Usenet.nlusenet. nl - free trial is a scam with no way to cancel only to be charged.


I subscribed to using the free trial to learn what it was about.
That same day of subscribing, The services was not clear so I immediately submitted a form to cancel my subscription.

I have discovered that, submitting a form to cancel is a process where they look into your inquiry and decide whether they allow it or not.

In a sense, Without knowing I was locked into a subscription I did not use.

Their arguement is you wont be charged if you cancel before the termination of the trial period. HOwever, they don't allow you to cancel or make it difficult, claiming there was a never a cancellation.

And so, I was locked and my account was charged.

Upon my second time of cancellation attempt, AFTER they took my money. They allowed my cancellation.

I constantly emailed and they used the 'terms and conditions'. as a rebuttal that I didn't cancel before the trial ended, despite them not allowing me to cancel. and thus, did not allow a refund of 149NZD (my currency).

I constantly emailed and contacted them - requestings responses 3 times in one day, as they were merely ignoring my forms.

The 'terms and conditions' are a fraud.

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