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This... this rating shouldn't even be possible. Not every mother cares about her own children how this company cares about their customers. Perfect!

Namshi General Trading LLC

Unit 3219-2-3, Emaar Gold & Diamond Park, P.O Box 118529
United Arab Emirates

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+971 800 626 744(Customer Service) 8 0

Namshi General Trading Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Namshi General Trading / namshi - promotions which are never fulfilled and cancelled

Nov 13, 2018

Namshi General TradingThe other day NAMSHI gave a online promotion offer to buy one and get one free. I purchased two items from them and was given the promotion. Later, after 48hrs of struggling my shipment got shipped only to see one of the item was cancelled. I contacted them regarding this and they said it...

[Resolved] Namshi / My order was cancelled and they offered me a store credit!

May 10, 2017

I can't recommend Namshi, their service is beyond terrible. I made my order and later got contacted by someone from Namshi who said that my order was cancelled because they were not able to process it. I asked what was the matter but they couldn't explain anything. Anyway, I expected to...

[Resolved] Namshi General Trading / Fake products/

Apr 06, 2017

Hi all, Avoid purchasing from these people.. Before making my purchase i did go through the complaints but my fault I gave it a go. They are pure frauds! I bought Mango jeans for 179sr and when I opened it, I understood right away that it's fake. They look like the ones sold by street...

[Resolved] Namshi General Trading / Shoes

Mar 14, 2017

Hi all, I ordered shoes from namshi and with great expectation, I wore it and soon my feet git struck with something pointy. I checked & it was a nail protruding out inside the shoe. My feet got injured and I called up their customer service to raise these issues with them and I even send...

[Resolved] Namshi / Wrong sizes!

May 24, 2016

I have ordered from Namshi website a few times and both times received nothing but headache. I received my items and was very disappointed because sizes were absolutely incorrect. Size chart on their website is incorrect! I immediately contacted Namshi customer service and spoke to a very...

[Resolved] Namshi / Fake products!

Mar 22, 2016

I have ordered several items from and they claimed they sell original brand clothing. When I received my stuff everything was totally fake and looked nothing like pictures on their website, quality was way off! I paid big money thinking that clothing I purchased wa...