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I reside at 107 Pickett Lane, Georgetown, KY and I have a PO Box 1555, same city and state. I purchased my home in 2015. I have spoken to the local PO regarding the NON-delivery of my mail due to a vehicle that is parked near my mailbox, they tell me they do NOT have to back their vehicles up to get to my mailbox. NO policy provided supporting this information. I have packages and mail being returned because the mail person will NOT get out of their truck and put it in my mailbox. I pay taxes and I cannot change how the city set up the streets, parking, or the location of my mailbox. This is unacceptable. I'm also frustrated with the numerous "notes and letters" left behind in my mailbox telling me to move a vehicle but they will NOT leave my mail. How does that make sense? Please help.


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    9wood Sep 11, 2018

    just a guess but your mail box is off from the street/road?
    easy fix if that's the case move the mail box to a better spot

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