Urban Planet / customer service for the manager’s mistake

Capilano Mall in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I have sent many emails to the customer service since may 21st without any response at all as of today, june 11.
No customer service whatsoever!!!

This is the story
I bought three items from the store at capilano mall in british columbia on may 19th. The manager sold items. Next day I decided to exchange the item at the metrotown store but the store clerk told me that the item in the receipt was the different item. She suggested me to go to the capilano store to sort it out. I came back to the capilano store on may 21st. The manager accepted the his worker number was on the receipt but to my surprise he didn't accept that he made a mistake. Instead he was telling me that he was helping me for "my wrong" that I didn't!! When I said that he was accusing me of something that I didn't do, he got very upset and he decided not to exchange it any more. He made a mistake with barcode to begin with!!! I didn't buy a men's short. I bought a women's short. He scan the wrong item purposefully??? It doesn't make sense at all. Scan some other item? I will attach all photos. This is amazing that he was the manager and he was the person made a mistake and acting as if he was the victim!!!
I even asked him to check the security camera for me but he didn't. Why someone scan a different item barcode??? And circled the no return policy??? Something is wrong!!!
I am not happy at all. Bad business practice

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Jun 12, 2019

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