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T Jul 25, 2019

I made an order approximately 6 or 7 years ago. I now get 20-30 calls every single day including Christmas. I am going to try something someone I know said would work. That is to keep them on the phone as long as you can trying to negotiate a price, and then go on to another drug that I will them I'm interested in.
After that ask to talk to their supervisor to make sure everything I'm ordering is going to come. Once I get the supervisor on the phone I give him a phony card number. Finally, I tell him I just wasted 20-30 minutes of their time and that I will do so on every call. My friend said it stopped his call after he did it a bunch of times to the many different companies that called him.
This is a tactic that takes time that you might not have, but there is no other recourse.

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