Verizon Communicationspoor customer service

G Nov 28, 2017

I recently purchased a new pixel phone and IPad from the Verizon Wireless store located at 3737 Murphy Canyon Rd Suite B, San Diego. With the $1, 000+ purchase the salesman, Troy, offered a free screen protector for the phone. I was told they were currently out of stock, but to return in a few days when the next shipment was to arrive. Four days later I returned, but was told they were still out of stock. I returned about a week later and was told again, they were out of stock.
I return today, Troy was not working, and the store manager informed me that while they now have the screen protector in stock, I would be required to PURCHASE the item and they refused to honor their promised accessory. After four return trips to be told they would not fulfill their agreement left me with a foul taste for Verizon and I'm now stuck for the next two years. What I learned from this bad experience is never take the word of this retailer and always get it in writing.

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