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US Airways Complaints & Reviews

USAIR / Cancelled Flights

Oct 28, 2015

UsAir/American Airlines cancelled my flight during spring break from LaGuardia to Charleston 2 hours before takeoff, and offered to send me the next day. They said for routine maintenance. (Subsequently after speaking to over 6 different reps, i had 6 different other excuses!) I found a...

US Airways / Cancellation of flight and horrible customer service!

Apr 24, 2014

This airline is impossible to deal with. Before I get into the particulars of our family vacation disasters, let me just say that the only way you can connect with US Airways with a complaint is to submit an online form. That is it! No phone calls are taken concerning customer complaint...

US Airways / Bad training and no customer service

Apr 07, 2014

The airline caused the WORST Vacation ever. They lost my luggage going from 30 to 85 degrees. . Every time I called to check, they gave me a different answer and asked that I call back in 4 hours. You have no time to relax. I found out they scan luggage and seem to IGNORE if they get a...

USAirways / Bad Customer Service

Mar 13, 2014

I had to cancel a scheduled flight on USAirways due to my mother's death. I had one year to re-use the travel voucher. To book this flight I had to speak to an agent. I could not book online or though an automated system. When I tried to book the flight, they were having weather...

US Airways / Standby Policy

Apr 20, 2013

If you haven't noticed, US Air has changed their standby policy. Instead of same day standby, you can only fly standby within 6 hours of your original flight. I tried to fly standby from Grand Junction, Colorado today. My original flight was at 6:20pm. The next earlier flight was at...

US Airways / lack of customer service


I departed Orlando Florida on Nov 27, 2012, on a late departure on flight 1608. During the entire flight there was constant noise of a fan that made me think perhaps I would lose some hearing ability during the flight. The individuals behind me at one point asked the stewards what the...

US Airways / Crappy Service


I used to love US Airways, what happened? For the first time in my life, I've never hated an airline so much. I prefer British Airways over them even though they lost my luggage twice. The people US Airways has to "help" us passengers are complete rubbish. My luggage was destroyed...

US Airways / Lousy customer service and refund policy (no refund policy)


I picked US Airways over another carrier because the flight was non-stop and listed as less expensive that was until I tagged on the baggage fee of $25 and the don’t get crammed in a middle seat fee of $50...each way! This, of course, tacked on an additional $150 to my total making...

US Airways / Sloppy customer service reimbursement of Airline tickets


I have been a loyal USAir credit card customer since 1997 and a loyal dividend miles award member for many years prior. My husband and I booked an Alaskan cruise with USAir providing the transportation. Our flight from Syracuse NY originally scheduled to leave at 5:45 PM left 20 minute...

US Airways / negligance for delayed flight


Flight 3296 on May 6th, 2012 was delayed for 7 hours. It was due to leave MSY at 6:50 AM and arrive in PHL at 10:35 AM. Flight did not leave until it had been pushed back 4 times, then shut down by the Captain, then re set and finally left around 3 PM. A dented panel held the flight while...

US Airways / poor customer service


I was flying Philadelphia to SFO and the flight attendant kindly offered a drink and I kindly accepted a bloody mary. I soon realized I made a mistake because I am trying to decrease my alcohol drinking. I gave my drink to my friend that was flying coach because I didn't want the...

US Airways / goods not received


i was returning to England from a vacation in North-Carolina, when i asked the air stuadest to purchase ciggarettes from the duty free.she told me there was a promotion, if i purchase £100.00 worth i would get a free pearl necklace, she said unfortunatly they didnt have any on the...

US Airways / Misleading website


I have been a loyal customer of US Airways since their days as Allegheny, but today I've finally had enough of their nonsense. I tried to make a reservation last night for my family to travel back to Philadelphia for Christmas using Dividend Miles, but their website was down. Thi...

US Airways / Refund due to illness for 84 yr old


Please see letter copied bleow reagrding this complaint... My mother, Evelyn Piecora, had a first class ticket…which she paid over $1300 for…and fell ill prior to the flight. We submitted a letter from her doctor…we actually submitted the letter several times, as your...

US Airways / Gate Agent - Phoenix


This incident occured when connecting from a United flight from SFO to a flight from Phoenix bound for ATL. My company travel agency booked me on this flight due to problems with United in SFO. When I went to board US Airways Flight 614 in Phoenix to Atlanta I was told there was a problem...

USAirways / Poor customer service and resolution is almost funny


USAirwaysTo Whom It May Concern: My name is CeeAnne Ernspiker, and I traveled with US Airways on the dates of June 11th, 2011, and June 18th and 19th, 2011 between SDF and MBJ as the final destination, round trip. I am writing this letter to express my disappointment with many circumstances that I...

US Airways / Refund Practices


When a non-refundable ticket is changed, not only does US Airways charge a $150 change fee ... but if the new fare is lower than the original fare THEY KEEP THE DIFFERENCE (it is "absorbed, " as the representative stated). However, if the flight is more expensive, they charge you. In my...

US Airways / Horrible Service


This is in regards to my recent travels on your airline, July 20th and July 24/25th. I was scheduled to depart Dallas/Ft Worth at 5:15am on July 20th with a connection in Charlotte, NC and final destination of Montego Bay, Jamaica. I checked my bag online and printed my boarding pass the...

US Airways / delayed flights


On june 29 we were to fly out of MCI to Charlotte and on to MBJ ; landing at our final destination at 1:30 pm . We arrived at Mci to find our flight had been postponed 2 hours . This ment we would miss our connectiong flight. Us airways only help was to send us to Miami after Charlotte and...



The first comment must be from her or a US Airways flight attendant. I was myself yelled at and was told that the cops were going to pick me in Barcelona because she heard something that I did not even say!!! I was talking to my neighbor and say "It's dumb" and she heard me saying to...

US Airways / Cross country flight,small plane,no movies


Having read Doug Parker's CEO letter in the current issue of US AIRWAYS magazine, while sitting on Flt.#969 PHL-SFO, waiting to take off, I was thinking"Wow, this is great!At least, they won't lose my bag." That has always been an issue, perceived or otherwise.Good to know...

US Airways / Bullying, humiliating flight attendant behavior


I've never been so upset with a flight - I'm not one to complain about cancellations and delays, these things happen. I'm not very sensitive to busy flight attendants either, they're people dealing with their own issues every day too. However, this was unbelievable...

US Airways / Delayed and Cancelled Flights


First flight (4373) to leave at 10:50AM on May 31st out of Binghamton, NY was cancelled after postponing it for 3 hours due to mechanical difficulties. Was booked on flight (4385) to leave same airport at 6:10PM that evening. This flight was also cancelled due to crew showing up at airport...

US Airways / Discrimination


I took a connecting flight from Charolette to Houston and while refreshments were being served the crew member didn't acknowledge me. I was seated in a aisle, which meant she should have asked me first what I would like to drink, instead, she asked the woman next to me what she...

US Airways/Dividend Miles / Dividend Miles Worthless


I wanted to tell you about the issue I'm facing with US Airways' dividend miles program, which is part of the larger Star Alliance miles program that includes other partners such as Lufthansa, Air Canada, Turkish Air...etc. This March, I saw a news article that mentioned an offer on...

US Airways / Items stolen from checked luggage


On February 5 of 2011, as a photographer on assignment, I flew from JFK to Phoenix on US Airways. I travel frequently so I was unconcerned at the lack of attention and basic disregard in the way I was treated by US Air workers as I checked in. I paid my $60 and checked in two bags. In one...

US Airways / Laptop stolen from luggage


On February 22, my laptop was stolen from my suitcase on a U.S. Airways flight from New Jersey to Oakland. I contacted the airline immediately and filed a complaint, including all the information they requested: complete details of my flight and the stolen item, proof of purchase for the...

US Airways / Flight Attendant


I want to complain about a flight attendant that US Airways employs that bullies passengers. Her name is Donna Cucharale and I am beyond understanding how they can employ someone like this who most certainly has extreme personality and anger issues. It's time for US Airways and other...

US Airways / Gate Agent Rude


Let me start off by saying that I have NEVER been treated so poorly by someone before in my life. Let me explain; My original flight number 1463 out of RIC on 12/29/09 was cancelled. The reservations agent rebooked me and mother on an earlier flight. I explained at the time that we have a...

US Airways / Injured by Flight Attendant


One of their flight attendants slammed her trolley against my knee, it is still swollen - were she hit me it is green and blue. Obviously for this airline it is a normal procedure to hit passengers if they are in the way: [censored]039;s comment was "these kind of accidents can't be...

US Airways / Rude treatment of mother with Autistic child


LETTER TO US AIRWAYS REGARDING CRUEL TREATMENT TO AUTISTIC CHILD AND MOTHER My husband booked a flight through, on December 15th, 2011, for my 9-year-old son and myself to NC, flying US Airways. My husband was to pick me up to spend Christmas at our second home, in Lenoir, NC. I...

US Airways / Rude attendants & clerks


My wife & I took a trip using US Airways this year for vacation booked by a travel agent at our 1st destination. We have both traveled a lot in the past but have never experienced the rudeness of the flight attendants and staff with any other airlines. I will NOT fly US Airways again even...

US Airways / Ticket Agents don't know the company policies


My daughter booked a flight to Hawaii on U.S. Airways but because of job commitments she had to cancel. They gave her a credit of equal value to the ticket to use anywhere U.S. Air flies. The ticket agent told her she had until September 18th to book a flight. She left it to the last...

US Airways Mastercard / Interest Rates


Due to a death in my family, I was two days late in paying my USAirways Mastercard bill in November 2009. As a result, interest rate was increased to a whopping 26.24% Since then, I have religiously paid on time and despite multiple requests, I have been denied an account review to receive a...

US Airways / Refused to get me on a plane with a ticket I paid for


In December of 2009, I booked a vacation to Kauai through Expedia. Months later, the return flight shifted so dramatically that Expedia allowed me to choose a new return path free of charge. I switched from a United return path to a codeshare path with US Airways hosting me from LIH to...

USAIR / Unprofessional and rude flight attendants


Incredibly rude and unprofessional flight attendant staff on my USAir International flight. Seem to resent their job and certainly resent providing any service. They wore no name tags and when I asked one attendant her name so I could identify her in a complaint to management, she refused...

Us Airways And Ventura Security In Dominican Republic / Physically restrained from Boarding a plane


On August 13th, 2010, while boarding US Airways flight 1669 from Punta Cana to Charlotte we experienced the most embarrassing situation perpetrated by an employee of Ventura Security, a "security company" outsourced by US Airways to handle a second tier of security measures for passenger...



Re: Complaint Date: July 13, 2010 Dear Sir: Please accept this letter as a complaint in reference to a trip I took on to flight #227 from Washington, D.C via Charlotte North Carolina to Atlanta, Ga. on Jul 11, 2010. The ticket agent was very rude and disrespectful to us passengers, because of...

Airline Ticket/cancellation / u.s. airlines


i am a diabetic. there no vending machines in sections d & e. after 2300 hrs everything is closed down. police swept the concourses to make sure no-one spent the night in the terminal. my flight on (u.s air) was on time, and i was told to report to gate e-4, which i did. the airline...

US Airways / Delays without real compensation


I'm just going to paste the communications between myself and US Airways. This case is ongoing. Mr. Doug Parker, Once again I write to you as it seems that you intend to ignore my previous email just as you company no longer seems interested in answering my last email despite the auto...