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C Oct 29, 2018
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The staff I just tried to negotiate with at the billing department at udr on the phone a female who did not give me her name was extremely rude! I asked to negotiate the price because I felt swindled by the management at the whitmore because I thought I had given the manager kristen proper notice that I was leaving 75 days in advance in an email within the the whitmore rent portal. I did not realize at the time that the notice to vacate letter was in an attachment within a reply that she gave me. I then gave official notice when I went back and found the letter within the email. Only after someone from udr corporate called me to ask if I was renewing. I explained to them at that time that I thought I had already issued notice and they informed me that I had to submit the notice to vacate letter. Which I did which put me at 45 days notice of vacating. I then repeatedly tried to stay in contact with the management who told me if they could get my apartment rented before my lease was up they would try their best so I wouldn't have to pay. At time which I asked to extend the lease because our other place was not ready to move into yet, and surprisingly I didn't need to fill anything to extend the lease. That process could be handled over email, but vacating could not.

So when I called the billing department to set up a payment plan. The lady at the billing department was extremely rude. I simply asked to negotiate the price because I felt like the process to vacate was done poorly. She said there is no negotiation you owe what you owe. I asked to just remove the late fees. She said no. I asked what payment plan could she offer she said $360 a month for 6 months. I said that's too much I can't afford that. She said well you're not giving me a payment plan. I said $100 a month. She very rudely said that is unreasonable sire. I said well I can do $200 she said the best I can do is $220 for 9 months interest free and repeatedly badgered me that it was interest fee and she didn't even have to offer that to me. I said why are you raising your voice and taking this so personally. I'm just trying to negotiate a payment plan I can afford. Then quickly said ok christopher I have to go now. I tried to keep her on the phone but she hurried me off and kept saying I don't have time for this. I will be filing a complaint with bbb and leaving a negative review on every site I can.


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    Lauren Kirshner Jun 19, 2019

    She was even more rude to me. She threatened that she doesn’t have to put me on a payment plan and she was offering me this as a courtesy. Even though UDR offered, not HER. I asked her name as well and she raised her voice saying “I can’t give you that! Do you know how many people would come to my house and kill me and my children?!” I was thinking maybe so because of her nasty attitude and how rude she is to people. I can’t believe there is no online system to pay this so you have to call in every month on a specific day. I recently just lost my father so called in 3 days late. Told her about my dad and that I am trying to take care of business. She said we all have personal problems but you are responsible for paying on time and she could still send me to collections. She said she didn’t care about that and that she was just doing her job. I have talked to other people there who did give me their names. But they were nice. This lady treats everyone so incredibly rudely and that’s why she doesn’t give her name. In my opinion she shouldn’t work there if she hates her job and she most certainly shouldn’t be working with people.

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  • Jk
    Jkgp Jan 21, 2020

    The same thing happened to me! They gave me a final balance statement and when I asked very basic questions about what I was being charged she told me I couldn't talk to her like that. She refused to give her name and then hung up on me after repeatedly talking over me!!! I called back and found out she is the business manager, her name Is Khalani and she should NOT be working with the public! She refused my calls, wouldn't give me an address to send payment then sent a revised statement owing more money! I sincerely think she did that to retaliate against me for questioning her. It is very concerning that woman has access to my personal information. Very unprofessional and very unstable.

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