United Services Automobile Association [USAA]unethical behavior and incompetent customer service when disputing debit transaction

P Sep 16, 2018

I disputed a debit card transaction that occurred in February 2018 within the timeframe that USAA allows to dispute transactions. The transaction was with a "so called" plumber that, after attempting to fix a leaked I hired her to fix the leak occurred again and also happened in a second bathroom where there wasn't one initially resulting in me following up with her only to find out she contracted a carpenter to fix the bathroom toilets (which I was not aware of at the time of hiring) and her stating to me she would get that person back out to fix it, which I was not comfortable with since he didn't know what he was doing. She stated to me, which I have in writing that she would pay for someone else to fix it and I hired someone to fix it and she never refunded my money back to me.
The bank, USAA, followed up with paypal which I used my bank account to pay through. The issue was never with paypal. I went through them prior to requesting assistance from the bank. They've changed their rules and could not help me. So I went through the bank to retrieve my money back from Beth Waller. They never followed up with her, they gave me the run around for over a month, "lost" the paperwork I sent in to confirm my story with text messages and my statement. USAA claimed I never sent the documents, one person would say they'd found it and that they would escalate the issue and then I'd follow up in a few days and another person would say that the documents were never received. Then it would escalate again because I would get upset and they sent me to some "Executive branch office" where they would claim they would have to reopen the case because it was closed for not receiving the documents. Then I would once again get upset since I was just told someone received them. They magically find them again in a location that they said the documents weren't suppose to be and they said again that since the dispute was closed that I would have to wait for someone to review the case again. Then I received another notice that they found nothing wrong and that the case was closed. Mind you no one ever called me to discuss the issue, they never disclosed who they were disputing the case with until someone out of the several people I spoke to let it slip that it was Paypal, which it never should have been with. Over a month of this back and forth of getting nowhere and the issue was dropped like a hot potato as if my dispute had no validity. I am beyond upset. This is $300 of my hard earned money and I'd rather not spend more money going to court. Usually I do not have a problem with USAA. But this was just unsatisfactory to the point where I have found another bank and I have removed most of my funds from my checking and savings. I don't feel comfortable with a bank handling my money when a dispute in question is not taken seriously.

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