United Parcel Service [UPS]unauthorized change delivery

T Nov 28, 2017

I ordered a vacuum from Costco and it was to delivered on Nov 27th. I checked the online status in 27th morning to make sure that it was still scheduled to deliver on 27th and took the day off to wait for the package at home. However, the package didn't come and non one rang my bell. I checked the online status later and found it said "The receiver requested this package to be held for pickup at the UPS facility. / The receiver agreed to pick up the package this evening." I NEVER called UPS that I would pick it up and it DIDN'T show where the package is for me to pick up. Moreover, when I called local distributor, they claimed the locker was too full to deliver anything. My place does NOT have a locker and I was home. I do NOT want UPS to change my delivery method without my authorization or lie again! And UPS should re-train the driver or local distributor responsible for this area to avoid this kind of things from happening.

Here is the tracking number: 1ZR0Y0650326538233

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