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A parcel sent from Uk to Qatar

I sent a parcel to Qatar through parcel monkey There was a mistake on parcel invoice fedex called me to query value which said £11.200 I said absolutely not it's approx £200 they said they would amend it. But the parcel arrived still with value at £11.200 so Qatar customs wanted £600 which I cannot and will not pay. Contacted parcel monkey and after many exchanges saying I can't pay it and it's not worth it and also can't send it back as I'm in Qatar not UK anymore, parcel monkey are still saying I will have to pay for disposal but not telling how much. I do not see why I should be more out of pocket with the cost of sending was£140 and the the mistake was Fedex did Not amend the the value of my parcel. Regards giovanna vettese

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    Essam1 Mar 04, 2020

    Have you came to any conclusion here as I am in a similar situation ?

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Item not picked and instruction not followed

I placed an order on 2nd Feb/20 for an item to be picked from Las Vegas to Ireland fully paid. Parcel Monkey confirmed that item will be picked from Las Vegas on 17th Feb/20.

Several dates were mentioned in which FedEx was to collect item and never did. I was frustrated with their team emails reassuring a pickup that never happened.

I requested for refund they didn't confirm, my money is not refunded item not collected. THIS IS A SCAM COMPNAY PLEASE RUN AWAY FROM THEM. RUN, RUN, RUN!

unauthorized charge

Parcel Monkey charged an unauthorized $8 fee through my paypal account.
I did not ask for, nor did I receive any services for this charge. It was a charge for no reason. I have contacted Parcel two different times through email and have not gotten any response.

I have attached a screenshot of the relevant information from my paypal account.

I would appreciate a response to this as soon as possible.

Thank you,


unauthorized charge

bathroom unit, sink and radiator

I have used parcel money to sent returns to Victorian plumbing. Company used via parcel monkey was DPD.
All items received by retailer was delivered smashed into pieces.
All the return items were in there original packaging and they were only returned as they were incorrectly ordered. I understand there could be a slight damage but please check pictures and see the at the items are brutally murdered
I would like to make a complaint and would request my money back

Please guide me

bathroom unit, sink and radiator
bathroom unit, sink and radiator
bathroom unit, sink and radiator

overcharged for parcel billed 3 times

Money was taken from my account 3 times in succession £11.74 . Ref 6433711 on 28.10.19. It was not possible for me to submit a screenshot of my online banking details to your website or my first attempt to contact customer services. Got a message to set up an account just to read a message. ReAd the message which disappeared when I wanted to return to it after checking which document I needed to send. It has been tedious trying to access your contact page with the "submit" button disappearing after typing out the message form several times. Terrible experience. Still no refund.

my prepaid label was placed on a box of worthless cosmetic samples.

On 7/15/19 I shipped a 14×15×13 box weighting 15lbs via parcel monkey from the USA to South Africa. I printed the prepaid shipping label addressed to their facility in Jamaica, New York. I chose DHL ecommerce as the carrier because they offered the best rates and I thought it was a reputable company. I dropped the box at my local post office and followed the tracking that took over a month even though the time frame on their website indicated it would take between 11 and 22 days. When my family finally received the box, it was a small box containing worthless cosmetic samples that had all the correct information on the label, but was obviously not the gifts I had sent my family in south Africa. I am beyond livid my family had to waste their time and errort driving back and forth to pick up a gift only to be scammed. I am in the process of filing a claim but would like my package located above all else.

parcel monkey service

One of the worst customer service. One of the worst company to send you packages.

I had to send a package within United States from California to Dallas and had all of my household stuff in it. I chose Fedex as a carrier facility via Parcel Monkey.
Fedex tracking says that my parcel has been delivered and I could not find it anywhere. I contacted Fedex and they said that Parcel Monkey might have created a wrong shipping barcode for my package and they cannot find my package anywhere. On contacting Parcel Monkey, their customer service is so poor and they are not replying to any of my messages. This company is a fraud!! No contact number or email to contact theses hell people and they lost my package. The maximum insurance they provide on a package is $100 but I had $500 worth and above stuff in it and many of the stuff had emotional side to it. Leave alone the insurance money, these guys are not even bothered to reply to any of my messages! I will post this review to as many places as possible to tell people about this fraud company!!

lost package /horrible customer service

August 2019 - LOST MY PACKAGE! I have been trying for 4 months to get information on where a package PMSC5N6M that I sent from the US to Japan is. 3-1/2 months ago I was told the package was being returned to sender via the UK after 1 failed delivery attempt. Last tracking information shows it left Japan. Parcel Monkey customer service is a joke. All you get are automated replies and canned answers. If you are lucky enough to "chat" with a real person, the answers are very vague. There is no option to call and talk to someone. I have asked for a phone number several times and to speak with a manager. My requests have mostly gone unanswered. They have said they will contact the carrier for more information numerous times but I never hear back. I finally got an answer where they said they didn't know where my package is. If I could've, I would actually rate them 0 stars!

collection of parcels

I cannot reach anyone at parcel monkey. I re-booked my parcel collection but no one came to collect my parcels and now the website will not allow me to contact anyone to re-book it again. There is no number to ring and no one to talk this through with on their supposed ‘live chat'. I feel let down as the parcels should be at their destination already and now this has caused further expense for me.

extra charge without authorization caution!!!

CAUTION !! EXTRA CHARGE AFTER without authorization !
I send 2 package to France via DHL EXPRESS all paid before, all good, all right and after 1 month from delivery they charge me again $ 65.23 from a other company ( NOT DHL ) in different city ( WHEN MY PACKAGE GO ) and a extra charge for wrong size ( IS NOT THE CASE ) ! Be careful SMELL LIKE SCAM HERE !!!

courier service

2 items were picked up from my care to be sent to a retailer to issue me a refund.

one item was broken and disposed of but I was only updated of this after I chased for over a week to understand the status of the package. The other item has reportedly been delivered by the company they are being sent to have no proof of this and I cannot get proof of this myself to send to the company from either Parcel Monkey or the supplier selected to fulfill my order through them.

Customer service are not responding effectively let alone resolving any issues.

not acceptable services. pm no 7156393

To whom it may concern: I have sent an item through parcel monkey in February to Malaysia PM IS 6984079 is chocolates and biscuits and been successfully delivered. And last week I...

cancellation process

I recently attempted using Parcel Monkey to ship an item inside the UK - I am not only very disappointed with the fact that the company did not show up on time to pick up the parcel. The process to cancel and receive a refund has been the most frustrating customer service experience I have ever experienced. They have NO contact telephone number and their website has multiple glitches when trying to follow to prompts to submit an email. I would not use them or recommend them to anyone. NOT worth the hassle!!!

fraudulent charge!!!

Sent a package to Germany. Got a message that they were unable to deliver said package. Package was returned opened a month later. Long story short parcel cost $36.10 to send and months later got charged a subscription cost for $172.83 for the returned package. Not sure how they can justify that charge especially since I never signed up for a subscription.

fraudulent charge!!!
fraudulent charge!!!

lost my package

Sent an item that cost $12, 000 USD to the manufacturer in Switzerland. Only permitted to insure for $1000 USD. Promised delivery in 11 days. It has been 30. Their message was for the manufacturer to track down the package by calling the Swiss Post office. I informed them they don't step away from their employment to track my shipment and that this is their responsibility. They stopped corresponding. I informed them I am an attorney and that this will not end well or cheap if this package does not arrive. They did not respond.

I contacted online Swiss Post. Waiting. If the package does not arrive within 15 more days, I will be filing a class action lawsuit against them. Stay tuned for more information.

package is not delivered to destination address for paid service in advance

Shipment PM6631849
On 3 of September I have ordered this company to collect package from UK from Mrs. John Kirk, LN8 3FH and to deliver to Germany to Peco Stojkovski, Kremserstr. 25, Böblingen 71034, Germany, +[protected].
After 7 days I have asked them where is my package. The answer was that the package is not collected for unknown reason and they were ready to refund me for the service, but after one day, I have received another answer from them that the package is colleceted but it is not delivered for also anknown reason.
And now, the package is in Parcel Monkey in Southampton and they have asked me to dispose of the item, to collected personaly or to return item to sender or seller.
And they have let me known: "Please be aware that an administration charge of £5.00 applies should you choose for us to despatch your item, and in addition you will be required to pay any returns charges levied by the courier and shipping costs to it's final destination.
And I only want to see my package on destination address in Germany for what I have payed, please! And I have no intention to pay more that I have already payed.

package delivery

Parcel monkey have lost my parcel and are not refunding me. Shipment PMS0V2HO has not been delivered. it was picked up in July and I was told it would take 4-6 days. I followed up in July and august as the incorrect parcel was delivered and was told that it would be picked up and the correct parcel would be delivered the following week. I have been told that twice now and it has still not been delivered it is obvious they have lost it. I have requested a refund twice and am being given the runaround. I checked this morning and this shipment has been removed from my orders now. Do not use this company.

not giving me my refund back

Made a booking through parcel monkey cant track it from their link had to speak to live chat (probably the reason my parcel is lost) but anyway they gave me some tracking 4 days later on a 2 days delivery service nothing...
After 10 days of parcelmokey doing nothing abut my lost parcel by dpd now they cant even give me a refund back because they are claiming dpd never replied to their message for 10 days while I got to them on the phone straightaways I opened a case and waited 5 days for dpd to do their search and end up with a conclusion that the parcel is lost but they cant provide me a claim form because I have booked through parcelmonkey on their live chat you get to chat with 15 different people each one of them more incompetent than the other

international shipping customer service

I got on chat with a company rep to ask why when I was completing package dimensions info for ems international shipping (which in the us is usps), I received the following error message directing me to another of their shippers: maximum volume of a parcel may not exceed 118 lb cubed. My question to the rep was what does 118 lb cubed mean? Pounds cannot be cubed. Measurements such as inches and centimeters can be. I was directed to convert to metric figures. There is no option on the website to opt for metric system. She could answer my basic question, asking for a definition.

awful customer service after they offered a unsuitable service resulting in parcel being returned at my cost

Awful, despite correctly filling out the contents of the parcel on their website they offered me a service which would not accept the contents (buried deep in dpds terms and conditions). When the item was returned I was presented with either picking it up from their office or paying £5 delivery to get it back.

When I raised their failings with customer service via the website I was repeated told to pick from the options above. No acknowledgement of their awful service or that they had failed in anyway. — parcelmonkey/express delivery

I used to contract a delivery via dhl express service. The parcel got help up at customs (despite me having provided all the documentation required in...

late collection of suitcase

Can somebody explain why my collection pick up date was delayed by a week with no communication with myself? I've had to rely on family in another country to contact you? I paid...

nobody answering the live chat through my messages have been read!!

I have just used the live chat to enquire about an issue I am having with booking a service. After clearly giving the details of my parcels (dimensions and weight) and from where and to where I want to send my parcel to, I was given a very vague answer: "hello, I am afraid we wont be able to provide a service for this. The services offered by the system depends on the information that you provide"
When asked what was the problem with the 'information' I have provided I was given no answer. I send several messages to the same chat enquiring wether there was still someone available to help me. No answer. The user appears to be online and has clearly read all my messages as it says on the chat.

I have now been waiting over 40 min for an answer, which I doubt I will ever get. I believe this is unacceptable from a customer service. My messages have been clearly read by the customer service but no one has bothered to answer my request.

nobody answering the live chat through my messages have been read!!

parcel failed delivery & return

Hi, Shipment id: pm5527696 I used parcel monkey to send some etsy goods which I have sold. As an artist I was delighted to have found their service and thought I would be using...

paid for service, no collection and no refund!!

221009 I paid for collection and delivery with order pm5512945. Three times delivery was scheduled with dx through parcelmonkey and three times the collection failed, because dx have no...

paragon plates order

I have been informed that parcel monkey are 'disposing of my property without my permission. I have provided them with the information regarding the return of 2 parcels to me but...

sending documents to india

Hi, I sent a parcel through parcel monkey to india. They use the courier dtdc in india. The courier company updated the online tracking status as the parcel has been delivered...

shipping christmas gifts to my granddaughter in germany

Tracking showed my package arriving in redondo beach on november 29. It has never been delivered to the german address and tracking has been "unavailable" on their website for...

parcel undelivered

221009 The parcel was mailed on october 24th, 2016 and was supposed to reach within 10 working days to india. Today is december 8, 2016 and I am being given the run around that they are... — failed delivery

I booked a collection in glasgow for the 8th of december 2015 for a parcel to be sent to a friend in singapore (christmas presents). My credit card was promptly charged (£25.10...

order and tracking refund

I made a order for one parcel on the 26th december order id 3313241 which is to be sent internationally. I was charged twice through my credit card as though I had two parcels. I...

parcel lost without compensation

I am sorry but I need to share the poor service and low quality service of parcel monkey. My parcel was lost and free insured was for 150£ as stated on their website...

delivery parcel - complaint

Tracking number [protected] other ref :uf7530997 date of parcel collection :26/10/2015 desireable resolution : refund I sent my parcel and they said its held at custom due to high...

lost pram for disabled child, won't compensate

I have no words.

A push chair for my disabled 2 year old (cardiac problems) was supposed to be delivered monday morning. It's now thursday. After waiting in all day, I managed to call city link. Their excuse was that the postcode of the address label was wrong, the only was to rectify this was to contact parcel monkey and get the sender to agree to changing it. Tried finding a way to contact parcel monkey. No number. I can write them a letter though, how nice, they might get it in 2 weeks! The sender was amazing and done all she could to get the address changed, but by tuesday, again, no delivery. Contact city link again. "it's still at manchester depot. It won't be with you till wednesday, the correct information hasn't been forwarded through from parcel monkey". So, 2 days stuck in as I don't drive, and my two year old can't walk far without severe shortness of breathe and tacicardia. I now spend all day "tweeting" to parcel monkey. Who ofcourse blame the sender and city link. They now say it will be with me by wednesday.
Wednesday. No pushchair. I now have a £58 phone bill from being on the phone to city link for over 5 hours in the last 72hours. Again I phone city link. Where is it? Apparently still in manchester. Sender now gets involved and phones them, they tell her its in maidstone, so which is it?! I now get the press involved. I notify the sun and the daily mail via twitter. I tell parcel monkey that I was atleast my phone charges paid for trying to resolve this situation. I recite to them the 3 t&cs of their contact that they've broken. I have attached their response. They blocked me. It's now thursday. Where is my daughters pushchair. We haven't left the house in 4 days. She's distressed. I have no milk. I have a phone bill I can barely afford and a £300 pushchair that is nowhere to be seen. Phoning trading standards today and cab to see what I can do via the small claims court. Any advice would be amazing. I'm a the end of my tether. Regards, freya.

lost pram for disabled child, won't compensate

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unreliable. terrible. rubbish!!!

Very unreliable and disgraceful. Be warned, especially for international deliveries, this company double charge you, they pass your parcel to another company to deal with and... — I just want to get money from these scammers now.

I deal with shipping for transport my car. I tried to reach them by phone, emails, messages but they have never answered. Finally I contacted another company...

Parcel Monkey.comlate delivery & poor service

Customer service shocking. Asked for money back as my ebay feedback was going to be tarnished. I was pointed to terms and conditions saying they will do nothing until its 5 days late and that it basically happens which is beyond their control.

Tracking information didn't work, and although I put the email address for myself and the buyer, neither of us got any information.

DX took 20 minutes to find me as a customer and once they did they told me it was delivered, when it was not. When I said it hadn't, they agreed.

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    Thought For The Day Oct 29, 2015

    Parcel Monkey collected from me on 19 October. The parcel was destined for South Africa and it cost me almost £50 to send it as a courier service.

    After five days the recipient asked me where the parcel had got to. She was then phoned on the seventh day and asked for her ID number.

    The next day PM contacted me to say that the parcel had been lost but that they would m, deal with the claim. Later that day they said the parcel wasn't lost and it could now be tracked on DHL's tracking system. I asked them what the delay was and they said it was because the ID was not included, but their website didn't ask for an ID number when the parcel was booked. PM then told me that the requirement for an ID number was recent but I found evidence that the requirement was actually established three years ago.

    It is now ten days since I gave the monkey my parcel. DHL received it on 26 October, so for one whole week the parcel was with another service, which wasn't what I paid for. The parcel still hasn't been delivered and PM refuse to compensate me for late arrival of the item.

    Don't use Parcel Monkey, they are untruthful and do use sub-contractors other than the service you think you are getting, and I have the receipt and tracking details to prove it.

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delivery of items

Please read this and be aware to all internet sellers/distributers Do not use this company I am a small business and decided to use them for 3 days, after posting 25+ items a...