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After reading several other complaints about Verizon, I couldn't help but add my experiences. Every negative comment regarding Verizon is true and I have also experienced myself over the years. I've had Verizon home telephone services for many years, ONLY because that is what is available in our area. I have no other option. When I talk to the customer service reps, most have been nice people and they apologize for the billing errors, offer you things to appease your anger and not lose you as a customer, only to have me see on the next bill that nothing they said they would do got done. You end up on the phone with customer service every month until they get it right, sometimes that takes several months. ALWAYS write down who you talked to and the date you talked to them and exactly what they said they would do...because several times I've been told they have "no record of that".
My most recent frustrations is that I switched from Comcast cable to Verizon Fios to bundle my services in hopes to save money, and have been regretting that ever since. It's only been two months, and it's been a nightmare. I was told I'd be bundling my services and could have a gift card sent to me OR a certain amount of savings on my bill for the first 6 months, and I chose the savings. Well, so far my bills do not reflect the price I was quoted, and the first time I called to "fix" that, I discovered that they billed me for certain things that I did not request, so they removed those and brought my bill down, but still not to the quoted price but said my first bill is higher due to pro-rating. Ok, so I expected my next bill to be what I was quoted. NOT! The next bill was $55 higher than what I was quoted. SO, called again only to find out that what I was quoted "doesn't exist" and they don't know why I was quoted that price and they can't change it to make it that. Oh, and of course last month they offered me free HBO and Cinemax for my inconvenience, only to have me not see that happen, and a week later had to call AGAIN and they said it was never activated! Surprise, surprise!
Aside from the billing B.S., our cable service stopped working on one t.v. on a saturday. We called the help # and they walked us through troubleshooting and determined we need to unhook our box and take it to the Verizon store and switch it for a new one. Get to the store and they tell me they have no record of this person who told us this and they need to have that in their system before they can give us a new box or else it won't be activated and since it's the weekend (a holiday weekend at that) they can't get that resolved for another 3 days! UGH! We've never had problems like this with comcast, and if it weren't for the $180 charge to cancel our services, we'd be so done with Verizon. As soon as our contract is up, we're dropping them. YOU SUCK VERIZON!!!


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    Donald Oct 07, 2008
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    Had Verizon Fios for 13 months. Every Month the bill was deducted EFT between the 17th and 20th of the month. Checked my Accounts on OCt 6, 08. $79.98 taken from my acccount without authorization. Spent 1 and 1/2 hours on the phone and still no explanation, Cancelled the Fios. What terrible service.

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    Vivek Bhatnagar Nov 16, 2008
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    I recently signed up for the Verizon Fios internet and TV service. I made the mistake of providing them a credit card number at the time of placing the order. Verizon out of the blue charged me $198 and refuses to provide a paper bill. I have called them multiple times and each time they say the bill is being mailed and I would get it in 3 business days. They say that the orignal bill was emailed to me, which I never received. I have no clue why I was charged $198 bucks, when I signed for a $79.99 a month plan with no installation charges. am totally disappointed in Verizon.

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    DonnaD Dec 10, 2008

    In October I, regretfully, enlished Verizon Fios as my tv/internet/phone service at the rate of $65.00 per month for 6 months and then $95 thereon. The deal sounded too good to be true and, as it turns out, is. Today I received my first bill of $291.00! I placed a call to Verizon and they explained to me (which they never mentioned at the signing) that they prorate your bill and, depending on when the installation takes place within your cycle, you are responsible for additional fees. Oh, and coincidently, they had forgotten to give me the $30 discount on my original bill as well. So, they were able to "do me the favor" of reducing my bill to $231!! I don't know but if you add 65 + 65 it equals $130 -- where did the other $100 come from. I will place another call tomorrow to rectify that and then will call my local cable company to switch from Verizon. Consumer beware -- look for all the loop holes and be sure that you'll never get a bill for $65! In addition, for all that money the digital signal stinks -- my television screen constantly freezes within frames. Verizon is the worst!!!

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  • He
    heather Jan 02, 2009

    It is a nightmare to have FIOS.
    Their departments are a really mess. I made the order of triple play, which is TV, phone and internet. before the installation, they sent me an email and I found that there was no phone service. I called them and they gave me a different order number---that is the begin of the nightmare.

    They keep sendming me different bills. The triple play is much cheaper than paying them separately and now they are sending me bills to the TV and internet, and to the phone. I called them, many times, ask them to combine the service and the bill. But someday, the internet was gone and when I called again, they said that I did not pay for the phone! I was totally confulsed because the online acount I opened shows the balance was zero and their billing department also said I don't have unpaid bill. After made a dozen phone calls, I was really upset and said that just send me some bills and connect my internet!
    The internet was re-connencted and now i have a new bill with TV and phone, no internet on it!

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  • Am
    amw Feb 05, 2009

    This was filed with the PA Attorney General's office
    During the month of June 2008 I used Verizon FIOS for TV and telephone service. In that time I received a two year contract from Verizon that I was required to sign and return within thirty days in order to get the promotional rate. Because I was not satisfied with the quality and level of customer service, I chose not to sign the contract and switched my TV and telephone service to Comcast on 6/29/2008. I notified Verizon of my decision via the customer service number and they instructed me that I would no longer be a customer after 6/30/2008. On 7/1/2008 I contacted Verizon and a representative picked up all Verizon equipment.

    I paid the bill for June. On or about July 7 I received a bill for service from July 7, 2008 to August 6, 2008 for $82.50. I promptly contacted customer service because I was no longer a Verizon customer during that time. I was informed by a man named Eddie that the bill was sent in error and to disregard. He stated I would receive an invoice with a $19.59 credit, which was sent about a week later.

    In August I received an invoice dated 8/7/2008 that included the charge for $82.50 and an early termination fee of $119.00. Because I did not sign the contract and transferred my services to another provider within thirty days, I am not responsible for the early termination fee and I was not a Verizon customer during the time in which I was billed. I sent copies of my last bill that was paid in full, a copy of credit invoice that stated FINAL BILL on the bottom, and a copy of the bill dated 8/7/2008 with a brief explanation to the Correspondance Address listed on the bill as

    PO Box 9002
    Annapolis, MD 21401-9002

    I requested they corrected their billing system and respond when this was resolved.

    In September I again received the same bill. I then resent the exact correspondence I sent the previous month with a copy of the bill dated 9/7/2008 and the request to please promptly correct the billing system to the billing address listed as

    PO Box 9688
    Mission Hills, CA 91346-9688

    In October I received the same bill so I began calling the customer service number 1-888-553-1555. On October 20 at 10:01AM I spoke with Christy who told me that I have no outstanding balance. According to their system, my account had a zero balance. After explaining that I continue to receive the same bill for three months I was given the FIOS Direct number at 1-888-438-3467 where I spoke with Terrence who again confirmed I had a zero balance. He then gave me the number to the Billing department at 1-800-464-0820 where I was connected to Jeff who put me on hold and then transferred me to Connie. She transferred me to Financial Services because she stated they did not know why I was being sent a paper bill when I had no balance. I spoke with Iesha in the Financial Services department. After explaining the situation, she confirmed she did see a charge of $176.59 on my account and then asked “How do you want to pay.” At this point I asked for a supervisor and was told she had none. I asked for whatever department handled these issues and was given none. I repeatedly asked for a phone number, mailing address or some mode of contact to get this resolved and was told there was none. All she could do was process my payment. I stated I would not pay for services I did not receive. I asked her to please note that on my account and to have someone contact me. The call finally terminated at 10:47AM

    On February 4, 2009 I received a notice from NCO Financial Systems, Inc. for a past due balance of $176.59 that lists Verizon as the creditor. As a direct result of Verizon’s intentional failure to act, I was denied credit on February 2, 2009

    I require this negative mark be removed immediately from all 3 credit bureaus. A statement needs to be sent to TD Bank from Verizon and NCO that I do not have any outstanding balance and this was completely the error of Verizon and NCO. I also need to be reimbursed for the 4 hours I spent writing letters, making phone calls and filing this complaint. My hourly rate is $65, which makes the total $260. I cannot even estimate what this bogus negative mark on my credit has done to me in the long term.

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  • Ed
    edison Feb 11, 2009

    verizon is the worst customer service. when i order the 3 package deal they charge me for additional installation service. poor installation was done.verizon refuses to fix the problem and they are going to charge me for it. Beware of verizon stick with your other cable service

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  • Kl
    klas Apr 26, 2009

    Verizon is bad news. Went through Attorney General in my state to secure rate for first "Bait and Switch" that I unknowingly fell for. Now have a hearing date scheduled with the PUC on behalf of consumers everywhere, along with a small claims court date set to try and collect compensation for over 150 hours of work just to get the double and triple billing to stop. If dealing with them, it is best to keep very good records - dates you called them, people you speak with, how long you were on the phone (in addition to saving 50-60% over Verizon phone services, Vonage is great here because you can actually prove your phone time and print out your records). Would also recommend taking screen shots if responding to any advertising and are not able to secure the deal via their website or phone Representative. Has been very common for folks to try and access a particular service through the website only to be told to try back or call a rep who will sell you that service at a higher rate. Additionally, don't believe them if they tell you that their DSL is not available in your area but their FIOS is because that is a common practice to try and get you into a service you may not want or need.

    Bottom line- slavery was abolished with the civil war and there are labor laws in place to protect folks and it is time for this multi-billion dollar company to stop screwing the consumers that line their pockets!!

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  • Go
    Gower May 28, 2009

    FiOS triple play is a total scam. I switched to it July 2008, being given a monthy rate of $69/mo - discounted due to poor prior Verizon service. After 4 months, with poor service, changed back to Cablevision triple play. It switched at the end of October 2008.

    Bills kept arriving for internet and TV afterwards requiring monthly calls to "customer service." After 5 months, a collection agency sent a letter demanding over $300 - although total payments including early termination fee exceeded $670 for the 4 months of service.

    Now Verizon claims that cancellation of the "triple play" only cancels phone service - another call is needed to cancel internet and TV - even though the modems and set top box were taken by Verizon. To be extra sneaky, they changed account numbers after canceling the triple play.

    Phone calls result in testy, nasty customer service reps here in NJ.

    I suggest avoiding Verizon FiOS at all cost, unless you enjoy fighting with customer service!!!

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  • Fv
    fvoors Nov 17, 2009

    One Comp-lains about Verizon.. which I did several times to Verizon as my package is changed monthly it seems.. but where does one go for recourse? BBB? FTC?


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  • Jr
    JRagus Dec 12, 2009

    Verizon must be stopped with the jacking up of hidden prices on their bills.

    I had FIOS now since April 2008 and ever since than my bill goes up and up every month with no explanation of WHY it is being raised. Sometimes they will even add packages I never ordered like Setanta Sports.

    When calling FIOS, they tell me this is how it is and it's because I am making internatinal calls (which I DO NOT), ordering movies (I hate NetFlix for that) and ordering packages (I don't watch soccer so Setanta Sports would do nothing for me).

    Last month I paid $168 which is raised by a few dollars from the month before, but this money they billed me $198. That is almost $200 for TV, Internet and my home phone.

    How can a company continue to get away with stealing hard earned money from people with no logical excuse for why we are always being raised?

    Now if I want to cancel they will hit me with a HUGE cancellation charge that I cannot pay for so basically I am stuck being ripped off month in and month out.

    Is anyone out there that can do something about this and help the little people like me?

    Happy Holidays. But Verizon, I hope you choke on your egg nog.

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  • Mi
    MilitaryMommy09 May 18, 2010

    Where do i start-

    I initaially got FIOS when me and my family moved onto a military base where Verizon FIOS and DISH are only provided as service. FIOS seemed to have the better package so we went with them. Had no problems until it came down to us getting out of the military 11 months later...

    We had military documented order for end of service and were required to leave post. This being said, we had to cancel our services with Verizon. Where we were moving to had cable already set up so we could not do a transfer.

    When i called Verizon to cancel my service i told them we were military and had orders to get out and had to cancel. The representative then said, you have just over 30 days left on your contract will you be leaving within those dates? i said yes, and she then proceeded to tell me that i will be charged an early termination fee of 200 because of this. I then reminded them we are military and had ORDERS to leave the property where the service was provided. She told me that the only way the termination fee can be waived was if the military member was being deployed. UMM HELLO! Military families move everywhere!! you would think that would be an exception.

    So we decided even though we wont be living at the property well keep the contract open because 80 dollars is cheaper than 200..for 30 days..

    since we moved within those 30 days new tentants moved into the housing and were trying to get FIOS. But because we were still in contract there for that address they couldnt do it. VERIZON actually contacted us and asked us what was going on? i again told them of our military situation and this representative said that she "has no idea why the other representative would say that" she confided in me that she was a "reservist in the military" and waived the termination fee as of that day and sent our return equipment boxes for the recievers.

    A week later i recieved the return packages but it only included one box for one reviever..what was i supposed to do with the other one? So i called verizon AGAIN. told them i needed an extra box. they told me they couldnt send me one and that i need to go to any UPS location and drop it off and they will ship it for free. TO BAD the nearest UPS location is 30 mins away. Why should i have to go out of my way to find a ups store when you should of sent it to me the first time?

    Sometime there after i got a bill- a large bill in fact. (180) i called to question why so large. i was on hold for 40 mins before i spoke to a rep. This rep told me that the charges was from the previous month and the early termination fee. woah woah woah, that was supposed to be waived i said. i AGAIN had to tell this person of our military situation. She put in a credit and said it will take up to two weeks for this to process. you should then recieve a statement in the mail for your adjusted bill.

    One month later..i get the bill. opened it and saw that we now owe $600!! Saw that the unreturned equiptment fee of over 300 was on there. That made me furious. I called immediately. After being on hold for 15 mins.. i got a rep. I told the rep the situation, that i had not recieved a box to ship the equipment in and didnt have a convinent ups location to drop it off and that i need another box and i will ship it. he then told me that his department doesnt handle what im calling for, and that i need to call a different number tomorrow durning business hours to get it straightened out. SO i did.

    20 mins on hold here..hear a break in the hold music, like a rep was there, only to be hung up on. FURIOUS. called back, stupid automated lady took another 5 mins to direct me and then another 30 mins on hold. At this point in time my 14 month old daughter is crying, and needs a nap, im fustrated trying to concentrate on this issue with verizon, and i FINALLY get someone. I told her the situation, but guess what. WRONG DEPARTMENT. i said "let me speak to a supervisor, im not going to be put on hold again for another 40 mins, i do not have the time, nor patience for that" "im wasting my minutes on a company i dont even belong to, and i have a 1 year old that needs my help" She then replied that her supervisor doesnt handle situations such as mine and is only going to tell me what she has been saying which is being redicrected to the proper people. I said, i better not be on hold..." this is a direct line im connecting you too- hold on" she replied and immediately transfered me.

    theres that annoying automated lady again..back at square one. I HUNG UP. on the brink of pulling my hair out and crying becuase this would never be the issue if they got things right in the first place!!!

    I called back 5 mins later. AGIAN. on hold for 20 or so mins. Got someone finally. VENTED for a good 15 mins. finally getting my issue resolved. He still said i was being charged for a early termination fee. credited it again. also said to wait until 2 weeks to get new adjusted bill and equiptment returned. (btw i have to go out of my way to do now) SO WE WILL SEE HOW MUCH MORE VERIZON CAN MAKE THINGS DIFFICULT. My total time dealing with Verizon today was over 21/2 hours. UN CALLED FOR.

    i will NEVER refer verizon to ANYONE. ever. they have poor customer service, bad wait times, and horrible billing department. People have lives, people do not want to sit on their phone all day on hold, just be to redirected or hung up on!

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    calexo Apr 04, 2011

    Verizon has been notorious in my experience in fraudulently billing for services that I nor my wife ever ordered. We have no children and no one else has access to our TV. Yet, when we call and complain to Verizon about the services loaded on to our bill, the standard answer is "someone must have". In one instance last year, I had to write to the State Attorney General and the FCC to get monies refunded. I used to authorize autopay which I have stopped since once autopay is initiated, verizon wont send you a paperbill! That makes it too easy for verizon to rip off its customers. All utilities and Comcast will send you a paperbill even though the customer authorizes autopay. But, Verizon, will not. That is I suspect to prevent unwitting customers ever becoming aware of the fraudulent bilking that it indulges in. I have complained to the FCC about verizon's refusal to send a paperbill if one authorizes autopay, with no remedy. So, I now get a paperbill and pay monthly. But, it allows me to see how every month, verizon adds on services that we neither use nor ever asked for. For example, this past month, Verizon added "unlimited games, security bundle, multi-room DVR etc". When, I called and complained they agreed to take off the charges, in my next month, s bill! Verizon is the most fraudulent "big name" company that I have come across in my lifetime of TV usage. I am thinking of switching to satellite TV since I hear Comcast is no better.

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  • Ov
    Overitru Apr 26, 2011
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    Verified customer

    BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN EXTENDING YOUR CONTRACT WITH VERIZON!!! I called Verizon about my contract as it was due to expire. I wanted to find out my rate as if it was going to go up a lot as I was going to switch companies. The person that I spoke with said that my bill would only go up $5.00 per month and he could give me a better internet speed. In addition, he could continue to give me a $30.00 credit that I was receiving and free movie channels for 6 months. This rate would lock me in for 2 years which I didn't care because that just meant two years I didn't have to worry about dealing with increasing bills for my internet/cable/phone. Well, I got my bill and it went up $38.00 a month plus taxes. I am having to pay $13.01 for the movie channels instead of FREE, only getting a $20.00 credit instead of $30.00 and my package rate when up from $109.99 to $124.99. Not to mention that when I changed my internet speed it did something to my internet for two months and it was slower than dial up. I have now been dealing with this since January. I talked to numerous employees two of which stated they found the mistakes and yes I was getting over charged. When they try to give me credits for these bills they get denied. It is very fustrating. At this point, I am going to just cancel my Verizon service which is going to cost me over $300 in an early termination fee. But at least the $300 is better than the over $900 that they are over charging me for the next two years.

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  • 4e
    4everdone May 09, 2011

    Your story sounds like mine. Up until the part about going to the Verizon store.
    Yes, they SUCK

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  • Ri
    RICKAMAVEN May 09, 2011
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