United Parcel Service of America [UPS]inability to inform customers of deliveries: retrain the driver!

I had to file a claim due to a lost package, and the UPS person who contacted said the package was delivered to the correct location as checked on a GPS map-spot. I do have video cameras around my property, and no UPS truck appeared on them the day of delivery. The claim was completed and the shipper sent a new delivery (2 boxes) through UPS, again.
The UPS office had flagged my address for signature required for all deliveries, which I agreed with, and told me the drivers would make one attempt to deliver, then leave the package at the warehouse for pickup in Tumwater, WA. The complaint I have: how am I supposed to know the package is at the warehouse without any notification? No "sorry we missed you" slip left with the delivery attempt?
Two different packages, two different drivers, and both caught on my video. I got home from work (26th) to find a slip on the door from UPS saying my package(s) would be available for pickup in Yelm, Washington, rather than Tumwater, Washington. I had no issue with this, and went to retrieve my packages. Only one package was from the shipper I had filed claims with, and was still missing the other. I went back through emails and contacted the shipper, followed tracking numbers to find the other package had been sitting in Tumwater since the 25th of September. I reviewed my home videos to find a different driver pulled in on the 25th, walked to the door, rang the bell, scanned the box, and walked away. No slip, no notice!
Do the drivers not understand they are to notify us of a delivery? Why did one driver do his job perfectly, yet the other did not?
I will pickup my other package in Tumwater, WA on Monday after work because the warehouse is closed on the weekends. I have no desired resolution other than this location retrain their drivers to do their job correctly.
I will make every attempt to avoid using UPS for deliveries in the future because of the hassle. I have to drive 30-45 minutes to retrieve packages because I am not home during regular delivery times. I also understand there are tracking numbers, yet I did not watch them as I expected to see a delivery attempt notice.
Are delivery attempt notices not supposed to be left at the residence? Or am I supposed to guess when there is a delivery attempt?

Sep 29, 2019

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