. No idiot's guide required. Start here: -- I volunteer at many such sites to help people like yourself.

    4. A vast majority of the applications marketed at increasing "security" ought not be used by anything. If you already had the knowledge you would not be using the bloatwaare. Using it correctly requires knowledge you do not possess. Continuing to use it will cause more problems that it claims to solve. Guilty among these are ZoneAlarm, Norton Security, and Mcaffee Security.

    4b. If you cannot explain why you need a 'software firewall' you do not need one. Do use a hardware firewall appliance or at the very least employ some form of NAT.

    5. If you have been over clocking the pain you suffer now is rightly named justice.

    6. Re-read 2 and 3.

    7. If you endured a defective router for four months you ought not be casting stones.

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  • Nh
    _NH Oct 03, 2009

    I am in NH and I'm a Comcast customer.

    I have to go on the web to send mail to my family in Mass!

    My email will not arrive if I send it from my email program.

    I get no bounce message and supposedly I am not on any spam list.

    But my family now cannot receive my mail. This has been going on since the last week in Sept 09.

    I would recommend dumping Verizon if this is not resolved. You may not be getting mail from your friends in NH who are on Comcast.

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  • Dv
    Dv82694 Nov 15, 2009

    Wow, isn't it a surprise. Many people have the same problem as me too. When I got Verizon Fios it started off good, working internet, fast, and able to connect around the house wireless. Turns out in the next month or two it went from "GREAT" as advertised with one of the fastest speeds in the world to "wow, i wish i never got this garbage." Now i am a 15 year old living with Grandparents that do not understand how the Internet/technology works, so i have to do everything all myself with a little bit of help from an uncle. I don't know if it is my network that was given to me with the modem or Verizon Fios Wireless modems "suck" and it was a scam for people to buy them, because this is not right. I have no wireless connection around the house when there is a 24/7 fully non-working green wireless light on the modem that does not blink or change to a lighter green color or a red color. I don't know what to do, i really want to switch out of Verizon Fios. In my opinion, It is not recommended as a Internet provider. I am very frustrated about this, i can't take it anymore. I'm using a yellow Ethernet cable to get my connection for my laptop and Xbox 360 live. If i unplug it, i lose all connection. I am so tired of it, i want free connection around the house. I can't do anything about it because i'm only 15 years old and i don't control this stuff. My Grandparents don't understand when i say we need to switch. I can't help it and i sure know this is a waste of money a month to pay for something this bad. It's just like giving evil a gun to kill you. We are paying them for no good service for no good reason at all. Please tell me what i can do to help this.
    P.S - It has nothing to do with moving the modem around or messing with the antenna trust me, i've tried that many times already.

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  • An
    Annoyedbyautomatedsystems Nov 17, 2009

    I am experiencing intermittent dropped connections and it's becoming very ANNOYING!!! I'm trying to reach a live person now, but I've been put on hold. For the cost of services, Verizon FIOS should provide MUCH better customer service. Customer service is lousy!!!

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  • Mi
    Michele-RM Nov 21, 2009

    I could not have said it better .. I switched back to Comcast .. I would never recommend Verizon FiOS!

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  • Fc
    FC3 Dec 22, 2009

    I am so furious with this lying Verizon company. Today they supposedly were going to "send a technician" by --get this 8am to 8pm---yeah, be ready when they are. AND they didn't show or phone. How many times are they going to "fix" this problem??? Today, all I really wanted was to tell them to go to H*LL anyhow since I already switched. After ONE YEAR of them explaining, explaining (read all complaints others wrote above because they are just what I went through) this is the day they decide to piss me off just too far! I already talked to Optimum today and set up with them. I didn't even realize (new to area) how piss-poor the Verizon DSL is (IF you even get it)--what decade are they operating in? They can't even deliver, on a good day, 1 megabits? Pitiful and pathetic.
    It is disgusting that I have been led to pay for service that I really was not getting but they kept making it seem as if it was the pc, the router, the phone line, the filters, blah, blah (lies). Every curse word= them. The last word, though, is mine: Good riddance!

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  • Hi
    hipler Mar 03, 2010

    as a tech support agent our job was made impossible. As frustrating as it was for you to work with the company to get your problems resolved it was just as frustrating for me to work for the company to resolve your problems for you. It was like they wanted me to tell you "Sorry sucks to be you!" and move on, even though they never actually said that.

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  • Ma
    MaBall Mar 22, 2010

    @ Harsh Realities:

    Don't be a smart aleck!! This is late March 2010. I have the same problems with Verizon as the lady first reported. Of course, Verizon made a few changes. Like, activating the "online Chat". Sic! I'll tell you what it is: you type in a question and and it answers. The question has to be simple and contain some key word. Say, "VPN' or "phone". Then it presents it's canned answer. Brilliant Case Based Help, isn't it? Isn't this the 21st century? No one is saying Comcast is better. She reported her problems with Verizon. The Support regime at Verizon is exactly the same. Their philosophy seems to be to cut down all Tech Support to the barest minimum - the customers are not going go anywhere. Even if they do, the loss is not great. They make their numbers after 4-6 months of the customer paying the monthly charges of $100 plus. The cost of new customer acquisition is equal to the cost of customer retention. This happened over the last few years. If we consumers are the blame, it is our willingness to take this sh*t and not move frequently enough or give the carriers hell. Very few consumers complain or post things like the lady did here, fewer still go to the FCC's Common Carrier Bureau. When people do post their problems, we have idiots like "Harsh Realities" putting them down.

    So, Harsh Realities: Why the bloody hell are you so protective about Verizon anyway? Have you been working there forever - since it's monopoly, "utility" days? No wonder, it hasn't changed. It's hard to change a mind-set like that. Why don't you answer why Verizon hasn't changed it's support policy or resources? Why hasn't it addressed the common problems that are being reported all over?

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  • Ve
    verizonsucks Jun 17, 2010

    verizon sucks! they tell me to pay double for the first month and i would get credit for the next month, yep next month no credit. called them4 times not solved. fick verizon~!!~!!! do not use them!

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  • Ri
    rick w Jul 01, 2010

    verizon games wont work.9% keeps blinking.What to do?

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  • De
    Devi1353 Oct 06, 2010

    I have had Verizon for the past 2 months and i do have to call customer service every week. Its like jumping from the frying pan straight in the fire.Switching from Time warner cable to Verizon was a huge mistake. I've had problems with the high bill (373.00) to the slow internet...Lord I'm so stressed out with this company and no one ever told me you're in a one year contract. Only when i called to cancel again did i hear you'll have to pay if you cancel before the year. I can't wait for that year to be over. Please whoever is thinking of changing to Verizon, PLEASE DO NOT change or you'll regret..THEY REALLY SUCKS!! Queens resident...

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  • Ch
    Chris Cuaron Sep 19, 2015

    I got Verizon FIOS less than a year ago... I have called them out to my residence 3 times... they cannot seem to understand why it keeps cutting off then on then off.. etc... all day long... they clam it's because my router is in my attic... so as I stand underneath it it keeps cutting me off. Then I was told Internet travels upward... like into the sky... Are you F******** Serious... this BOZO told me this ridicluls lie. I have 50/50 and on a good day I get 19/22. I was told because when they say 50/50 you don't actually get that... this statement was from actual home service people who were Verizon Fios Techs. I have a combo of Wired in... for my Desktop and 2 Smart TV's and several wireless devices... even the Wired products keep disconnecting. As I am writing this it's disconnecting and reconnecting... Now I am told it's because I have an Alarm System... WT????? What or Who Can I call and complain too. this is just plain stupid..

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