United States Postal Service [USPS]holding mail

These leeches don't care and they lie every time they open their mouth!!Went on the vacation from 10th till 27 th.Went on the 9th fill out the hold mail application.Came back on the 27th my mailbox full with mail can not open it.Also on 21st they delivered a package and left it outside.Package missing as of today!!Bunch a leeches who don't care.They supposed to hold my mail and deliver them.Went to the post office on Monday the 30th to pick up my hold mail.The supervisor told me there is no mail(lied again)I told him about the problem.We will call you in a day or 2.Friday the fourth no one called.I even opened a case thru usps of course no one called as of today.When you call usps you wait for hours to talk to any of these leeches without answers.The same day i went to local post office to collect my hold mail which they didn't have upon returning home i saw my postal local delivery guy and he told me that he saw my hold mail on the floor that day.I asked him to bring it next day which he did.So again the supervisor and their cronies are lying to their teeth.The lost my package and dont'care.

Oct 04, 2019

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