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Q Dec 03, 2018
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Consistently (at least 2 dozen times in last year) we have received other people's mail. We know most of our neighbors and have been able to drop off their mail and packages to them and explain it was delivered to us. We have also had our neighbors bring us packages and mail that was delivered to them. Today two prescriptions that are vital to my health were brought to us from a neighbor. This is unacceptable. What if the neighbors didn't bring it to us? The address has been correct in every instance. This leads us to the question of how many items have been just tossed out and not brought to us? And is it right that others are seeing our personal mail. Feels like an invasion of our privacy. Please help. Our entire block is becoming furious over this.


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    CF2301 Dec 11, 2018

    I live in Brooklyn NY zip 11229 Mail come in erratically some days as late as 8:30 PM Some days not at all.

    At times I receive mail that's not mine. WE have complained before to deaf ears. Please find what's wrong and FIX it..
    FRUSTRATED Citizen [email protected]

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