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Have a premium taken out every month, now I hear it is a scam, and I want to reach this company. I also want to report to authorities. Do you know how to reach this company? Please to see if you can, and get back to me. Thank you Barbara Raab This has been going on over a year, at $51.00 a month. I have no agreement, no booklet, or anything from this company.
I can't find a phone number, anything on them. Can you please help? I want a refund, and never hear from them again, if they are a scam.
I wanted to receive any information I can, on the company.
Thank you. Barbara Raab It says on bank statement ID 1470322 PPD, if that can help


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      Jul 08, 2018

    the number for customer service is [protected]
    the sales department is [protected]
    web address is :
    address is : united DTC insurance
    3300 mutual of omaha insurance plaza
    omaha, nebraska, 68175
    info for united DTC insurance company

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