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+1 972 774 0552(Dallas) 1 0
+1 949 650 9861(Newport Beach) 2 0
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United Dominion Realty Trust [UDR] Complaints & Reviews

United Dominion Realty Trust [UDR] / no customer service or follow-up

Sep 25, 2019

The on-site management at my UDR-owned complex was fine, but anything that went to corporate (anything having to do with rent or move-out fees) is a disaster. Their "customer service" staff are abusive, hostile, and care about nothing but getting every possible dollar out of you. Trying to...

United Dominion Realty Trust [UDR] / illegal withholding of security deposit

Aug 30, 2019

I formally requested walk-throughs before moving out. None granted. Charged key fee despite putting keys in hands of leasing consultant, CeCe Prokop. Also withheld other fees from security noted as illegal by my attorney. 2 demand letters from my attorney has no results. Certified mail wa...

United Dominion Realty Trust [UDR] / maintenance/leasing/resident relations

Jun 03, 2019

Good morning, This is a message intended for the corporate office. I am a resident at Newport Village (building 4775 #3) and I am filing a complaint/possible law suit and will be bringing someone out to inspect the complex after experiencing the 3rd flood in my apartment but this time due...

United Dominion Realty Trust [UDR] / customer service corporate office

Oct 29, 2018

The staff I just tried to negotiate with at the billing department at udr on the phone a female who did not give me her name was extremely rude! I asked to negotiate the price because I felt swindled by the management at the whitmore because I thought I had given the manager kristen proper...

United Dominion Realty Trust [UDR] / unethical behavior

Oct 21, 2017

I asked "many" questions before applying for the unit in rancho cucamonga. Now I was told the holding deposit refundable within the 72hours. When applying online, it came back with conditions. I had to pay one months rent for my deposit. So the rep did contact me. He sent me what item...

UDR (United Dominion Realty Trust) / udr is trying to get more money after we moved

Mar 10, 2017

My husband and I moved in to Bella Terra apartment Huntington Beach California last spring It all seemed so great when we first started to move in that very day. Everyone Ineeds the office was so friendly and nice. So there was a lot to remember with all the passes and keys and rules. But...

UDR Inc. / unethical behaviour

Feb 09, 2017

What a horror show. Do NOT live at any of these apartments, it has been nothing but a nightmare. The apartments may look nice but the management is literally the worst. They do nothing to help you with issues. Everything breaks and they don't bother to fix it. You will be assessed fine...

United Dominion Realty Trust, Inc. / unethical behavior and fraud

Oct 31, 2016

I lived in Newport Village ( for over 2 years. Newport Village comes equipped with a rude leasing office staff, an inexperienced and hardly ever available maintenance crew (that I am pretty sure they pay under the table) and a horrific...

UDR, Inc. / apartments

Jun 15, 2016

1.0 star rating 6/15/2016 awful owners ripped me off for 2, 300.56 for early termination.. That's no bad enough then they belittle you when u inquire as if your an idiot for asking..she never asked if I was paying. I paid the bill as I always do...she told me she was turning me over to...

UDR / dunedin apartments dunedin fla

Apr 08, 2016

I'm finally leaving this apartment complex, thank god. The management is mean, rude, unprofessional. The apartments are noisy, bugs, my dog has gotten fleas, dog poop everywhere, trash in the walk ways. The worst thing though is the overcharges and if you are late paying them, ten days, for...

UDR / mold all over the unit

Feb 21, 2016

San Mateo, CA Hi Courtney, Thank you for meeting with me this afternoon at 12:30 on Saturday February 20, 2016. I want to follow up on our conversation because I am realizing that verbal communication has not been recorded previously and I have made myself very clear of issues related to...

UDR Inc. / leasing management in the columbus square

Jan 09, 2016

I wanted to complain about behavior of Jacqueline Thomas Assistant Manager. in Columbus Square New York. The management failed to inform me on time about service elevators maintenance when I scheduled my move 3 weeks before coming to NY. I accidently found from doorman that the day I am...

UDR Inc. / udr is a heartless, soul-less, greedy property management company.

Dec 12, 2015

I'm a Southern Cali former tenant. If you rent at any of their properties in Southern California you will regret it. They constantly buy buildings and then turn around and sell them within a couple of years. As a tenant, you will receive a letter "after the fact" that the building has been...

United Dominion Realty / incompetent management

Dec 11, 2015

Be careful and make sure to write your apartment # on your check or M.O. when paying rent or your rent will be applied to someone else's account and you will receive a 3 Day Pay or Quit. Too many new faces, high turnover of staff in their leasing office. Also, make sure you get a receipt...

UDR / wrong fully charging us for a microwave that was broken from the day we moved in

Oct 12, 2015

They are charging us for a broken microwave 330 $ that was broken when we moved in 2011 .When i got the bill i was shocked to learn the cant find my move inspection paper work after a long time and lots of phone call i have received a copy from them (Billing department ).They say that the...

UDR Inc. / talisker of addison apartments, addison, tx

Oct 06, 2015

I lived at Talisker of Addison, a UDR apartment, for two years from [protected] while saving to purchase my first home. When I asked to leave three months early out of my 2nd year lease because my house closed quickly, they said I had to pay all three months remaining or three months rent to...

UDR / unfair practices

Aug 06, 2015

UDRI am a resident of 20 Lambourne Road in Towson, Md and have observed some questionable practices with Pollard Towing Company and the Management of 20 Lambourne. This "luxury" apartment building in the heart of Towson serves any from doctors, lawyers, and educators to career oriented, goal...

UDR / unlawful practices

Feb 12, 2015

Summary of Facts as to Claim & Explanation of Damages I would like to begin by saying that I have never refused to paid rent owed as entitled and outlined in the leased. The reason why rent has not been paid as of January is because I again requested to be let out of my lease and compensated for...

UDR / tara dexter

Dec 01, 2014

Tara Dexter who is UDR Manager of 95 Wall Street, New York NY 10005 is a drug-addicted harlot who sucks and ###s for money and drugs. She is an unethical harpie who is racist and routinely denies apartment applications from qualified blacks, arabs, asians, and latinos. She only likes to...

UDR / charging me re-let fee

Nov 03, 2014

UDRI have found a tenant who is taking over my lease. But they are still charging me $500 which was not mentioned in my original signed agreement. I dont think I should be charge, as this is also against the law. I have paid all rent and also new tenant paid the rent and application fees. ‘a...

UDR / unfair charges

Sep 23, 2014

Very unfair with how they handle charges to tenants. I am a new tenant, barely a month and have had lots of annoying issues already. During my application process, I was charged certain application fees twice and asked them to refund the overcharged payments--they did not take care of the...

UDR / still the same as other complaints 5 years ago

May 03, 2014

This place is terrible. After reading the reviews filed in 2009 I thought since I am a current resident I would update this site and let people know nothing has changed except the management staff. Still the same problems and they do nothing to provide any customer service. Once they have...

UDR / misleading and poor apartment management practices


This apartment management company uses high pressure techniques and very wordy documents (such as their lease) to get you to sign as quick as possible. They do not give you sufficient time to review the documents and once you do review them, they do not provide you with copies upon...

UDR / benefits for employees


I worked for UDR for 5 years and paid for benefits (LTD). Since the Hurricanes in Texas I was exposed to bacteria and molds that would cause anyone sickness. I was told to enter a building with our staff to save anything that we could, that had been sitting in bacteria, no power, light...

UDR / major holders of nyse:udr stock, vanguard group & ing clarion, notified of class action


Major holders of nyse:udr stock, vanguard group & ing clarion, notified of class action This week, I notified vanguard group, inc. (institutional holder of 13, 588, 373 nyse:udr shares) and ing clarion real estate securities llc (institutional holder of 13, 383, 857 nyse:udr shares) that a...

Almaden Lake Village / notice of ca tenant class action lawsuit


California udr (nyse:udr) tenants form class action Colorado-based landlord/reit, udr, inc., publicly-traded on the new york stock exchange (nyse:udr) is the subject of a california class action lawsuit for its egregiously illegal residential lease agreements and outrageous tenant abuse. ...

UDR / toxic black mold


I moved into to the Ridgewood Apts in April of 2010 and I have been dealing with inaccurate calculations on my UDR account and toxic black mold issues. I had to followed up with the Department of Environmental Protection inspector to gain insight to resolve the toxic black mold issue in the...

udr Tierra Del Rey apts. / abusive management


I have only been at this apt 6 months and from day one have been spoken to rudely, my apt complaints ignored for days if not weeks and phone calls are rarely returned. I was not getting enough air comming through my vents and when matainence came instead of opeaning them more, he closed them...

UDR / St. John's Plantation / refused walkthrough then charged for carpet!!


Do not rent from udr, bad business after you move out. I co-signed on my daughter's lease, she gave st. John's plantation (aka. Udr) the proper advanced notice of termination (lease was due to be resigned anyway). The apt had flooded a couple of times during her residence there and they...

UDR / renting


I recently left apartments owned by UDR. To say the least they are a piece of work. Everyone is so nasty and mean in the office, all the way to the directors level. Just because of what I went through a wll knowned family member will no longer invest in a company who treats there tennant...

UDR / breaking news!! nyse:udr stock performance and operational efficacy


Nyse:udr – udr, inc. gets in bed with parsa law group at the wrong time – parsa caught in attorney misconduct, fraud & lies against the court - was judge franz miller sleeping? On september 2, 2009, nyse:udr – udr, inc. joined forces in court with four loan modification law firm...

UDR / cramer at “the street” says riptide will drown udr along with avalon bay and equity residential


Nyse:udr breaking news: cramer at “the street” says riptide will drown udr along with avalon bay and equity residential September 9, 2009 Cramer: the state of the market, part ii This is the second of a four-part series on the market we find ourselves in as we wind down...

UDR / nyse:udr – udr, inc. gets in bed with parsa law group at the wrong time


Nyse:udr – udr, inc. gets in bed with parsa law group at the wrong time – parsa caught in attorney misconduct, fraud & lies against the court - was judge franz miller sleeping? On september 2, 2009, nyse:udr – udr, inc. joined forces in court with four loan modification...

UDR, Inc. / udr gets court to issue bench warrant for the arrest of consumer advocate to prevent her from telling the truth


Nyse:udr – udr, inc. joins two loan mod scams in court to stop homeless consumer advocate from speaking the truth & gets judge franz miller to issue bench warrant for advocate with $5, 000 bail Nyse:udr shareholders must be so proud of your stock pick today. first of all it’...

UDR, Inc. / nyse:udr – udr, inc. news: udr goes to the arabs for a bailout


Nyse:udr – udr, inc. news: udr goes to the arabs for a bailout Reported by udr fraud at for more information, contact beatty hanslinger at [protected] As if they didn’t have enough problems with their current portfolio of properties, now the downtrodden...

UDR, Inc. / udr faces grand larceny & extortion charges


Grand larceny charge Larceny is defined as the unlawful or fraudulent removal of another's property without the owner's consent. California penal code, section 484, states: every person (and a corporation is for all intents and purposes a “natural person”) who shall: (1...

UDR, Inc. / udr bullies pr-inside to delete bad biz finder press releases to hide the truth the night befor its 2q earnings conference call


UDR Bullies PR-Inside to Delete All 16 Bad Biz Finder Press Releases to Hide the Truth the Night Before Its 2Q Earning Conference Call On the day before UDR's 2Q Earnings Conference Call, Bad Biz Finder was notified by its press release distribution company, PR-Inside, that David...

UDR, Inc. / nyse:udr udr, inc. violates ca labor law by neglecting to maintain workers' compensation insurance for its staff


Nyse:udr udr, inc. violates ca labor law by neglecting to maintain workers' compensation insurance for its staff [protected]:21:43 - nyse:udr – udr, inc. violates california labor code by failing to carry workers’ compensation insurance for its california employees – heavy...

UDR / wall street guru dumps 2m shares of nyse:udr at a huge loss as landlord falls apart


Wall street guru dumps 2m shares of nyse:udr at a huge loss as landlord falls apart Nyse:udr news: ken heebner, founder of capital growth mgt, unloads 2 million udr shares at a 36% loss July 19, 2009 G. kenneth heebner, co-founder of capital growth management, a boston-based money...

UDR / ca tenant class action against udr


Notice of class action lawsuit to california tenants of landlord udr (nyse:udr) 2007-present [protected]:23:12 - udr's ca residential lease agreement (rla) is illegal and this colorado-based landlord/reit (nyse:udr) has intentionally collected fees and fines it knew to be illegal and deferred...